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NEW-X  top
Toiletside Reader Stories hella-freak ::: the album
Davy Crockett's Hat keyboard stand 2
More Glue my meteoric rise from nowhere to the teen canteen
Snacktime! where did god come from?
Kill Pain With Kindness To Create Good And Destroy Evil! setting, and resetting, the irc channel topic in #x
The Eat What You Like Constant Sex Diet Plan download your obscure stockhausen right here
Two Mischief Makers King Crimson Albums
Bluesman Brain Surgery a TOTAL ignoramus
The Two Sides Of The Human Brain popeye-x lectures in #zappateers about freedom
Midget With A Hatchet i'm the boss, and you don't evenwork here
My Command Of The Language Speaks For Itself banana musings of the beatnik kind
Battle Of The Bands alright! i just got another red schwinn!
High Water bikes
Movin' To Colorado suzi ingram has her own website now
Popcorn Fly #1 wow, i forgot about this page
The Proverbs Of Rock DNA doesn't care
Marshall Law ???
The Amazing Story Of Bobby Joe Mc Fuck You The Genius of Darwin
Second Thoughts good question!!
Everyone In The U.S.A. Plays Guitar Human Waste
I Rap What It Is name: Tezcatlipoca ::: job: Aztec God
Rappin' On tezcatlipoca impersonator
Bachelor Living james brown & the jb's-superbad live 1971 funk
Chemistry voxmobile
Housefly the tragedy of human understanding
Recipes Of Popeye- X under pressure
Preacher barking mad
Alcoholics With Nailguns I love Kali Ma
They Were Men child molestation by clergy
I Got It! its a catch .22 situation... a couple in the back of your head!!
The Old Jism Trail the root of all evil?
Father vs. Son mIRC nicks
First Gig Frameset for i believe your name was mentioned
New Bands Around Town jay
Talkin' 'Bout Lungy he's smarter than a lot of people i know
Heard The Story the ballad of an aztec reconstructionist
Hey, Little Kid so tell us, what popeye-x webpage BY FAR gets the most hits?
Food For Thought go up, thou bald head
My English Teacher its like staring in the mirror yelling fuck you!
An Erotic Little Tail Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens
My Strawberry how to avoid the dreaded meth house in real estate
Heatwave if crystal meth is good enough for pastor ted haggard
Drugs And Today's Corrupt Youth he's no longer fuckable
Thank You it was rather stupid wasn't it? wait till you hear this!
Do You Have A Pass? excuse me... this is about dishwashing, is it not?
Ironing Boards the best thing i've ever heard in my life
Larry's Lawn Chair popeye-x gets hit again!
Texas studio monitors - JBL4311B's two per side
This Is Texas! unusual music reviews: #3 - lou reed ::: metal machine music
Newsflash! my friend, barry littleton, died 20 years ago today
The Lost Archives Of Dr. Anonymous morons, imbeciles, and idiots
Can't Work my friend eric, he's like a son, only cheaper
Rooters Pinche Fuckface
Original Sin hey, we like mexicans... we just don't like them that much
Battered Wives happy new year 2009
The Hunter rambling drumbox technicalities
Driving With Binoculars eminem - the most prolific rapper of all time
TV Sucks Raw Dog Dildo x-amount_guitar
The Purpose Of Life this made me cry today
This Pelican Thing Is Out Of Control It Busted Loose At Wal-Mart
Chicks! The floor shitters
Esp Number Trick BE MATURE!
War Games what the fuck did i tell you?
The Continuing Story Of Bobby Joe Mc Fuck You cyanide and amphetamine
Facts And Stipulations About Buster Bob most of the bible is completely wrong
FTW-Nism Explained the word "mindless robot" is not in the constitution
The FTW Method the best unofficial public enemy site on the net
Fresh Talent Warzone jeff walters: false pride and deeply rooted dishonesty
Frequency Thickened Wind why is this called "pornographic"?
Don't Talk To Me About Ugly now, there has been discovery of these two green tits
Go Fuck Yourself genius or inconvenience?
Live From The Desk Of Dr. Popeye- X martin brinkmann, the reaktor design genius, also paints
The Super Bowl Is A Stupor Bowl the one who should be dead now is cureton
Sanity holy unction
Insane Truths the duke is dead
Taste hey mug-booty dance on youtube-toe
Dosotros And The Mc Gillicutty Bros someone at work asked: hey, kurt, what about bo diddley?
Hot Damn, Roy! To the stupid bitches at Walmart
Frets miles, willie, superfly, and me
V-Chip los reyes del ratones muertos
XT Talk well... did billy gibbons show up and play?
How To Make 'em Shut Up new electrical service
Aw, No Fair! a car pulls up, NWA blasts out of the window
Nuisance remember how bad the good ol' days were?
A Near Death Experience what is the purpose of anything?
Potpourri BB Kong
Spanish Explorer Jokes my new front door, strip mall lobby, and mutation closet
My Ministry Explained i see don evans occasionally
I Don't Do That! here's a totally disgusting image
Blades Of Grass remember when claude butch morgan was "hip"?
Cottage Cheese such genius should not go unheralded
My Dad, Jimi Hendrix, Money, And Me today i saw gypsy doug's grave
Coffee? Designed To Fail
Born To Lose ah, yes, its The Musty Old Peanut Casings
The Dr. Popeye- X Show! Images Of Sanity ::: the full text
PPX DJ karlheinz stockhausen 1928-2007
PPX Is a DJ from Hell! the mothers of invention: the first underground group
No Biz Like Show Biz DEVO: my favorite 80's band
DX7's Of Approval santana talks about hendrix
Cycles Of Stupidity Of The Typical American Female jimi hendrix was, and is, my friend
Fix My Teeth 18 liters of geezer piss
Freedom Of The Press so... why do i still have the "cureton fucking a sheep" picture?
I Used To Be Rich Playing the organ is...
The King Of T.V. Slayer as Psychostimulant
Niteclub popeye-x is a very NICE dj from hell
I Promised Myself slaughtering innocent kids is "child's play"
Lemmings & Buffalos popeye-x awakens from a nightmare of incredible slaughter
Suck My Car's Dick No! I'm Not Gay!!!
Reduced Down To Nothing Don't Buy Flip Flops From Wal-Mart! Bob Cox Replies
Why Does She Like Me? barbacoa y guacamole con queso
Where's The Beef? slayer ::: christ illusion
Financial Woes steve cureton is just as ridiculous as he always was
Hunting The Wild Nugent the definition of mercy
Huffing With Don Henley Charlie J's ::: Tacos and Barbacoa
The Most Famous Cocksucker On Earth bill bruford's comments about joe zawinul's idea
The Dr. Popeye- X Love Report fz composing at the synclavier
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones-X anger and humor
The Sidekick Network zawinul
Digital Roots Of Music mugtoe's dancing video
I'm Building A Cyber Strip-Mall if you could only have one tool, what would be the best?
Beaker Doc Frameset for yeah, yeah, yeah..... uh huh
Fuck Or Fight it just keeps on raining
12 Steps To Turkie-N-Tacki 'nology nice haircut, where did you get it, auschwitz or treblinka?
Musical Fuckheads welcome to some new friends
Sexual Harassment popeye-x get's hit by a car
The Influence Of Music On Behavior joseph gamboa, homicidal monkey
The Anti Popeye- X Fan Club GUILTY!!!
Links One down, one to go.
Search James Brown is dead
Warning! ::: fuck you if you can't take a joke! I hate movies
Hate Mail welcome the Rev. Haggard
History I've heard of your band for years
Logic although my dog IDOLIZED Bevis Griffin, my cat did not
Secret Pages Harpo Marx: Blinding Talent And A Heart Of Gold
Hidden Pages You May Have Missed now come on, I wrote that so don henley would laugh
PAGES-X ::: the ultimate in linkages Oldschool Reaktor Ensembles
400 Links To Re: FLOYD DIXON,
orangEguitar Hairlip Club
Chocolate Milk mike ellis and chris holzhaus are the only ones i like
JUVENILE DELINQUENT COMPUTER DORKS I'm kinda new in town, I don't really know which band to blow
Vomit Is Not A Problem Mugtoe and Zelda... an item????
I Don't Chat, I Dictate Hezbolla HQ
Webmaster-X Chuck and Little Charlie on drums
Unspeakably Stupid Stories laundry
Foto Misterio luna in boots and dave live onstage
  prom night with chuck and veronica
TECH-X  top start 'em out young

