what is the purpose of this site?

music, science, humor, art, genius, brains, balls, money, time,
enough work to fuel the concept and the prophetic clairvoyance to see the writing on this wall. the truth, the love, the war,  the lies, and the stupidity
it takes to really make popeye-x laugh his ass off, and not stop laughing, because coming back to it years later needs to make him laugh even more, and i'm talking about the same old shit! after a full decade online, not only is it still funny as fuck, to popeye-x,  the fact that it will never be stopped seems funnier than a motherfucker! that's all i ever hoped to accomplish by several decades of typing... just to laugh... is that so very bad? would you call that insane, mentally unstable, or morally wrong? i lost count of the irate readers who have claimed its not funny at all, its a big chuck of endless nothing, and a total waste of time because no one can even guess what the purpose of it all could be... except for this one guy... it wasn't popeye-x, it was a guy calling himself clever boy and he told me technically why this site was wrong, and how i should do it correctly, it involved programming standards that are up to date, php, sql, perl, cgi, java, etc. and clever boy was totally 100% right, i couldn't agree more, go ahead and tell me how to do it... teach me, i'm ready. then i said something that was brilliant... i asked him to show me his website, or any website in existence, done exactly like he said popeye-x should do it but i only had one caveat, this model of technical perfection must be funnier than www.popeye-x.com is... to Dr. POPEYE-X!

the life of this website proves popeye-x is still laughing his ass off at his own shit, but there have also been serious forces at play here, its not all fun and games, there is a residue of information piling up so high it compels keyword hungry search engines to gorge on the toxin rich intestinal blockage found here

the purity of knowledge that shines thru the fog of total idiots, born too lame to recognize the byproduct of editorial omnescience is suspended in plasma... sitting right under their noses the creation of a human being who never had the luxury of giving a fuck what everybody else thinks is right... without this philosophical certainty, it wouldn't have been so goddamn necessary in the first place...

plus my grandmother used to pay me $1 a page to type anything i wanted, it was always faster to make something up from scratch and while typing as fast as possible, be thinking of a clever ending, something from the other side of the universe, coming in suddenly, and here's the challenge... make this wacky off the wall "thing" tie in perfectly with whatever the basic premise was at the start, no matter what it was...
i could never remember how it started anyway,
so i would grab the stupidest excuse, or a pitifully feeble justification based on a blatant misunderstanding... but then prove it wasn't wrong after all by means of quickly brainstormed line of bullshit that championed idiocy over common sense... and i would type this out, i needed $5 for gas in my vw van? i'd type 5 pages, and beeline to meemaw's house to collect the cash... so, you see, making up stuff and typing it out, i used to do it all the time, and i had my own method, otherwise i could not finish it and have something to read to maximize curiousity, i'd make the title sound really big, then write the story so it was really small, to avoid looking any thing up, i'd never use any word i couldn't spell "close enough" already, this led to a whole buncha words like buncha.

i don't make up any sentences beyond my mental capacity to sound real smart to people who actually are real smart... why? it takes too fucking long, you have to read books, i only had time to write books, so i opted for the
most retarded ideas approach, and it worked very well for me i found i could actually finish if i would only keep it retarded enough, and then get it over with! quickly, deliberately, without any filler at all. it was impossible to choose the right words to sound intelligent... so i opted instead to just be stupid... and i'm talking about ultra-stupid, unburdened by what i never learned right, i stubbornly clung to the illusion that i had the power in my mind to make up my own encapsulisation of any idea, just using my own slang and juxtaposing words in new ways i've never heard of, but still making sense on a metaphorical level, also known as boiling it down, man, to where anyone can understand it, and if they can't under stand perfectly crafted mental retardation, then they obviously don't have what it takes for something more properly established... and NORMAL. that's the part i didn't like, and wanted nothing at all to do with... so, now you know why this website's entrance has always had these words arc-welded on the plate metal toilet seat...

it begins with a pile of unstoppable shit,
it ends with a mountain sized bottomless pit