Lady Bianca visits #zappafiles IRC DALnet
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we listen to her sing onstage with FZ, Halloween 76
scan courtesy of #zappafiles op, zspazz, sent to me by furbelly, thanks, guys

[01:07:26:17:52:24] *** Guest43754  has joined #zappafiles

[01:07:26:17:52:36] <Guest43754> hello all

[01:07:26:17:52:41] <^Chunga^> Hello Guest ;)

[01:07:26:17:52:41] <kingv> Hello...

[01:07:26:17:52:45] <Guest43754> its me

[01:07:26:17:52:49] <popeye-x> hi

[01:07:26:17:52:50] <Shaarrk> hello guest..

[01:07:26:17:52:53] <Furbelly> yay!

[01:07:26:17:52:58] <popeye-x> you made it!

[01:07:26:17:53:03] <^Chunga^> havent changed a bit...

[01:07:26:17:53:12] <Guest43754> I did in deed!

[01:07:26:17:53:12] <kingv> welcome!

[01:07:26:17:53:12] <Guest43754> aha hahah

[01:07:26:17:53:12] *** Furbelly sets mode: +o Guest43754

[01:07:26:17:53:16] * popeye-x claps loudly

[01:07:26:17:53:23] <Guest43754> what up folks

[01:07:26:17:53:32] <Guest43754> I cant hear a thing

[01:07:26:17:53:34] <Furbelly> Now Lady, if you want to change your name, just type /nick and then whatever name you want, like /nick Lady_Bianca

[01:07:26:17:54:03] *** Guest43754 is now known as Lady_Bianca

[01:07:26:17:54:08] <Furbelly> perfect!

[01:07:26:17:54:11] <Lady_Bianca> whoopee!!

[01:07:26:17:54:11] <^Chunga^> Wooohooo

[01:07:26:17:54:16] <Lady_Bianca> ahah a this is hecka fun

[01:07:26:17:54:20] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:17:54:30] <^Chunga^> hold still...let me get teh camera

[01:07:26:17:54:33] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:17:54:39] <Lady_Bianca> smile

[01:07:26:17:54:39] * popeye-x is smiling so hard his face hurts

[01:07:26:17:54:41] <kingv> hehe....everybody smile

[01:07:26:17:54:49] <Furbelly> it's hurting me too, popeye

[01:07:26:17:54:58] <Shaarrk> no, u can't make me king

[01:07:26:17:55:00] <Lady_Bianca> :)

[01:07:26:17:55:01] <popeye-x> my cheeks are cramping

[01:07:26:17:55:10] -^Chunga^:@#zappafiles- which ones?

[01:07:26:17:55:15] <Lady_Bianca> ah ah aah ah i am laughing

[01:07:26:17:55:19] <Furbelly> hehehe

[01:07:26:17:55:31] <Lady_Bianca> how can i hear you guys

[01:07:26:17:55:45] <Shaarrk> hear ??

[01:07:26:17:55:46] <popeye-x> you have to read to hear us

[01:07:26:17:55:54] <Furbelly> now what we would do on Sunday is everyone would sync up the show at the same time and then play it

[01:07:26:17:56:00] <popeye-x> blind ear jefferson style

[01:07:26:17:56:01] <Furbelly> we listen to it locally on our own computers, Lady

[01:07:26:17:56:05] <Lady_Bianca> oh right on!

[01:07:26:17:56:08] <Furbelly> all at the same time

[01:07:26:17:56:10] <Lady_Bianca> got cha

[01:07:26:17:56:14] <Shaarrk> or close to it

[01:07:26:17:56:17] <^Chunga^> but it works out fine

[01:07:26:17:56:23] <Lady_Bianca> how cute

[01:07:26:17:56:29] <Lady_Bianca> oh ok

[01:07:26:17:56:30] <Furbelly> hehe, we could have an improvised show now if Lady has time

[01:07:26:17:56:35] <Lady_Bianca> ssssssssss!!!

[01:07:26:17:56:44] <Lady_Bianca> ok I do have time

[01:07:26:17:56:50] <arfbarker> neat

[01:07:26:17:56:54] <^Chunga^> get out!

[01:07:26:17:56:55] <Furbelly> ok, get your cd's I sent you then

[01:07:26:17:56:55] <popeye-x> this is so cool

[01:07:26:17:57:05] <Lady_Bianca> it sho is

[01:07:26:17:57:08] <kingv> ain't it though...

