What About
Turkie And Tacki
On The Leader's List
Last Summer?

photo and scan by SneakyLynx
this trashing from: oTTo

What dreammm hasn't been told about was last summer, when Turkie and Tacki were on a full scale "TRASH DR. POPEYE-X" campaign. They used a Globeclub to rag me behind my back on a daily basis. That's where I found the e-mail to the San Antonio Police Department posted. Those fucking swine finally got booted, the list got sick of their constant bitching about me. That's why Catwoman created Anti Popeye-X, to offer an alternate forum. Of course, Terrie Neilson, being the consummate PHONY and COWARD, can't bear to comment to MY FACE (you fucking bitch!), and never came in. She still goes to other places and LIES about me, anywhere she thinks I won't be. Traci Kishbaugh at least has some balls, she's not afraid of me answering like Terrie Neilson. When I got kicked off the Fray, Terrie went to my posts to other people, and started TRASHING PPX, because she's such a chickenshit. Well, needless to say, the Fray crowd went absolutely ballistic at this blatant display of cowardice, and THEY ran the TT's out of there on their ass! Nobody from Globeclubs came to my defense, where was all that EMPATHY back then, eh?

The TT's, Turkie and Tacki, are HUMAN GARBAGE in my view, and I am personally going to TRASH their reputations on the Internet, just like they TRIED to do to me. Mark my words. That fucking bitch Turkie Nazi is still lying! Tacki Fishkebob is spying on me daily. I hope they read this:

Hey, you fucking Bolton/Monkee slut-hogs! Check the search engines, its piling up nicely. I'm going to SMOTHER you with pages about why and how you are PIECES OF TRASH! Enjoy it! You're on my fucking shit list, and you are going to suffer, HORRENDOUSLY!!!! I'm not stopping for ANYBODY, not even the beautiful dreammm.




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