wild love by frank zappa
popeye-x 9/3/01-6:46:33-

I happened to hear a bootleg recording of a Frank Zappa gig on 09/18/77, the rendition of Wild Love [from Sheik Yerbuti] was an awesome tour de force, the writing and the playing were overwhelmingly good. There's nothing like the sound of a good band who is extremely ON, and they know it, playing excellent material. It blows you away. Please keep in mind, I didn't just 'discover' the song, Wild Love, I already knew full well how fucking good it is, but I honestly didn't realize the 77 band was THAT good, or even COULD be that good. Bozzio, O'Hearn, and Tommy Mars were just blowing and going. Damn! Peter Wolf was real good, too. They ALL were. FZ music is fucking awesome. Nothing else comes close. I didn't even know I could like something that much, it just kicks my ass from every direction. Anybody want a copy of the mp3? [ducks under the deluge of requests...] I would like to thank the ops in the IRCtoo channel, #zappateers, for hooking me up.