kurt otto's 2007 recording studio

there needs to be more LOVE on this website


suicide disciples ready to DIE for Reaktor

7 STRING GEAR - yeah!

Should Israel Wipe Out Hezzbolla?

Akai Z4 - hardware sampler

my new favorite country artist is Hank III

Popeye-X Explains BoDiddley

my best friend is an electronic box

Review Of Reaktor - arbeit macht frei

Re: 198 downloads of CRACKBABY in June 2006
BASS STUPIDITY starring Mike Taylor for a huge snort of detergent?

CAT_CYMBALS you are so loved

Luna Live At Casbeers

condenser mics - lovely

Some Of My Favorite Album Covers

Cute FTP tutorial - semi-obsolete but cool

Mugtoe's Possum Parlor: Actual Photo

drums of war - ppx declares war on peace

The View From X Hell

drum_sampling - from now on

I know the answer, would you like to know it, too?

128ch PARIS DAW - SMPTE files for d/l

I'm Feeling Neglected

How 2 Lose Your Mind - dangerous

This Is Chuckwagon

JLCooper PPS-2 - FSK MIDI sync box

What Do You Feel?

Memorymoogs Make The BEST Explosions

The Arrogance Of Ignorance

MIDI INFO - boring, but useful

They Broke Down And Sucked Willy's Dick

MIDI SPEC - I needed this so bad

Poor Ol' Lonesome Kitty Cat

Mystery Of Certain Notes info about LOW F#

see michael bolton hawking his new donkey lady?

NOIZE TOOLZ - informative

To All The Pretty Girls Missing Out On Mother's Day

Question Marks From A Dusty Black Box huh?

