Re: tactics

demitria monde thraam PM

[+1500 more o's to suggest a truly drawn-out oooing sound]

this goil's got some cajones, does she not? gotta love that...

a word about empathy: i'm an empath myself; it's a curse & blessing that i have always had. but my empathogenic centre doesn't activate for just anyone...in fact, certain types of individuals tend to affect me in a way that more or less works out to being the polar opposite of empathy.

females who play "poor innocent girl" - whether or not it's a reality or merely an affectation - are the primary type that engenders this counter-empathic reaction. it's not reasonable, or rational. it's not based on any particular event in my life. it's just as arbitrary a thing as a person's happening to think one kind of food tastes good and another kind tastes like crap. i simply find myself appallingly annoyed by the cute, innocent little girl thing. (i feel the same way about ALL "whore madonna" bullshit.)

so, drea + m-cubed...i gotta side with PPX here. granted, he obsesses on the TT twats pretty heavily. in fact, very heavily. i only assume he has his reasons, and leave it at that. what i find perplexingly funny about the whole thing is that they claim to be so annoyed and flabbergasted and offended by the whole thing, and yet keep coming back asking for more, just like the little plastic duck thingie that you shoot BBs at to win some stupid enormous stuffed animal when you go to the carnival. just popping up, again and again.

"here i am...attack me! ow! that hurt! hey! here i am again! ready...aim...OWWWW! you hurt my widdle beakie!"



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