[01:07:26:17:57:30] <popeye-x> LB, this is one channel full of happy campers

[01:07:26:17:57:44] <popeye-x> ;)

[01:07:26:17:57:59] <Lady_Bianca> look like included

[01:07:26:17:58:36] <Furbelly> ok Lady, once you get your cd ready, we'll have a countdown

[01:07:26:17:58:36] <Furbelly> we'll start with disc 1

[01:07:26:17:58:41] * ^Chunga^ is so nervous,I cant find my stuff

[01:07:26:17:58:44] <^Chunga^> hehe

[01:07:26:17:58:54] <Lady_Bianca> I am ready

[01:07:26:17:58:54] <^Chunga^> I got'm

[01:07:26:17:58:54] <Shaarrk> what show r we listening too ??

[01:07:26:17:58:54] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:17:59:01] <Lady_Bianca> a hahahah

[01:07:26:17:59:02] <^Chunga^> Oct 31 76

[01:07:26:17:59:04] <Furbelly> shaarrk, a replay of 10/31/76 that I posted

[01:07:26:17:59:16] <popeye-x> which song?

[01:07:26:17:59:23] <Furbelly> disc 1 pops, from the top

[01:07:26:17:59:34] <Shaarrk> i see...

[01:07:26:17:59:36] * popeye-x thinks about dirty love and advance romance...

[01:07:26:17:59:38] <Furbelly> we'll start in a minute and 30

[01:07:26:17:59:39] <Shaarrk> let me see if i can find it

[01:07:26:17:59:48] * kingv has it queued

[01:07:26:17:59:49] <^Chunga^> feel free to add any comments you like during the show lady B.

[01:07:26:17:59:49] <popeye-x> oboy oboy

[01:07:26:18:00:06] <Furbelly> 1 minute

[01:07:26:18:00:08] <Lady_Bianca> ok

[01:07:26:18:00:14] <^Chunga^> or feel free to tell us to shut up & listen

[01:07:26:18:00:17] <arfbarker> track?

[01:07:26:18:00:18] <Lady_Bianca> what track are you starting with

[01:07:26:18:00:19] <popeye-x> I'm too excited to function

[01:07:26:18:00:22] <Furbelly> 45 seconds

[01:07:26:18:00:24] <^Chunga^> track 1

[01:07:26:18:00:27] <Lady_Bianca> ok

[01:07:26:18:00:28] <^Chunga^> disc 1

[01:07:26:18:00:35] <Lady_Bianca> I am ready when you are

[01:07:26:18:00:37] <Furbelly> 30

[01:07:26:18:00:40] * popeye-x can't click right

[01:07:26:18:00:51] <kingv> hehe

[01:07:26:18:00:51] <Furbelly> 20

[01:07:26:18:01:00] <Furbelly> 15

[01:07:26:18:01:00] <Furbelly> 10\

[01:07:26:18:01:09] <Furbelly> 5

[01:07:26:18:01:09] <Furbelly> begin

[01:07:26:18:01:09] <Shaarrk> i'll catch up with u guys when i get winamp redwled

[01:07:26:18:01:09] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 1 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:01:45] <Furbelly> so Lady, tell us how you ended up playing with Frank

[01:07:26:18:02:21] -^Chunga^:@#zappafiles- you better be logging this

[01:07:26:18:02:29] -> Ops #zappafiles: hell yeah

[01:07:26:18:02:32] <Lady_Bianca> I was working up here with Sly Stone and got a call

[01:07:26:18:02:39] <^Chunga^> Hmmm...Purple lagoon intro

[01:07:26:18:02:42] <popeye-x> youre wearing a red dress tonight

[01:07:26:18:02:57] <Lady_Bianca> I dont know how he found me

[01:07:26:18:02:57] <Lady_Bianca> at this point the lights have dimmed

[01:07:26:18:02:57] <^Chunga^> w/sequins

[01:07:26:18:02:57] <Furbelly> up in NY?