there is something sexy about a woman who beats a possum

Recording The Chordsmen - DUAL stereo

Terminate On Sight

Review Of Opcode Studio 64 XTC - sync

a real kick


Miles Davis Quote

Review Of The Alesis QS7 - not bad

mugtoe mountain

SansAmp PSA-1 Preset Data Book - cool

this fat girl follows me everywhere

Will Alexander Interview In EQ - amazing

my studio keyboard rig from 1994
  if you can't get it right the first time...
MUSIC-X  top testing the microphone
Blast Reunion 2002 Review Of The Doors LIVE,Dallas,1968
HIX Mahavishnu Orchestra Notation
GRUNT mp3 by popeye-x McLaughlin Used A Fender Mustang
LIVE rack 35433 Visits In February 2006
discography Goddamned Christian LYING Sunza Bitches
Church Of Machines forestry pills
Lyrics mmeeaa
Photos Popeye-X Explains BoDiddley
Musicians The Truth About Claude "Butch" Morgan by Kurt Otto
Reviews Albums by Claude "Butch" Morgan and the Blast
Okie D the closest gypsy doug ever came to benny hinn
Pete Anderberg I Miss Gypsy Doug So Much
Butch Morgan I Don't See How Things Can Ever Be What They Were
Albert Garcia  Gypsy Doug Morgan Goes To Be With RAM
Barry Littleton God Bless RAM, We Will Miss You
Larry Trub Little Known Fact: Gypsy Doug Was At Taco Land As A Friend
Gary Friedrich Things May Grow Dull As Cureton Fades Into The Sunset
Aaron Meloccaro-7 string rhythm guitar claude morgan rallies to vandross' side
May I Ask A Dumb Question? The Coolest Dude on the Planet besides PPX!!!!!
KO's Cassette From Hell Mike Taylor's Incredibly Swollen Head
Popeye-X Orchestra '75-76 So, Are You 14 or 15?
Quartett '75 CHUG 8 cuts fresh mustard for Slingblade's biscuit collection
Kevin Conway mind control
Steve Oleson_AKA_ Helicopter_Flying_Turtle I have become part of the material he merchandises
Will Alexander w/ Emerson Hancock Jagger, Quartett 1975 Did You Mention To The "Investigator"?
Mark Eastwood_AKA_Rubber_Dinosaurus popeye-x replies to a 6:21AM email from Steven Earl Cureton
John Mathis Go See Mel Gibson's Passion Of Christ
BAND-X Popeye-X Is A Music PIG
Steve Cureton Its Based on Rhythm, Not Fame And Money
Chuck Agney_AKA_Unclebunny Here's One Of My Favorite Guitar Pickers Of All Time
Rawhead '90 The Problem Of "Unknown" Soundmen
Bevis Griffin An Eruption Of THING-FISHology
Blast LIVE! '82 cassette In The History Of The World, WAR Has Always Prevented PEACE
Claude Morgan & The BLAST 82 86 87 90 98 wav The Cognitive Dissident Gets SHITCANNED
Phil Dalmolin CD "Therapy" ultrachug is a motherfucker
Mike Pogue Singer Artist Ripoff Idiot Murderer Today is Feb 28, A Sad Day In Popeye-X History
  Classic Example Of How Mike Taylor Has Conned Wanda Seals
ART-X  top Addicted To Music
Otto Industries Art Loop - Brain Music Here's A Picture Of Her Guitar And Her Mom
Shrine 21 You Ought To See The Blustering Arrogance
Shrine 23 production listening CD's are more fun than final product
KO War 1 Antares Auto Tune 4
Brain Music Yellow In 1994, While I Was Thinking I Finally Had A Real Job
Brain Music Blue The Mugtang Poontoe Orchestra
Operation Guacamole Cup Its Incredible To Discover The Hidden Lies
Video Guitar In The Yard I Wanted War BEFORE 911
PPX_painting REAKTOR and LIVE are the best
6/8 Plane Hundreds If Not Thousands
Likity Split 124 Raymond Scott
Square Roots I Wanna Be Just Like Mike Taylor
110V Pickle God, Why Am I So Lazy?
Alien by Jenni A Dr. Popeye-X Music Lesson For Zakk Wylde
Kandinsky Deconstruction As I Lay In Squalor
paintings by S INGRAM Written By A Bunch Of Bald Headed Fan Club Nazis
Linear Schminear lunatik putty
Rabid Landscape the Line 6 Pod XT... Slayfoot swears by it
Flowertown Popeye-X Declares War-X
