MAYDAY! MAYDAY!The following is a true story about a guy named Larry, and a remarkable stunt on July 3, 1982. Larry tied 43 weather balloons filled with helium to a lawn chair and took off with a walkie-talkie and a BB gun. A jet plane was flying by at 16,000 ft., and they looked out the window and saw Larry go by, frantically trying to shoot the balloons with the BB gun. His girlfriend (who went $3000 in debt to finance the stunt) was on the ground with the other walkie-talkie thru which Larry's voice was screaming, "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!". He finally got down and said that he shot off on his take off, and never expected to rise so fast and so high, also he said it was so cold, he was starting to get numb. For his little experiment, the FAA gave Larry jail time and a $10,000 fine, just to help keep him a little more down to Earth in the future.