[01:07:26:18:03:15] <Lady_Bianca> and it is smoky blues in color

[01:07:26:18:03:15] <Lady_Bianca> as we walk on

[01:07:26:18:03:15] <Lady_Bianca> I think I had on black and white

[01:07:26:18:03:24] <Lady_Bianca> jump suit

[01:07:26:18:03:25] * popeye-x is a sly stone junkie for life

[01:07:26:18:03:36] <Lady_Bianca> oh I am it is a red jump suit then

[01:07:26:18:03:44] <popeye-x> I told you ;)

[01:07:26:18:03:47] <Furbelly> I love Sly Stone too

[01:07:26:18:03:47] <Lady_Bianca> who you tellin lol

[01:07:26:18:03:55] * popeye-x popeye-x doesn't forget

[01:07:26:18:03:56] <Furbelly> haha

[01:07:26:18:03:59] <Lady_Bianca> i do too

[01:07:26:18:04:02] <Lady_Bianca> his music

[01:07:26:18:04:21] <Lady_Bianca> heck of people

[01:07:26:18:04:25] <Lady_Bianca> some had on mask too

[01:07:26:18:04:31] <^Chunga^> haha

[01:07:26:18:04:32] <zspazz> Welcome Lady Bianca!!! Can I get time Fur?

[01:07:26:18:04:32] <Furbelly> oh, Lady can help us figure something out...

[01:07:26:18:04:44] <Furbelly> who does the yodeling in Dinah-Mo Humm?

[01:07:26:18:04:46] <popeye-x> 3:12

[01:07:26:18:04:47] <Lady_Bianca> yes

[01:07:26:18:04:49] <popeye-x> but I'm late

[01:07:26:18:04:50] <Furbelly> Eddie Jobson or Ray?

[01:07:26:18:04:59] <Lady_Bianca> I think it is Ray

[01:07:26:18:05:14] <Furbelly> now, were you friends with Ray before FZ?

[01:07:26:18:05:17] <Lady_Bianca> eddie was pretty quiet in back of me

[01:07:26:18:05:17] <Lady_Bianca> playing all them keyboards

[01:07:26:18:05:29] <Lady_Bianca> he had his own solo

[01:07:26:18:05:30] <Furbelly> sorry if I'm asking too many questions at once, hehe

[01:07:26:18:05:33] <Lady_Bianca> yep I got him the job

[01:07:26:18:05:49] <Furbelly> the lovely Bianca! hehe

[01:07:26:18:05:53] <^Chunga^> time check please?

[01:07:26:18:05:53] <Lady_Bianca> he used to play in my band

[01:07:26:18:05:55] <popeye-x> unreal

[01:07:26:18:05:57] <^Chunga^> nm

[01:07:26:18:06:04] <Furbelly> did you play much keyboards with FZ, Lady?

[01:07:26:18:06:06] <popeye-x> 4:34

[01:07:26:18:06:08] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 2 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:06:25] <Lady_Bianca> yep I played before getting with him

[01:07:26:18:06:42] <Lady_Bianca> but I just had been with him three weeks before we went on the road

[01:07:26:18:06:55] <Lady_Bianca> i was scared to death

[01:07:26:18:06:58] <Furbelly> what sort of audition did he get you to perform?

[01:07:26:18:06:58] -> Ops #zappafiles: shouldn't we go to a LB tune?

[01:07:26:18:07:08] <Lady_Bianca> he had alot of music

[01:07:26:18:07:18] *Furbelly* you do realize she can read the op messages being an op, right?

[01:07:26:18:07:20] <Lady_Bianca> just went to a rehearsal and played and sang something

[01:07:26:18:07:22] <popeye-x> you did a fantastic job, B

[01:07:26:18:07:33] <Lady_Bianca> then he said can you make the next rehearsal

[01:07:26:18:07:37] <Lady_Bianca> i was so excited dang!

[01:07:26:18:07:40] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:18:07:42] <Furbelly> like we are now!

[01:07:26:18:07:44] <kingv> cool

[01:07:26:18:08:01] <Lady_Bianca> then I got the music ooh my! I didnt know what to do but just try to make it work for me

[01:07:26:18:08:16] <Lady_Bianca> he gave it to me in a hot rats folder and said

[01:07:26:18:08:17] -> Ops #zappafiles: I just remembered Ain't Got No Heart

[01:07:26:18:08:20] <Lady_Bianca> learn these right away

[01:07:26:18:08:25] <zspazz> lol

[01:07:26:18:08:27] <Lady_Bianca> whoa

[01:07:26:18:08:31] <arfbarker> it worked well

[01:07:26:18:08:31] <kingv> no pressure...