Arrogant old dead lint from dryer tray of Moms Mablee's Speed Queen
Crown Waves unrecognizable liquified wino glop
PERPETUAL RHYTHM by Cathy Cunningham chug4, home of the gigasampler, is a 667
  Chisel Party
PEOPLE-X  top I Got This Sumbitch WIRED
Bob Cox can anybody cut holes for EMG-707 pickups in a Carvin 727
Mike Taylor Larry Horowitz, of Century Music in San Antonio, is AMAZING
Steve Cureton Old Reaktor Is Not New Reaktor
Babycat one pass of Reaktor is not the whole thing
Danny Cortez Plug-In vs. Stand Alone
Annalisa Peace Mondo Caca Woolybooger Of North Texas Pancake Dumpsters
Connie Wright I've Wanted To Kill 'Em ALL Ever Since 1982
Carole Gumm Imagine A Liar Giving His Life To Jesus, But Continues To Lie
Cathy Cunningham fuck all his friend's old ladies behind their backs
S Ingram The Logical Mind Of A Kitty Cat
Demitria Monde Thraam this is ICE MONKEY
Fritz Von Erich Anniversary Of Death
SneakyLynx Code MD: Coded Phrases in the First "Electric Period"
Nancy I told YOU to shut up
MiS^DeMeAnOr - Daelic They Need To Step Up To The Next Level Of Pissed Off
Mugtoe- Spread Eagle Ranch I Can Be A Bitch If I Want To.... I'm MARRIED!!!!!
Gizel, Gita, & Gennie Gypsy Doug Morgan Goes To Be With RAM
Krystyn is a Dreammm popeye-x downloads
Lil'Vixen and Ivy Studio Fat
Pinkubus Mr.Square Guitar
Gypsy Doug zappas_grave
Harry Eck What The Fuck Is THING-FISH?
Barry Littleton We Destroy The Blues
Hellissa There's Only One Gypsy Doug
Kyle Otto gypsy_doug_as_a_hitler_youth
Bob Otto tearjerker
Popeye-X CEO ADATLOG_92-97
wombat ::: further explanations by ppx CUBASE NOTES 2001 Extract Tempo --- Hit Points
  Keith, Could You Please Tell Will "Kurt" Is Here?
Mike Taylor Is A Thief I Wanna Be Just Like Mike Taylor
Steve Cureton Is Not Even A Human Being ever notice how jim "red" corbett is a chickenshit goat tick?
Fritz Von Erich My Favorite Frank Zappa Studio Photo
Dave Clark 5 in San Antonio Church Of Machines - Recording Services
128ch PARIS ::: Brian  Tankersley At Least I Didn't Put My Eye Out - by Mike Pogue
Recording The Chordsmen I Got It - by Mike Pogue
Bolton KILLS!!! babycat beige
Augie Meyers plays Vox Continenntal keyboard stand 2
Hoss And Kewpie Fall In Love OTTOMIDI 1994
HIX mp3s
Don Preston and Bunk Gardner - The Don And Bunk Show popeye-x downloads
Scott Thunes visits #zappafiles IRC DALnet whip
Lady Bianca visits #zappafiles IRC DALnet I crack me up
The NippleRing X-Logs from #zappafiles IRC DALnet I Would Really Like To See Is Bexar Nekkid Music In Prison
Mike Nesmith street sign, San Antonio, Tx. It Is Not MY Forum
Tacki Fishkebob Bob Cox's First And Last Session At The Church Of Machines
Turkie Nazi The Faces Of Steve Cureton
Michael Bolton One Lie Proves Another... And Another... And Another...
The Monkees Steve Cureton Finally Releases His Own CD
Ted Nugent Opponents Of Popeye-X
Mick Jagger & Herbie Hancock my_house
Frank Zappa Missy Has A New Favorite Spot
Jimi Hendrix Big Red
Gatemouth Brown Phil Dalmolin, a REAL musician
Keith Emerson Bob CoxSucker
Garth Brooks Keith Emerson plays keyboards
Brooke Shields Review Of Reaktor  (new)
Don Henley Six Flags Over Tigris
Billy Idol mentally retarded genius
Van Halen, MENUDO, Billy Idol, & Duran Duran stupid AND ugly
Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, and Hootie & The Blowfish Certain Pages Will Be "PUT ON HOLD" For A Period Of TIme
Vic Morrow MEGA-Tweakin' Inside Pappy's Last Functioning Brain Cell...
Timothy McVeigh Morphosis- The "New" ELP Album That Never Came Out
Terry Bradshaw, Dan Marino, & George Foreman Dickson Seals
Terrie Neilson & Traci Kishbaugh FAN CLUB NAZIS Cureton paid $300 Out Of His Own Pocket
  recommended sound editors

