I Am So TIRED Of All This Shit

from: you have no idea

I am exhausted from the sheer fatigue of all this bullshit. I'm going to have to shut up about it for a while. Sifting thru the same 14 pieces of paper for 2 years has revealed some pretty amazing things.

#1 on the list is, duuuuuuhhhhh.... Taylor is the stupidest motherfucker on Earth, and right behind him is his LACKEY, Cureton. These two IDIOTS have caused so much damage, they could have prevented this shit, instead, they went whole hog into it, thinking they would profit and become superstars. Do you think either one of them ever gave a shit about me, their friend? This shit hurts so much, They wouldn't want it happening to them. But aside from that issue, the sheer embarrassment of it is monumental. All the elaborate garbage, the promo, the lies on top of lies, I mean, what are their parents going to think?

"You mean my son, the wonderfully talented
sound engineer, is a THIEF?"

Taylor's parents made a donation to some cancer deal in my mom's name, this is at the same time their wonderfully talented son began STEALING from the same woman. Cureton and Taylor both had their parents at the Robert Johnson Memorial Plaque Banquet, in honor of their great achievement... no CD was delivered, Taylor wouldn't allow Cureton to mix any of it, they simply couldn't pile the bullshit high enough or fast enough. Cureton's mom laid down a bunch of cash to pay for the big banquent in her son's honor. That great son who didn't do a fucking thing except screw HIS OWN MOTHER out of her cash, and I mean over $1000. He was so out of his mind after the big fiasco, he called me up and spilled his guts, not all of them, most of them. If you think about it, its very ironic, isn't it? They were ripping off my mom, and these fools ended up scamming their own moms. HAHAHAHAHA. When Cureton told me that, I said that does it, I want my shit and I want it now. I sent a little $3 certified mail letter to both Taylor and Cox, I didn't tell Cureton jack shit, 2 days later here comes the Cureton email bragging about this new system "Donnie Meals bought". Sounds plausible, I didn't think about it too much at the time.

5 months later, suddenly Babycat dies, my bank account crashes like a MF, and Cox calls me on the phone, on the anniversary of Buddy's death, Babycat's brother, to brag about how he's stolen from me and "Taylor was the KEY to it all" All of what? "Oh, you ought to look around... it adds up.." I'm wondering what the fuck is he talking about? I said, "You're payijng more than I lost." "No, I'm not." "What's that supposed to mean?" Anyway he kept saying these cryptic hints and messages, I finally got sick of it and just hung upon him.

I started looking at my bank records... and the rest is history. It turns out Cox is a murderer. And he thinks I was part of the social circle he started bumping off, one by one. You want stupid? I'll give you stupid. It was in the same house where Taylor lives now. The same place Cox and Taylor and Cureton sat around plotting out all this rip off shit on me. TAYLOR LIVES THERE. There's no way he can escape. And Cox has bet the whole shooting match on Taylor not talking. He doesn't know Cureton has already spilled beans to me TWICE. I try to talk to Cureton: "remember when you called me up after the banquet?" Oh, he went berserk. "If you ever bring up that subject again I'll never talk to you at all!" I said "Really? THANK GOD" and hung up on the son of a bitch.

Taylor has never said a word to me in all this time, so I can't relate what he has said, he's been 'hiding'. Taylor and Cureton haven't quite figured out that THEY are the ones getting fucked, but I'm sure DONNIE MEALS will be happy to tell them all about it.

My job: make sure these dickheads
don't get away with anything

If Popeye-X turns up dead, everyone reading this needs to tell the police this shit. You know what's really cool? Bitching on this board is my insurance. Is that cool? They can kill me and it won't do any good, Mugtoe has the text, and they'll never find his ass. I love that. Duke oughta have a laugh a that. You too NF. I gotta shut up for a while, but y'all may get to see quite a fool's menangerie.

here's my last gig with Mike Taylor, an art show by Suzi Ingram in a backyard full of painting buyers, I provided noise, I played a large keyboard stack and rack by myself, Taylor of course, did nothing but provide transportation, I sold many CD's that day, Suzi paid me well too



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