thanx, t-pole

tadpole: hey you.

tadpole-x: hey t-pole, missed ya

tadpole: I've been busy with work and looking for a place to live

tadpole-x: moving is such madness

tadpole: and making sure I watch my back... and ..

tadpole-x: watch your back? that doesn't sound real good, promise me you'll be real careful, OK? (I worry about you a little, you're giving me a little twinge of concern here)

tadpole: feeling sorry for myself... and...

tadpole-x: aw, you know you have a loyal friend in me, if you need one, right? Madame.X. will vouch for me. Do you ever do IRC? If you ever have time, that would be a blast to talk to you for a minute or two. I'm a sort of a permanent newbie, but I hang out at #Amish_Rake_Fight in DALnet at night, kinda like a local bar, or something. Usually "popeye-x" or "ppx". Maybe "tadpole-x", if I talk to you.

tadpole: wishing I were back home...and

tadpole-x: yeah, but you'll soon be on to greater adventures, give it time....

tadpole: thinking I'm too fresh and pure of a fish to be in the corporate world...

tadpole-x: you are an "innocent" little devil, aren'tcha?

tadpole: I have a conscience. those don't do you any good out here in the big apple.

tadpole-x: that's not really true, but it seems that way, I think in the end, it might give you an advantage, but you gotta be tough, no two ways about that, I 've always thought you were pretty fiesty, you can be at times, (like on that semper phi stuff, hmmm?)

tadpole: maybe I'm destined to be a whining, never satisfied, always in trouble,

tadpole-x: maybe....

tadpole: loner girl

tadpole-x: no way (laughs)

tadpole: whatchathink?

tadpole-x: I think there's something very sexy about a woman with a job. *w*

tadpole: I like the x, btw. :)

tadpole-x: me, too! (laughs) thanx for the fix, t-pole, of course, being an attention junkie, I'll NEED another fix again soon...



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