LINKS page top

I do live a fabulous life
Jack Off Jill-My Cat - AOL Video Reaktor is driving me insane
"JOHN McLAUGHLIN" (Miles Davis) Will Alexander Sent "Reaktor Is Driving Me Insane" To NI
2012 Doomsday_ Lost Civilizations I Bought Vokator Today
2012_ Doomsday_ Fall of the Aztec Empire I'd Love To Suck Your TICK
Atheist Before The Dawn Of ULTRACHUG
Bill Maher interviews Richard Dawkins PPX News Network
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy If you use Sonar, ditch WDM, and go ASIO
Brain Mind Lecture 4 Phantom Limbs Surround Sound- from Stockhausen to Slayfoot
Brokedown by Slaid Cleaves I just won another WAMIRACK24 on ebay for $200
Carl Perkins and friends WAMIRACK24 #2 Arrives From Nashville
Carl Sagan discusses nuclear self-destruction uh, wamirack, uh, wamirack, uh, wamirack
Carl Sagan explains evolution. Mike Taylor Is A Thief
Carl Sagan on "God" and "gods" Cureton Joke
D-Day - The Battle of Normandy - Part 2 of 4 My Next Post Is Going To Blow Your Cheeze Whiz Mind
D-Day - The Battle Of Normandy - Part 3 of 4 Mexican Palestine
D-Day - The Battle Of Normandy - Part 4 of 4 justyc logos
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 1_5 BEST SITE
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 2_5 The San Antonio ME Society
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 3_5 The Real Gunter Hotel Memorial
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 4_5 Unusual Music Reviews- #1 Bob Seger
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 5_5 Jeff Walters Is A Snitch
History Channel - D DAY part 1 military geniuses
History Channel - D DAY part 2 lounge keyboard
History Channel - D DAY part 3 God Bless George W. Bush
History Channel - D DAY part 4 sucker the suckerpunch
History Channel - D DAY part 5 Tacki saw about 50 dicks being sucked in one day
Ian McDonald Talks About His King Crimson Days You should do like Tacki Fishkebob and worship Me
James Randi Speaks_ Carl Sagan how bout we cutoff your balls bitch
James Randi Speaks_ Questioning the Bible The Department of Lesbian Correctness Internment Camp
James Randi Speaks_ Why Do We Still Believe Popeye-X & Beth Hooker
Jan Hammer, Jordan Rudess & Tony Williams Popeye-X Fashion
Janne Schaffer Harvest Machine live 73 Popeye-X has a new hero... CALIGULA
Jimi Hendrix - The Sky is Crying, (Live at Newport) Popeye-X's BRAIN MUSIC gets airplay on KSYM-FM!!!
john mclaughlin - you know you know Of Beelzebub And His Plot By Cotton Mather
Mahavishnu Orchestra 'dance of mya' clip 1972 Carvin Nazis
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Earliest Live Recording Scrotal Self Repair
mahavishnu orchestra - wings of karma 1 of 3 The Psychedelic Library
mahavishnu orchestra - wings of karma 2 of 3 shut up, pack your shit, and get the fuck out... RIGHT NOW
mahavishnu orchestra - wings of karma 3 of 3 colon cancer?
Mahavishnu Orchestra_ Dawn part 1. The Purpose Of Religion Is To Kill
Mahavishnu Orchestra_ Dawn pt 2 They Didn't Do It, Popeye-X Did It
Mahavishnu Orchestra_ Meeting of The Spirits I Can Be Very Confusing
Miles and Tony Williams 2 Steve Cureton is such a LYING chickenshit pile of shit
Miles and Tony Williams 3 Goat Ticks, Their Big Mouths, And Search Engines
Miles and Tony Williams 4 I Agree 1000%
Miles and Tony Williams POW Chick
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew - 1969 (6 of 6) I love the way the US bombs the fuck out of countries
Miles Davis - Spanish Key - Antibes Jazz 1969 gringoestebanita, the casbeers queer, falls silent
Miles Davis ca. 1971 John Onderdonk's Decision
Miles Davis"On The Corner Session" Interviews I happen to have a supply of IZAL
Nonviolent Communication Part 1 Marshall Rosenberg insubordination during wartime will not be tolerated
Return To Forever (w_Bill Connors) 1974 read what a COP wrote in here
