photo by will alexander

kurt otto
electric piano, organ, 
moog synth, guitar, vocal

barry littleton (RIP)
saxes, flutes, elec. piano,
mellotron, moog synth
mike taylor (RIP)
bass guitar, vocal

kevin conway

drums, vocal

steve oleson
hand percussion, vocal
mark eastwood
recording & live
mixing engineer
will alexander
inspiration, keyboard
& audio engineer

chuck agney
john mathis
studio mix engineer*

most of our songs
Cardboard Shoulders* - Rocket Thongs Overture - Texas Dog - Sparky The Fireplug - Potato Bug XL5 - The Kid Has Ribs - Only Home Cooking* - Such Is Too Much - Do The Motor Mount - PortoCall - Head First - Barry Rides Again - The Hefty Thing - The Great Carbuncle - Klick-Pring - Sham Pain - Fred For Congress - Three Ring Circuits - Pocket Sleeper - The Ballade Of Lungy Rodriguez - Mr. Boat - Licorice - Big Bertha Deatha - 1976 - Medulla's Oblonggata In D Major - The Nubian Torpedo Of Remorse - Church of Machines - 10,000 ft. - Return to Food - Variations - Alpha Rotunda - 50 Creamy Croakers- Ottoweed - Proton Thunder - The Potassium Song
I'm still trying to think of more songs, everybody please help me---
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our favorite Austin gig (1975)

mucho thank you's to
kyle brock of the electromagnets for this scan