Declares War-X
jump straight into the shit

this is a song written one day after the 2000 election,
the same day Popeye-X bought his drumset
and declared WAR on the GWBush Regime
hey....when Bush started kicking some ASSES
he's the BEST President in my lifetime, BAR NONE...
I still hate LAMERZ

From: Vuja Day


lame brains, you're
all the fucking same
everything revolves around the
fact that you're lame

lame brains, you
wanna stay lame, you're
scared of the future cuz you
don't like change

lame brains, all
in the same place, with the
same stupid look on the
same stupid face

lame brains, stay
outta my lane, I'm
comin' up so fast, I'll have to
park it in your half-ass

lamers always whine, cuz it
takes a long time, to
learn how to think, and get some
use out of YOUR OWN mind

lamerz in a hurry, they
gotta have it now, they
haven't got time for the
who? what? when? how?

lamerz want a freebie, its
nothing that they need, they'll
never WANT to use it, but they
NEED it cause its free

lamerz can't admit it, when you
prove they're full of shit, they
have to make excuses till they
get what they're out to get.

lamerz in a crisis,
reality is mean, and
what does a lamer always
do instead of coming clean?

lead vox:
blame it all on someone else
bg vox
 its always just the same,
when you're lame, in the brain
(repeat 4 times)

lame brains,
do the fucking math
people only help you up just to
clear you off the main path

lame brains, you
think you're gonna score?


10 cents worth of
DICK shoved in a
2 dollar crack

lame brains,
impossible to teach
they'd rather stay stupid justa
bleed whatever they can leech
brains of the lame
are mainly all the same

lamerz take their toll,
they get old fast
lamerz... lamerz... lamerz...

lead vox:
blame it all on someone else
bg vox
its always just the same,
when you're lame, in the brain
(repeat 4 times)

lame brains, will
drive you fucking nuts, you
find them toilet paper, then they
ask you to
wipe their butts

lame brains, your
mind needs a crutch, your
brain has gone
limp because you
like being LAME so much

lame brains, you're
always spoutin' bull
tell your brain's mommy that
diaper's getting full

lame brains, they
keep the stupid pure, they're
feeling real secure with their
own brand of
cow manure

lame brains, that's
how they wanna stay,
too much information seems to
make things change

lame brains, you're
in it for the fame, you're
groupies to the stars cuz
that's how lame you really are

lame brains, feel
safer in a clique, they
like to talk for hours 'bout the
same old
LAME shit

its 10:00PM... do you know
where your children are?
what? I thought YOU had 'em all week!
damn, that's the second set of kids
we've lost since the new, giant-sized
bag of cocaine came to town.

lead vox:
blame it all on someone else
bg vox:
its always just the same,
when you're lame, in the brain
(repeat 4 times)


its next 2 sex when I flex my micro phone pex, & the nex start snappin like toothpex,
chicken-pocked blood-suck'n TICKS turn trix 4 knick knack polly wolly doodle dog dick sniffin' DJ skanx spank'n wax 4 wack MC's wankin' hick-hop blanks... no thanx


to PPX from The Duke 12/11/98

Here is an idea ive been pondering for sometime.
As you might know already ...I hate Blues Societies,Harmonica Players,Lezzzbians,San Antonio and Housepainters!I sure would like to see a page about the Saint Vincent depaul Blues Society that has a niggerwhistle Player(harmonicat)/Housepainter president...who has Lesbian assistants with a goal to put up a memorial in front of the Gunter Hotel.. in Honor of Howard Johnson,hotel bell hop /musician and inventor of the Terriplane...but are confused to when Howard either ran the hotel or recorded blues there.They keep taking donations from dazed blues lovers for the plaque but cant get the Howard Johnson Family to forward the titles of his hits,his bellhop cap....or his patend number on the Terriplane.It gets so bad that they cant even drive the freeways of san antonio without being spotted...so they have to map their routes to the jam sessions through the backstreets of tonia....and most of the time dead up the middle of general mcmullen dr.Most of the time their jam sessions are not even hosted by a blues band....their totally pissed to find out that their christmas get together is hosted by a Tejano Band from edinburg by the name of "los tres compadres con blues".I need to see this when i wake up in the morning...maybe a continuing saga?Got any ideas?

