I don't chat, I dictate.

I don't inform, I inflict.
I don't need a reason,
I've been the reason all along.
I don't need for you to understand me, what you agree with is not my concern.
You say we can agree to disagree, I couldn't disagree more. At the same time, I couldn't care less.
You have your version of my opinion, I have science's opinion of your version.
What you call my opinion, my experience calls history. What you call our disagreement, I call me preventing you from wasting my future.
Why and how we got here is totally irrelevant. What I'm going to DO about it NOW is the only thing YOU need to worry about.
Believe whatever you like, the beauty of reality is the truth behind it.
There's a big difference between acting cool, and being cool, not knowing the difference is even more uncool.
Why attempt to be logical and fair, when causing pain is so much more efficient?
One of the reasons pain doesn't feel very good is so you'll know to stay the fuck out of my face.
You think by enjoying that pain, you have found a way around your main obstacle.
If your pain doesn't hurt you, then what else can? Well, for one thing, I can hurt you much worse than any pain.
I don't want to have a nice day, I want to have a nice shot at kicking you in the ass...
real hard.
fuck the neckhole

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