Return to Forever - Beyond the 7th Galaxy 1975 Where Are Keith And Nancy Walmartinez?
Return to Forever - Sorceress 1976 Popeye-X Is Finally Sexually Active
Return to Forever - The Romantic Warrior 1976 what makes these fuckheads so goddamn righteous?
Return To Forever -LIVE 2008 review of the Alesis QS7 by popeye-x
Robert Fripp from King Crimson interview pt1 Lil'Vixen and Ivy
Slaid Cleaves - Cold And Lonely Happiness And Success According To Bro Dave
The D-Day - Battle of Normandy - part 1 of 4 From Kurt To Traci
The First British Hydrogen Bomb Kurt & Kyle photo
The first Mahavishnu Orchestra global warming is bullshit, so is nuclear annihilation
The Human Brain - Carl Sagan The Verification Of American Stupidity
Tommy James & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion ice cream man with no ice cream
Tsar Bomba - 57,000,000 Tons of TNT S.O.B. Stew
Tsar bomba He Went Out Like Hank
Van Halen - Eruption (Seattle, 2007) good news and bad news
World War 2 (Part 2) America enters the war hix_mutation
The Ultimate Hairball Flaco Jiminez is BETTER than the best
"Fetus-X" By Eric Millikin Les Paul explains "how"
"Prog" bands of days gone by Mike Taylor Is A Mooch
308_1.pdf (application_pdf Object) MIKE TAYLOR'S IDEA
afghan insurgents - antippx911
Amaterasu-Omikami's deviantART gallery PATSY
Answers for God believer, GYPSY DOUG
Apostolic succession - Wikipedia, why do they love to hate popeye-x?
ARIN_ WHOIS Database Search I just wish Turkie and Tacki would SUCK Popeye-X's dick
Articles on Demons, Evil, Hell, the Apocalypse SEXUAL HARASSMENT
Atheism Questions and Answers Analog is the QUALITY, Digital is the QUANTITY
Atheist Centre my drunken neighbor's legs
Autechre Interview Steve Cureton is such a LYING chickenshit pile of shit... the absolute most sickening thing of all
Barris.Com! Household Angst
Blackberry-Peach Coffee Cake Recipe Mike Pogue and The Toiletside Reader
Converse Mens Assault Boot # 8877 Annalisa Peace and Popeye-X
Dark Doctrines, Left Hand Path and Satanism DRUM TALK
Decca tree - Wikipedia, from me to you
Does God approve of human sacrifice_ popeye-x downloads
Duke Ellington - Wikipedia, KARL
Dwindling In Unbelief_ Top 50 Bible Stories for kids Fritz Von Erich
Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990 ANNALISA & CONNIE
Elephant Talk_ Interviews Augie Meyers
EmuEnsoniq Paris Newsgrou Dave Clark 5 in San Antonio
Eric Monster Millikin webcomics who am I
Evil Bible Home Page How To Cyber With Popeye-X
Facebook _ Kurt Otto yassin was born today
Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion calculator popeye-x studio
Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter keep steppin'... the "past" is pyramiding all around you
Get Bookmark Add-ons question marks from a dusty black box
Goparaju Ramachandra Rao - Wikipedia the mystery of certain notes
Great Historical Writings - Gora Alien by Jenni
guitargeek _ robert fripp of robert fripp KANDINSKY DECONSTRUCTION
H. P. Lovecraft - Wikipedia, The New HIX
http___www.buddhiwadi.org_Gora.htm Little House I Used To Put A Motor In Myself With
International Mad Scientist Convention RB Blackstone Mutant Synths
Intoduction to the HELICOPTER String Quartet tsr0005
Jan Hammer Interview_ Mahavishnu, Who Are You #5
Jesus - Wikipedia, LAMERZ
John Cipollina Discography - Interview Babycat has a new favorite spot
John Lennon - FBI FIles chicken deluxe chalupa
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Wikipedia chicken fajita plate
knucklebabies-Grateful Dead 1967 carne guisada con salsa quemada
Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part Two (Tab) If You Paid X To Steal Y
Loki - Wikipedia, downloadable cyanide & amphetamine recipes
Lumpy Money - Wikipedia, Blast Reunion 2002
Main Page - Encyclopedia Dramatica Uncle Bob and popeye-x
Manabozho, the Mischief-maker Meemaw and Mom