PPX replies: this has the smell of a blues saga decomposing during a serious brain surgery experiment, personally, I think band-aids are OK... but I' prefer to AMPUTATE!!! That's my method. If it gets in my way... it gets CUT OFF. That certainly includes Blues Societies with Tejano bands. A row of pointing fingers is nothing more than the next batch of Texas Toast to use when I'm buttering with my CHAINSAW!!!! When the dead carcasses of the "too slow" start to pile up so high you can't walk or drive, do I go looking for a bulldozer? FUCK NO. I use the greatest weapon ever used by farmers... Ammonium Nitrate... and a yellow Ryder Truck. If I see a Tejano band, I take 'em prisoner, and hold 'em hostage out at the burnt down motel. Me and a buddy was holding out for ransom, but they said we were full of shit, so we did a little BRAIN SURGERY on their fucking heads, to see if we could explore their chromosomes for traces of real "blues" DNA. So far, all our experiments have resulted in the untimely, hideously painful deaths of our captives. That's Ok, I hear there's a BLUES SOCIETY trying to pat a bunch of pendejos on the back for helping the cause of the Secret Jim Crow X-files. We'll see how they talk when they're duct taped to a clothesline pole, and forced to listen to Henry Perez for 3 seconds. Oh, god, please, bring back Tejano..... aaaarrggg.. I'm sorry all you Selena fans, can I be the new president of your fan club? Why not? I got a Big GUN. You don't think I came here to hear MUSIC, do you? The only reason I'd set foot in the parking lot of a piece of shit niteclub like Coyote's, is to try out a new GUN, or a new booby trap, how 'bout my Longneck bottle full of ammonium nitrate? Don't worry, that blasting cap is wrapped in duct tape, it won't blow.... yet. I got my recipe off the Internet. 8 Alkaselters and a 3liter Pepsi, hooked it up to a wino we caught eating our trash. There was just enough left of him after the explosion, to fill one trash can right to the brim, with unrecognizable liquified wino glop, luckily, we found the Pepsi logo, and put it up on the trash can for a State historical marker. <p> I'd like to thank the fine folks who make those BUCK KNIVES. Thanks to them, I was able to go straight from listening to Blues CDs, to Buck Knife Brain Surgery, completely skipping over any so-called medical school. Let's face it, I'm a KILLING Doctor, not some kiss ass HEALER. I'm like Dr. Kavorkian, I put lab rats out of their misery, by forcing them to memorize the lyrics on my latest CD. As soon as "Los Tres Compadres con Blues" had their main cerebellum TTL chips replaced with the new Ultra Blues terminal strip jumpers, they knew something was different. What they didn't know was, their brain terminals were hardwired with Radio Shack Y2K-Safe Solder, those lyrics are welded in there. You can't get 'em out using a 15 watt pencil and a solder sucker, you're gonna need a heliarc like they used on the Shuttle Misson. Radio Shack has a nice Testicular Stun Wand for $4,000. It even hooks up to the Internet. You can mail the taser effect as an attachment on your email, as soon as the icon gets clicked, your Stun Wand triggers the new Tesla Coil Mouse, sending huge blue chunks of 240,000 volt ball lightning into the nearest microwave oven on the other end. Y2K doesn't scare me, besides, I've got enough duct tape stashed away for 10 milleniums. I got that package by that multimillionare genius business seminar guy. Now I'm placing adds on the Internet to find backers for my new entertainment idea that's taking the World Wide Web by storm... WINO RODEO. Don't laugh. I bet you can't stay on a thirsty wino's back for the full 8 seconds. No, way, unless he's really, really drunk. Hey, don't give me that humanitarian bullshit, neither, I've been giving some serious thought to opening up a a new sports bar called WINO BULLFIGHT. Every night, we're gonna feature a real life wino, being held captive in a chicken-wire Bullfighting Ring. Our cyber matadors will be chosen from the audience, but they won't need a sword. Instead, all our cyber matadors use taser stun wands from Radio Shack. And, if you're a member of our elite credit card number club, you get your own stun wand, your own webpage, AND your very own WINO to take home with you. We call our relocation service, WINO DOGGYBAG. It comes with a trash bag, a roll of duct tape, and a special stun wand pager, so you can use the Internet to track your WINO using the latest in electronic surrvielance technology. If he, or anyone, tries to send an illicit e-mail when you're away from your computer, the hair trigger Tesla Coil Mouse is authorized by the Texas legislature to deliver a harsh warning beep, followed by 4 short 20,000 volt discharges known simply as "ground lightning". Anyone within a 2 mile radius of the stun wand pager will receive smiley icons :) on their forheads in the form of 3rd degree burns. I was amazed to see in the paper where Radio Shack took my advice, and finally set aside a special place for customers to buy WINO CHICKENWIRE. Its more high tech than regular chicken wire, it hooks up to the Internet, and is compatible with the full line of Radio Shack stun wands and Tesla coil accesories. Any cyber-hip WINO knows, when they see the Radio Shack logo, that means this chicken-wire means business. Escape is not only impossible, the attempt can be excruciatingly painful

If beggars were horses,
then cowboys gonna ride
the rodeo wino goes-a
gallopin' by
he brushed against the metal
of that rusty chicken-wire
the lightning in his pants
set his weenie on fire!

from The Duke:
Your on the right track PPX...I see you picked up on what i was refering to..huh..? the San Antonio Blues Society basicly Sucks old dead lint from the inside dryer tray of Mums Mabilee's Speed Queen!They are real pissed off at me right now...ive posted to the ksym bullboard with tinges of my own type of poison.I hacked Sonny Boy Lees website(sabs)and published a picture of rusty martin ...kissin the soles of my tony lamas(he owes me money).I also published a page of my own.. stating that sabs is screwing and tattooing their general members... not giving them a shits worth of anything in return.Well I got barred off ...then i really was pissed...and then hacked alamo community college systems through the backdoor and shit on ksym's website.So...Im still not satisfied with second to the last laugh...I WANT THE LAST ONE!I tell you more when I see you...youll laugh so hard ...you might through up! Later forchure vato



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