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you left out the first thing that always pops in my mind... its an old Texas term that means all things bad, with a yellow streak thrown in that would make even a meek little scaredy cat amazed...
CHICKEN + SHIT = Steven Earl Cureton
---- i. e. CHICKENSHIT, pure A-1, uncut, greasy green with liquid butt plasma running over.... but really, there's no reason to feel there isn't a solution to this mad ness, there IS A SOLUTION! This is no threat, my friends, this is a promise! THAT chickenshit son of a bitch is going to have his day with LAW ENFORCEMENT sooner than he thinks.

The days of Steven Earl Cureton as a pecker lipped clucker running to and fro, indiscriminately blowing CHICKENSHIT out his ass whenever it comes up... ARE OVER!!! (clapping all around, not that anyone cares, its just... we are all sick of his CHICKENSHIT face. It makes you SICK, physically sick.) I don't want to be the one to brag prematurely, but... (the pounding military music rises in the background as the speaker's voice gradually builds to a dull, crackly, crusty old man's wheeze.... ) "that A-1 pile of CHICKENSHIT excuse for an audio engineer is going to be more well known in the future as a dumbass thief who got suckered by a couple of twisted, less than playin' with a full deck LAMEROIDZ.. follow me? we're talking full fledged PIN fucking HEADS, posing as know it all experts of wonderful ass-kissing-ness....

Their mentor is a murderer and they don't even know it. The person he murdered died in the very place where they've been holding their little club meetings. For the past 5 years, their spiritual guru, i. e. puppet Master in crime, has been secretly getting off on being AT THE MURDER SCENE, keeping the crime wave going! its the most fun he ever had, its also the most money they ever got... they really do think. their Puppet Master likes them so much, he's giving them a fortune for doing nothing more than betraying an old friend they never liked anyway.... think of the fantasy land these clowns are living in! Has it ever crossed their minds, "Why is this guy doing this to Kurt Otto?" Their attitude is, who cares, as long as its not happening to me, and as long as we don't get in any trouble... why not? Its fun to really hurt someone and not have to care!
How's THAT for STUPID?

I know something they don't know... WHY!
A key missing piece to the puzzle. Here's WHY. This lunatic MURDERED somebody who was fucking his ex wife. And because I was at the same house as his ex wife, this IDIOT has assumed I was friends with his ex wife and this guy., even though in reality, I was friends with this lunatic! He really thinks I BETRAYED him somehow. I didn't. Why would I? Its not my style. I'm almost sorry I didn't betray this goddamned idiot, but I didn't, and it had nothing to do with him at all. I just don't do things like that. Its that simple. I don't steal, either.

This lunatic is doing what he's doing to exact what is extremely painful revenge, that's what's intended. Its revenge for something that NEVER HAPPENED! And these tow MORONS, Mike Taylor and Steven Earl Cureton, former friends of mine, are the recipients of my money this lunatic has stolen. He's assured them, he's a Mastermind and diabolical criminal genius, they have nothing to worry about, its "FREE MONEY". That is really what these grown men think. What about the PAIN its causing, guys? Their attitude is: "Well, the Puppet Master says we don't have to care, even though our mommies and daddies taught us all our lives other wise.."

I'll say this much, the Puppet Master is WRONG. The worst thing that can happen is for the Puppet Master to prevail, because if he does, each and every one of these goddamn idiots is a dead carcass rotting in a dumpster, DEAD AS FUCK! But that won't even come close to being necessary. You know why? This freakin lunatic Puppet Master is a goddamn murderer! He got away with it for 10 years, but when he started doing his "revenge" on me , he fucked up completely, I don't have a fucking thing to hide at all! I had nothing to do with any of it! And I know ALL ABOUT IT!

If I even see one of these stoopid sunza bitches in my house I'm gonna kill 'em on sight, INSTANTLY, without warning, as is my right as an American. I have spent a great deal of time, slowly piecing the whole thing together, its all documented. All I've ever lacked is being 100% sure about the MURDER part. But this "genius" Puppet Master has solved that problem by grandstanding and showing off his crimes on the anniversary of his victim's death! And there is already a lengthy police report by me, about these idiots on that date!

Not only that, but the guy was murdered where Taylor lives right now. The same goddamn house they sat around plotting all this Bexar Nekkid bullshit out. And this ghoul motherfucker wearing wingtips is getting his cookies the whole time because he's the only one who knows his victim died in the fucking bathroom they've been taking shits in! Escape is completely impossible

 Everybody, listen to me, if you really want to see IDIOCY in action, stay tuned to these pages, cuz every single one of these goddamned thieving MORONS is about to come to the stunning realization that the only lives that have been destroyed are THEIR OWN! Just watch if you doubt what I'm saying at all. I'm not making this up! I'm not even close to that insane, but especially I am billions of light years smarter than that bullshit! Trillions and billions. The only reason its lasted this long is somebody had to figure out all the details and tie it together. Its going down any day now. If I can get two or three sheets of paper printed, it will be tomorrow, bright and early.

OK, think about what I have just written.. now realize... THAT IS STEVEN EARL CURETON! He's not the Mastermind... he's the DUPE! The lackey! The snitch! Get it? And Taylor... my God, I've known Taylor for over 30 years, he's always been stupid as fuck, but this is a whole new level of stupid for these guys. They really thought this was going to be their big SUCCESS! Oh, darn it, the guy controlling their "fraudulent reality" turns out to be a goddamn lunatic who murdered some poor fool, right there in the house.

They know the game is up. that became obvious when their Puppet Master told me about what he's done. He's bragging about it. The fact it completely exposes them to be liars and thieves doesn't register in his head at all. He's like, "So what? I'm a Mastermind, I got away with it!" He has no conception how he's made them look, and they've faithfully followed every instruction he's given them. They are such CHICKENSHIT pieces of shit, they have no stomach to deal with it, they just want the fantasy to still be true. Do you think perhaps the fucking police might be able to CHANGE THEIR MINDS?

They've got their coordinated lies and phony paper as provided by their lunatic puppet Master, they really think 4 idiots lying can outweigh one ARTIST who's telling the truth and knows exactly what he's talking about, and is the only one who really knows what's happened. They're putting on their best "ultranormal" phony exterior hoping against hope that investigators will glide right over their lame ass bullshit lies. Complete and utter destruction, coming right up, and I can't think of a better person to dish it up for them than Popeye motherfucking X. Can you? I'm gonna dismantle and humiliate all four of these STOOPID MORONS, so don't go away now! Its about to get real good.

Would I lie to you? FUCK NO! The truth is so much more fun, its like the difference between laughing your fucking ass off, which is what I'm gonna do, and crying for the rest of your life, which is what they're going to do. And what about the Puppet Master, the mentor in crime, Mr. Bob Cox? That crazy son of bitch is either going in the mental hospital or prison or both! mike Taylor belongs in prison as well. They all do!
Who are they?

Robert Willis Cox, Raymond Michael Taylor Steven Earl Cureton, Wayne Donald Meals

And you know me, my name is:who do you think you are?




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