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7/26/01 ::: 8:31:53 :::

<popeye-x> hi, my name is NippleRing, I got that name when I was in a Monte Carlo that went off a cliff and plowed head on into a Jack In The Box, when I woke up, I was in the hospital with a pesky onion ring impacted into my left nipple, the doctor said it was too risky to take it out, something about the danger of my brain falling out of the incision, especially if my 1000 watt 12" speaker gets too loud, I was thinking about calling myself Mr. Molex The Connector cuz I'm really into electronics

<popeye-x> I have a Zappa related question: if I'm listening to an mp3 of Porn Wars, and Thingfish comes on my massive system powered by a 12v, 30 amp car battery, do I multiply volts times amps to equal watts, like Ohm's law says?

<popeye-x> Or do I round it off to an even 1000 watts because my potato has been baking too long?

<popeye-x> its Thingfish's fault, right?

<popeye-x> I thought so, I'll definitely use Mr. Thingfish's explanation to tell the cops why this damn onion ring jammed in my tit is getting so infected. [ouch]

<Ordmantel> You enjoy talking to yourself?

<popeye-x> that's what my mom always told me prior to screaming for me to shut up... so the answer is: of course!

<Ordmantel> Good enough.

<popeye-x> cool

<popeye-x> Thingfish said it best, tho... I only amplify his langrich via a molex genital piercing connector... I hope that's not too much technology talk for ya

<popeye-x> I put my car stereo in my living room, and my coffee table in my car

<popeye-x> its a lot louder on my porch that way

<Ordmantel> Sounds cool.

<popeye-x> all I really need at this point is a really big speaker... probably a 6 1/2" radio speaker out of a wrecked phone machine

<popeye-x> like the big groups use

<popeye-x> then I'll up the voltage with a AAA flashlite battery, and I won't need wall 110 volt AC power anymore

<popeye-x> but this infected mammary gland on my chest is killing me....

<popeye-x> onion rings have a lot of germs, but my molex genital piercing connector is fine, its made of nylon... its high tech, you know

* Ordmantel nods.

<popeye-x> I'm thinking about forming my own rock group called NippleRing, we're going to record in a 1-900 # nasty talk phone booth, it only costs $.35

<popeye-x> were going direct to mp3, much better than that stupid Thingfish guy... he's on a CD, that's only 44.1kz... my mp3's are all 64kps

<popeye-x> according to Ohm's law... 44.1k times 64 kps equals 1000 watts for each 3 millimeter hearing aid

<popeye-x> now tell me who's potato has been baking a little too long, eh?

<popeye-x> hehe.... btw, that Porn Wars "song" by Zappa is no good at all... there's no music in it, just a bunch of weird talking from the government... Thingfish is too political

<popeye-x> I only like good groups who play real music, like my band... NippleRing... give us a call some time, we have our own phone machine on the Internet

<popeye-x> don't tell Thingfish the number, ok? he leaves the stupidest messages, I don't even know what he's talking about anyway...

<Ordmantel> lol

<popeye-x> I better copy this technical explanation so Furbelly and the other ops can scan it for their ftp's...

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