naga_kanya_the_snake_woman_zf52.jpg Augie Meyers plays Vox Continenntal
Natural selection - Wikipedia, Hoss And Kewpie Fall In Love
norse mythology - Google Search Memorymoogs Make The BEST Explosions
Official Google Blog_ Chicken a la The King The Truth About Claude "Butch" Morgan by Kurt Otto
PAT CONDELL'S GODLESS COMEDY Example Of How LAME Claude Morgan Has Become
Pimped Cthulhu - The Poison Apple The Truth About The Death Of The HIX
Power 4 Home H!X Gig At Piggly Wiggly 16 Art Space
Recent Tags Kurt Otto
Recently Bookmarked What The Fuck Is THING-FISH?
Red (Tab) - ETWiki Don Preston and Bunk Gardner - The Don And Bunk Show
Response to Controversy __ Sam Harris Scott Thunes visits #zappafiles IRC DALnet
RetroPsychoKinesis Experiments Online Lady Bianca visits #zappafiles IRC DALnet
Reverse DNS lookup - Wikipedia The NippleRing X-Logs from #zappafiles IRC DALnet
Review Of The Doors-Live In Dallas-1968 wild love by frank zappa
The Official Richard Dawkins Website Recording The Chordsmen
Ridge Mens Combat Boots # 9000 Popeye-X Has The Look
Robert Fripp - Breathless (Tab) HOW TO MIC A SNARE DRUM
Robert Fripp - NY3 (Tab) - ETWiki Bolton KILLS!!!
Rosle Rolling Pin - Kitchen Tools & Utensils I Don't Chat, I Dictate
Sam Reader Forum on The End of Faith Who Are You? #4
Sam Harris Church Of Machines 2005
SantaTez.jpg tech-x technical audio and music pages
Severity of God - So this is how it is drums of war
Severity of God - Your Lord and Master drum sampling
SFFaudio ยป H.P. Lovecraft jungle drums
Shambhala Sun - Killing the Buddha studio cat
Skeptic's Annotated Bible Quran Book of Mormon studio rat
Soulseek - Wikipedia, studio fat
SpiritualAtheists _ SPIRITUAL ATHEISTS give a rat's ass
Steve Earle on MySpace Music PPX is a Crack Gnome
Stockhausen Interviews, Articles and Lectures 26 inch Pearl kik drum
Stockhausen Momente Chuckwagon drum samples
Stockhausen Multimedia (Audio_Video) SLAYFOOT
Stockhausen Hymnen Detailed Guide Aaron Meloccaro-7 string rhythm guitar
Stockhausen Hymnen Introduction 7 STRING GEAR
Stockhausen -- Hymnen KO's guitars
kontakte- Stockhausen SansAmp PSA-1 Preset Data Book
Stockhausen on 'sounds', 1972 MIDI-INFO
Stockhausen on Human evolution - 1972 NOIZE-TOOLZ
Stockhausen: Gruppen (1 of 3) inFAQ
Stockhausen: Gruppen (2 of 3) Review Of Reaktor
Stockhausen: Gruppen (3 of 3) WaMiRack 24 ::: ego-sys
KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN Helicopter String Quartet what is REAPER?
Hymnen - Wikipedia, How 2 Lose Your Mind
Stockhausen's Hymnen 128ch PARIS
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Edition No.10: Hymnen BABYCAT DOWNLOADS
Synth Topia Page Index may I ask a dumb question?
Tara Bowman - Nashville, TN _ Facebook Mike Pogue and The Toiletside Reader
TeenCanteenSA _ Teen Canteen SA Dave Clark 5 in San Antonio
Ten classics The Real F.T .W.
Tezcatlipoca image by Xuchil on Photobucket mp3's by ppx
Tezcatlipoca skull image   Founder And CEO Of
TezcatlipocaChristmasCardw.jpg WHO ARE YOU?
TezSays.jpg Will Alexander ::: the greatest of them all
The American Taliban Cute FTP tutorial
The aryan invasion myth - fact or fiction_ LINKS-SYNTH-AUDIO
The Aztec Gateway Kurt Otto - MP3's
The Clausewitz Homepage popeye-x's studio ::: 2005
the Complete works of H. P. Lovecraft How A Record Company Covers Its Ass
The End of America_ Letter of Warning KURT OTTO DISCOGEOGRAPHY
The Heat Warps_ Dub KO's guitars
The Incessant Kick - Intro - Half of Chapter 1 BOOBATUBEAMUS!
The IRC Command Cosmos, guide to IRC commands Your Problem Is Quite Obvious
The MOFO Project_Object - Wikipedia, commemorating a plethora of Tacki related posts
The Poison Apple What TYPE of Person Are You?
The Unofficial Karlheinz Stockhausen Page Young People Are WELCOME
Thinking Plague on MySpace Music Kurti Synthbaugh
Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server tadpole

