They Need To Step Up
To The Next Level Of
Pissed Off

popeye-x ::: 05-06-21 ::: 00:25:22

The US needs to call a spade a spade and go to the ROOT of the whole suicide bombing operation, Here's the deal: If there's a suicide bomber cell, or several of them, in your country, YOU KNOW ABOUT IT, in fact, YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT IT, and you're looking the other way for two reasons. A. FEAR, and B. MONEY. There's no other possibility, is there? Its gotta be in the neighboring country to Iraq, right? There's no other possibility, is there? Well, go in there, go where you'd think it would be from a logistical point of view, its there, and you know its there, it HAS to be. They don't come from nowhere. Its not like WMD's, a myth. These motherfuckers are blowing up every day. They are either in Iraq, or next to Iraq, or both. There is a place where the money to pay for it is coming from. BOMB THE HELL OUT OF IT. Enough waiting for them to come attacking. Go to the source. Narrow it down. Get to the general area. Go thru the streets making announcements and passing out flyers. Go on TV with the announcement. Evacuate anybody who wants to stay alive, document who they are. Then LEVEL THAT MOTHERFUCKING PLACE. Remember what Israel did to Jenin? They know what they're doing. If its in Syria, or Iran, instead of Iraq, so fucking what? What's the difference? If they won't do it for us, (haha), we'll do it ourselves, and not LATER.... right fucking now.

the city of Jenin... home of the famous superstar suicide bombers



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