holy unction

by: the rev. dr. popeye-x from the center for social superiority 08-07-15 infomania

i learned the politics of monotheistic karma from my spiritual mentor and microphone messiah, Pastor Rod Parsley when he was obsessed with mounting a propaganda war to defend the original vision of our nation's founding fathers, preserving the very cornerstone of American Liberty, There is a God, there is a Devil, and you need to know the difference. There is the right way to fuck. and there is the wrong way to fuck, and it is an abomination in the eyes of the American flag, to desecrate the harvest of annointed unction , flowing thru the girded loins of our great totalitarian dogma, the double edged sword of American Monotheism, forged in the purifying fire of God's righteous, a binding legal contract, and a solemn oath to protect and defend the basic principals found in God's Holy Word.

The Bill Of Rights cuts a pathway thru the bullshit with the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law pissing off Jesus Christ, nor any of His little self-appointed disciples,  for God is not a woman that he should gossip and lie, Your thoughts are not like My thoughts, but you are fearfully and wonderfully made, before the foundation of the world, all because God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son-of-a-W-bitch' to run everything, so get real used to it!

The Second Amendment was locked up, loaded down, and served with 10 hollow points on any perverted devil trying to prevail against the infallibility of God's magic bullets, squirted forth as bull's eyes that can't miss, burnt in stone by God's trigger finger, inked with the Holy Unction flowing thru Emmanuel's guns, drawn from pools of My blood, drink it in rememberance of Me, and whatever else Rev.Dr. Popeye-X. wants to write at the end. The only reason God didn't put a book in the Bible called Popeye-X is he wanted there to be something left over to put on the Internet

i noticed that even though the things Pastor Rod Parsley was saying made no discernable sense at all, NONE! he would repeatedly reach out from the mire of his rambling whirlpool of disconnected bible-isms, and somehow grab the right word that turned it all around, spit it into the mic, and when it came out of the speaker, there was a glob, an UNCTION, a glue if you will, squirted out by God into one of those little teacup looking things sitting on top of the Holiest of Holies, and this sacred vessel of gooey liquid, perched at the center of the altar where the ark of the covenant and the annointing from the ink used to sign the official documentation in the garden of eden, giving life to enhanced, Gestapo-like power to overide judicial orders anywhere inside the Third Reich, reporting directly to Der Fuherer, to guarantee absolute sexual correctness, and thereby secure our nation's most sacred resource...
racial purity, slave labor, and genocide.

of course i'm talking about the most important problem facing us in these modern times of every kind of abomination and uncontrollable SIN... the liquid dribbling used by abraham, issac, and jacob, down thru the signers of the american declaration of independence, all the way to jesus christ hanging on the cross with droplets of HOLY UNCTION discharging from his completely virgin and spotless dick... tsplashing on the sunburned rock chips scattered all around golgotha, the place of the skull, where abraham first circumsized the 12 tribes of israel, establishing once and for all that gay marriage is the worst violation of what God intended when the founding fathers busted the first american nut, and dipped their big ink quilled pen into it and signed the constitution of the united staes of america, thus determining once and for all there is no legal basis for what is commonly called SODOMY... it means fucking in the wrong hole, and soiling the only legitimate planting of the SEED, as originally decided by God Himself, and God is never wrong, is he?

for if He is, then we are truly doomed indeed, and all our faith has been for nothing, and anybody can fuck any way they want to, because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy and politically correct, there are no longer any absolutes, nothing is right, nothing is wrong, and the GUMPTION is just another sebacious blob of goo, to be used in whatever way that feels good....

but what if its just one cockroach, just fucking itself in its own asshole without even knowing it? its still same-sex marriage!

God will honor the "don't ask, don't tell rule" like in the military, but only if you're a gay roman soldier with porky pig "oinkin' for a boinkin" tattoos on your butt cheeks!

All the crippled concubines and  wall-eyed eunnuchs must be, tagged and bagged with dimpled chad votes, hunch back camels humpin' hairlip goats, sodomite slackerz doggin' ju-ju-jackers, stuffin' cookies in the ovens, hot lovin' nookie muffins, gettin' buns to the beds, guns to the heads, bustin' nuts in christian sluts, who fuck like mules but follow rules of sexual function..

its called HOLY UNCTION...