Me and a buddy were walking around by the burnt down motel, and we each had a paper bag stuck to our faces through which we were flying high on airplane glue. We climbed up a power utility pole with a cinderblock on each arm. Then we just waited, hanging on to the wires and biding our time. We kept sniffing and, soon, an old derelict came wandering by. He was too wasted to notice us, so we tried to get his attention with the cinderblocks. He never knew what hit him. Then we went to my house and sniffed some more until we passed out.


When I woke up, I was laying backwards across my Mom’s station wagon with a sticky paper bag stuck over my mouth and nose. My buddy was soaking a rag in the lawnmower gasoline cuz we were out of glue. He tried to sniff it, but his cigarette set it on fire, but that was okay, cuz it gave us an idea. We took the gas can back out to the burnt down motel. The old wino was still "sleeping" by the utility pole, so we soaked him, and the pole, and the pool, and the parking lot. Then we torched the whole thing and went looking for more glue.

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