soul cd's list by DJ Triple-OG audio cd's

Voltaire's Page F.T. triple U. - FTW single 1993 mp3
Welcome to Evolution 101! popeye-x - parallax 7 - 2006 mp3
Welcome to John Henry's popeye-x - daddy longlegs - single '83 mp3 sax = BKL
WhiteTrashBBQ_ The Butterball In-door Turkey Fryer record reviews by WILLIE many cool albums
Zappa Fotos - Zappanale 19 - So Nr 12 - Zappanale shadow of the black rose
Robin Maconie - Articles, Analysis and Books vampir metrou
Journal - Southbound Cinema - Pictures for All Occasions eclectic compass
Richard Dawkins' jaw-dropping talk on our bizarre universe back to the top
Christopher Hitchens In Depth  
HUNTER S. THOMPSON | HELL’S ANGELS - Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens  
Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath  
Daniel Dennett lecture on "Free Will"  
Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2-Daniel Dennett  
Pat Condell-Thank God for Andy Choudary  
The Atheism Tapes 6 - Daniel Dennett  
Face to Face with Allen Ginsberg  
Robert Anton Wilson explains Quantum Physics  
Robert Anton Wilson - Language, Reason & Reality  
Robert Anton Wilson talks about Namu Amida Buddha  
Robert Anton Wilson - Subjective Perceptions  
Hunter was a letter-writing machine  
Dan Dennett Lecture  
What if the South won the Civil War?part1  
What Muslim children are taught in Britain  
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