...jacking off small ironing boards of great amplitude...

Have you noticed how a lot of today's rock groups look?

For some reason, lots of these guys look like somebody's mom, you know, beautiful hairdoos with new clothes and semi-pretty, or I should say, quasi-ugly face. The better looking ones resemble somebody's sister, except for the enlarged, hair covered forearms. Those look like they came off of somebody's dad.

In addition, the guitarists usually exhibit postures and gestures taken from the repertoire of the masturbating male exhibitionist, i.e. right or left hand flailing up and down, while the other hand controls the angle and direction of ejaculant. Don't forget the jutting chin, pelvic thrust, and closed eyes, they best convey the extreme pleasure that the player is experiencing.

There they are, onstage, 3 or 4 moms and sisters, jacking off small ironing boards of great amplitude. Watch how they have sex with themselves and each other, then, after the show, go meet them and maybe they'll have sex with you!

faces courtesy of the real F.T.W.: OKIE D, XT, and T-BONE
hyper-harp by Kevin Stephens

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