perplexing little bastards

From: V-Amp Pro
and V-Amp Bass Pro

what pieces of shit! I'm sorry, I can't even BEGIN to get heavy enough thru these "modelling pre-amps" I need a signal to get thru to the speakers! I can't believe anyone would play those thin, brittle, scab-like guitar tones thru chorused echo thru miles of reverb hang time... its a great source of contrasting guitar tones, but they seem miniature somehow, my regular preamp, EMG 707 pickups directly into the Tech21-NYC SansAmp Rack PSA-1, is incredibly wide, thick, and dense ultrafuzz, no delay at all, fuck delay, I don't have time for delay, I may be spoiled and don't know it, next I'll route pre-amp outputs to a 1978 LAB SERIES L11 and try a little 4 x 12" cab, with solid state power amp assuagement, it should be much, much heavier.