that was a GOAT TICK

from: the person who has to clean up after Bexar Nekkid Chickenshit

For the rest of you readers:

That's what is amusingly referred to as a "goat tick". That was goat tick #2, called in as reinforcements for goat tick #1, who is too inarticulate to even make a coherent post, he is also known as "webgoat". His real life name is unknown, he's a chickenshit, muttering from the bushes, if he ever says anything at all. I check for his presence in my daily web stats, he's definitely reading... EVERY DAY. He jumped in the middle of a situation that was none of his business, and got his feelings hurt, I guess by me, or somebody... anybody...

He's not real bright, I've said all this before, you can read all about it in several classic posts like Its Not My Forum, and that ingenious essay about Goat Ticks, Their Big Mouths, And The Effect On Search Engines . These GOAT TICKS never, ever address the origtinal subject, they think its all about trying to save face for their little male egos on this board, like anyone gives a shit about two unknown idiots. A really classic reply was, I Didin't Run You Off, The Truth Ran You Off. It was right around the appearance of NeverForget on the scene. I'll get that link and post it here, because I just read it in the past few days, and its FUNNIER THAN SHIT. I remember when that was, it was in the days following the "Goat Tick Explosion", starting March 18, 2003, it was kind of like a big burst of green caca, blowing out a chicken's ass all of a sudden. Has anyone ever seen something like that? Its called CHICKENSHIT. It smells wonderful. The chicken runs around clucking like it did something signifigant, it doesn't even know what it was, its too busy running away IN FEAR to look back.

I'm not going to try and top my previous comebacks on these weak motherfuckers, they still stand UNANSWERED. Apparently Mr. Red Corbett, the small town sound man, hasn't had his name dragged thru the sewer enough. I've tried to go easy on him, he's never seemed to catch on what is actually being discussed here. He thinks its about HIM, so he attacks ME... can anyone understand how I might be sick of these idiotic assholes?

They don't even read their own shit, much less think about what it means. Its just spur of the moment alcoholic bluster, and it never goes anywhere. How can it? It doesn't say anything, just "Popeye-X is bad, he dresses bad, he lives bad, he looks bad, he's sliding downhill, he looks homeless, he's lost his mind, he wastes all his time on this stupid website... etc etc etc" These are what's known as CLICHES, that's what inarticulate idiots repeat ad nauseum because they can't think of anything to say relating to the START OF THE CONVERSATION.

They're more interested in trying to recover from stepping all over their own dicks, while shoving both feet in their own mouths, all of this while having their own heads up their own asses! So let's give them their due of Contortionist Brownie Points, and hopefully they will spare themselves the humiliation of trying to defend Steven Earl Cureton in a public forum.

They only end up desperately trying to save their own asses from 1,000's of people laughing at how STUPID they are. But their stupidity is always a little stronger than their instincts to just keep their mouths shut, which is their problem in the first place. Oh, well, without them, it wouldn't be The Anti-Popeye-X Fan Club, would it?

By the way, that is a name coined by none other than Mike Taylor. This whole website is HIS idea, you know. Yes, he's the mastermind behind everything I've ever done. That's what he had my ADAT log with the numbers of over 500 recordings on his studio wall, to kind of "look busy" to anyone who might drop by, the list of tracks certainly looks impressive. The fact he recorded on less than 1% of them is a slight detail he failed to tell people about. Just like the premier track by Bob Margolin on the Robert Johnson Tribute CD that wasn't delivered in time for the big promo banquet at the Gunter Hotel in Nov. 2001. Taylor and Cureton had NOTHING whatsoever to do with that recording either.

Does anybody out there see the general trend I'm driving at here? Hint: its not about ME. Its about guys who are trying to pass themselves off as seasoned audio pros, taking advantage of the general public's assumption that they have no reason to be LYING about it. I'm only here to tell you they DO HAVE a reason. Its called THEFT. I know because I'm the one they stole from. The only way they were able to do that is I TRUSTED THEM AS FRIENDS. That is the whole issue here.

Who the fuck is Red Corbett? I don't have the slightlest idea, except its obvious to me, he's even further downhill the food chain than Steven Earl Cureton, who is the ABSOLUTE PITS of the so-called San Antonio music scene. It goes no lower, and yet lower is exactly where Red Corbett floats up from.

Have you made ANY CD's, Red? Did you actually mix them, or is it just some other guy's ADAT list you're trying to front with? By any chance in hell, did you EVER actually PLAY on any CD yourself? If not, you have no right at all to say anything bad about me or Holz, we've been on more albums than we can even remember, probably since before you were even born.

You are a fucking GOAT TICK, trying to munch on the scrotum of a Big Goat that isn't even there, its a pre-lubricated mytholgical music-biz goat, also known as HYPE, but I prefer to call it what I see it as... pure, A-1, Bexar Nekkid Chickenshit.

Gimme a list of the CD's you've helped create, or kindly shut the fuck up before you become famous for the wrong thing, a fate Steven Earl Cureton regrets with every fiber of his being. I'm quite sure Mike Taylor isn't too thrilled about it either.

Put their names in Google, you dumb fuck. Is that where you wanna be? Too late, you STUPID MOTHERFUCKER, don't say I didn't warn you. Search "Red Corbett" before you open your big mouth, you goddamned idiotic bastard SOUND MAN.



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