[01:07:26:18:08:38] <Furbelly> were you familiar with Frank's music much before you played with him?

[01:07:26:18:08:42] <Lady_Bianca> but I did it best I could

[01:07:26:18:08:56] <Lady_Bianca> yeah no pressure

[01:07:26:18:09:06] <Lady_Bianca> see that was the thing I had not heard his music before

[01:07:26:18:09:06] <Lady_Bianca> just heard to the name

[01:07:26:18:09:15] <Lady_Bianca> had no clue

[01:07:26:18:09:15] <Furbelly> ah ok

[01:07:26:18:09:16] <popeye-x> haha, like going onstage isn't presssure

[01:07:26:18:09:23] <zspazz> oh shit!!

[01:07:26:18:09:31] <popeye-x> you did really GREAT, LB

[01:07:26:18:09:33] <kingv> boy, were you in for a suprise....

[01:07:26:18:09:41] <kingv> indeed

[01:07:26:18:09:44] <zspazz> Awesome even!!

[01:07:26:18:09:46] <Lady_Bianca> it was sort of a shock for me

[01:07:26:18:09:46] <Lady_Bianca> i was so gospelly and all

[01:07:26:18:09:47] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:09:48] <Furbelly> I assume you enjoyed it enough to want to take part then

[01:07:26:18:09:59] <Lady_Bianca> it was a lot of pressure

[01:07:26:18:10:00] <Lady_Bianca> thank you sweeties

[01:07:26:18:10:04] -> Ops #zappafiles: I really wanna hear you RIGHT NOW!!!

[01:07:26:18:10:07] <^Chunga^> I hate to bring it up,but I like the way you handled yourself with the obnoxious crowd in Boston that tour

[01:07:26:18:10:10] <Lady_Bianca> oh my!

[01:07:26:18:10:15] <arfbarker> haha

[01:07:26:18:10:26] <Lady_Bianca> thanks I just was being my self

[01:07:26:18:10:29] <Lady_Bianca> Frank got really mad at me

[01:07:26:18:10:39] <^Chunga^> Really?

[01:07:26:18:10:43] <Lady_Bianca> yep

[01:07:26:18:10:49] <popeye-x> not frank...

[01:07:26:18:10:49] <Furbelly> even though he repeated what she said, haha

[01:07:26:18:10:53] <Lady_Bianca> that started the decline of my tour status

[01:07:26:18:10:55] <Lady_Bianca> yep

[01:07:26:18:11:20] <Lady_Bianca> he said that was just a child you didnt have to be so nasty to him

[01:07:26:18:11:27] <popeye-x> oboy we can argue about the feedback on the guitar again

[01:07:26:18:11:32] <Furbelly> lol pops

[01:07:26:18:11:34] <Lady_Bianca> and I said well he should have said take my clothes off and some other obscenities

[01:07:26:18:11:44] <Lady_Bianca> he said yea but you could restrain yourself

[01:07:26:18:11:57] <Furbelly> I would have thought Frank would have been proud how you stuck up for yourself

[01:07:26:18:12:05] <Lady_Bianca> then I said I thought you of most people wouldnt mind

[01:07:26:18:12:06] <^Chunga^> me too

[01:07:26:18:12:16] <Lady_Bianca> yeah but he wasnt off stage

[01:07:26:18:12:27] <Lady_Bianca> very upset about that

[01:07:26:18:12:37] <popeye-x> we all laughed like hyenas at what you said

[01:07:26:18:12:41] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:18:12:50] <^Chunga^> & still do

[01:07:26:18:12:52] <Lady_Bianca> I know it wasnt that bad really

[01:07:26:18:13:04] <Furbelly> what did you think of Frank's guitar playing, Lady?

[01:07:26:18:13:05] <Lady_Bianca> cause after that I got down!!!

[01:07:26:18:13:05] <Lady_Bianca> if I have to say so myself

[01:07:26:18:13:13] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:13:14] <^Chunga^> yes you did!!

[01:07:26:18:13:29] <popeye-x> was boston after this gig?

[01:07:26:18:13:36] <Lady_Bianca> Lord have mercy!!! that was one of the best shows

[01:07:26:18:13:36] <Lady_Bianca> we did

[01:07:26:18:13:42] <zspazz> do you have a recording of it Lady B?

