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The anointing grows ever stronger...
that son of a bitch has so many drum samples packed into it, I'm sure Bongo Joe would be proud if he were here to be tortured by it. Since it has a 60 GB Northstar HD in it, just like the monster IDE drives that go in PC's these days, I bet that box will hold every playable sample I've got.... 1000's of them.

Next step is to hook up the Emax SE rack outputs to the Akai Z4 rack inputs, then go disk by disk, thru 100's of songs I mapped samples for in the 90's, about 500 floppies I have all labeled nicely, and go across the keyboard, sample by sample, run the Emax samples thru analog preamps, (Mackie, Presonus, and PARIS), into the Akai Z4 and/or Gigasampler, reproducing the keyboard and midi channel mapping as I go, so the samples play back correctly when the original midi sequences are playing. I still love the raw dog grain of those companded, fake 12-bit Emax samples, to this day, NOTHING comes close to the brink of breakdown, nutsack slamming distortion of a jacked up Emax percussion concussion. The kicks, snares, and bass-jacked vinyl scratches I made are extremely coveted nuggets in this day and age, they have an authentic "rap" sound because of the popularity of the Emu SP1200 drumbox amongst 'old school' veterans. The first Emax was the exact same audio engine as the SP1200, except with more RAM and a keyboard to play on. I created pseudo-stereo "traveling mono panning" schemes on just about every song, I'd have at least one or two "moving" samples. It will be fun to get definitive digital recordings of that whole era, funky low-fi samples sound wonderful in the context of 16 and 24 bit audio. My Emax seems like it could be on its last legs, those things have a tendency to fry after a lot of use, the prospect of bagging the whole range of Emax sound I produced is very exciting indeed. I can make midifiles of the performance sequencing as I'm checking the sample mapping. I don't know how much longer I can keep using Texture III and the MQX-32M, those companies no longer exist. If anything breaks now, that's it, the end of the line.

Meanwhile, come worship with the Church Of Machines Prayer Warriors and dig on the page that is fearfully and wonderfully made, no weapon formed against Popeye-X shall prosper for very long, if Will Alexander is for us, who gives a fuck if Bob Cox is against us? Its time to "Fire The Weapon", its a midi-gun, it shoots rhythmic noise as fast as your lieutenants can yell at fingers to pull triggers.

ak.sys USB sampler interface software
AKAI Z4/8 and S5000/6000 samplers
read how to set it up so it works perfectly



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