[01:07:26:18:13:53] <Lady_Bianca> no

[01:07:26:18:13:53] <Lady_Bianca> but I have heard it

[01:07:26:18:13:55] <Furbelly> spaz, I'm gonna get one from Naurin and send it to her

[01:07:26:18:13:59] <zspazz> cool

[01:07:26:18:14:11] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 3 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:14:12] <popeye-x> if I don't hear an LB song soon I'm going to explode

[01:07:26:18:14:14] <Lady_Bianca> oh thank you

[01:07:26:18:14:14] <Lady_Bianca> it has wind up working at the gass station too

[01:07:26:18:14:35] <Lady_Bianca> does any one have a version of chrissy puked twice

[01:07:26:18:14:35] <Lady_Bianca> tee hee

[01:07:26:18:14:51] <Furbelly> actually, that's on this cd LB

[01:07:26:18:15:05] <Lady_Bianca> I thought I sang on that too

[01:07:26:18:15:07] <Lady_Bianca> or something

[01:07:26:18:15:14] <Furbelly> hehe, do you know if the Ramones were really there?

[01:07:26:18:15:37] <popeye-x> Bobby zappa?

[01:07:26:18:15:44] <popeye-x> his brother?

[01:07:26:18:15:50] <Lady_Bianca> nope I was too busy wondering if I had all the lyrics and music right

[01:07:26:18:16:08] <Lady_Bianca> never met him...hmmm

[01:07:26:18:16:09] <Furbelly> can you tell us a little bit about the people you played with in this band? If you have some comments on Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Ray, Eddie

[01:07:26:18:16:35] <Lady_Bianca> that is the first time I heard him say that ..right at this moment

[01:07:26:18:16:49] <Lady_Bianca> I think Patrick is one of the most anointed bass player in duh world

[01:07:26:18:17:09] <Lady_Bianca> eddie was kind to me and comforted me about knowing the music

[01:07:26:18:17:30] <Lady_Bianca> Ray I already knew so we didnt really communicate after he got the job

[01:07:26:18:17:39] <popeye-x> haha

[01:07:26:18:17:51] <Lady_Bianca> terry was in incredible drummer still havent met anyone like him

[01:07:26:18:18:05] <Lady_Bianca> hot daddy

[01:07:26:18:18:23] <Furbelly> popeye-x has met Frank, auditioned for him as well

[01:07:26:18:18:40] * popeye-x is standing at the side of the stage yelling for an LB song

[01:07:26:18:18:50] <Lady_Bianca> here i come in just a few minutes

[01:07:26:18:18:50] <Lady_Bianca> what happened did he get the job

[01:07:26:18:18:51] <Furbelly> hehe, here comes Dirty Love

[01:07:26:18:18:51] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 4 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:19:00] <^Chunga^> here you go

[01:07:26:18:19:08] <zspazz> yeah!

[01:07:26:18:19:08] <Lady_Bianca> ah ah ah ah

[01:07:26:18:19:09] <Furbelly> ahhh, there we go

[01:07:26:18:19:12] <arfbarker> woo-hoo!

[01:07:26:18:19:20] <popeye-x> didn't get the gig, but I lasted about 15 minutes

[01:07:26:18:19:26] * Furbelly turns it up

[01:07:26:18:19:27] <^Chunga^> Mmmmmm

[01:07:26:18:19:58] * popeye-x has two armloads of goosebumps

[01:07:26:18:20:11] <zspazz> I don't think I'll ever get used to my kids asking me to turn down the stereo.........

[01:07:26:18:20:32] <popeye-x> the gospel thing works perfectly

[01:07:26:18:20:52] <popeye-x> oh yes

[01:07:26:18:21:13] <Furbelly> Lady, when you were singing, did you come out center stage or were you playing keyboards?

[01:07:26:18:21:14] <Lady_Bianca> that is all i know

[01:07:26:18:21:30] *kingv* great phrasing

[01:07:26:18:21:38] <Lady_Bianca> I stayed back there with the keyboards I was too shy to come up front

[01:07:26:18:21:50] <Lady_Bianca> anyways that is were he said to stay

[01:07:26:18:21:53] <Furbelly> mmmmm, some scatting

[01:07:26:18:21:54] <Lady_Bianca> you think that is something you should hear my new CD

[01:07:26:18:21:57] <popeye-x> but your voice came flying out ;)

[01:07:26:18:22:07] <popeye-x> yes I SHOULD

[01:07:26:18:22:14] <^Chunga^> I want to buy one.....

[01:07:26:18:22:17] <popeye-x> me too

[01:07:26:18:22:18] <Furbelly> I think you'll have some customers by the end of the show :)

[01:07:26:18:22:29] <popeye-x> you got 2 right now

[01:07:26:18:22:36] <Lady_Bianca> cool I love you guys

[01:07:26:18:22:39] * popeye-x gets out VISA

[01:07:26:18:22:53] <popeye-x> cool gas station

[01:07:26:18:23:02] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 5 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:23:21] *** Mud_Zzzz is now known as Mud_Shark

[01:07:26:18:23:21] <Furbelly> I'm still waiting for Best Kept Secret to get here... and after I get back from Minneapolis this weekend I'll send you that card early next week, Lady

[01:07:26:18:23:21] <Lady_Bianca> I dont have a visa machine so you have to send me the money

[01:07:26:18:23:24] <Mud_Shark> hey everyone!

[01:07:26:18:23:26] <Lady_Bianca> or bye it at your stores there

[01:07:26:18:23:47] <Lady_Bianca> ok

[01:07:26:18:23:51] <popeye-x> omg, Ray and Bianca

[01:07:26:18:24:03] <popeye-x> I wanna buy mine from you

[01:07:26:18:24:14] <Lady_Bianca> wow that is happening

[01:07:26:18:24:24] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:24:24] <Lady_Bianca> dan dan dan dang

[01:07:26:18:24:28] <zspazz> Damn!! This is great!!1

[01:07:26:18:24:30] <Lady_Bianca> moran and keep yer postion

[01:07:26:18:24:40] <Lady_Bianca> dan dan dan dan dan

[01:07:26:18:24:42] <Lady_Bianca> you have know how

[01:07:26:18:24:50] <Lady_Bianca> wind working the gas station

[01:07:26:18:24:52] <Lady_Bianca> ahahahah a

[01:07:26:18:25:36] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 6 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:25:39] <popeye-x> I don't guess it crossed your mind that 25 years later you'd be listening with us?

[01:07:26:18:26:04] <Lady_Bianca> no I think this is wonderful

[01:07:26:18:26:14] <popeye-x> I gotta hear Ain't Got No Heart real soon

[01:07:26:18:26:15] <Lady_Bianca> cause for a while nobody believed I worked with him

[01:07:26:18:26:27] <zspazz> idiots!!!!

[01:07:26:18:26:30] <Furbelly> Do you play the jazz festivals in California, Lady?

[01:07:26:18:26:30] <popeye-x> nobody believes I auditioned either

[01:07:26:18:26:31] <Mud_Shark> hehe

[01:07:26:18:26:37] <Lady_Bianca> see what I mean

[01:07:26:18:26:45] <Lady_Bianca> so this is proof..somebody knows I did

[01:07:26:18:26:46] <zspazz> that's cause your nuts pop

[01:07:26:18:26:47] <popeye-x> I barely believe it myself

[01:07:26:18:27:05] <Lady_Bianca> ok!!!

[01:07:26:18:27:06] <arfbarker> LB do you still have ties to the Kansas City area?

[01:07:26:18:27:16] <popeye-x> you're right... can you imagine the unbridled terror?

[01:07:26:18:27:22] <Lady_Bianca> no I live in Oakland and did then too

[01:07:26:18:27:28] <Lady_Bianca> just to my grand mother

[01:07:26:18:27:36] <Lady_Bianca> in KC

[01:07:26:18:28:07] <Mud_Shark> brb, gotta put food in the oven

[01:07:26:18:28:08] <popeye-x> is there an address I can send a check to, and "how much did they woif?" [price]

[01:07:26:18:28:12] <arfbarker> i read that you were born there, but left early

[01:07:26:18:28:26] * arfbarker is from the KC area

[01:07:26:18:28:42] <Lady_Bianca> yes you is p.o box 7124 oakland ca

[01:07:26:18:28:42] <Lady_Bianca> make to stayfree productions

[01:07:26:18:28:54] <Lady_Bianca> zip 94601

[01:07:26:18:28:54] <Lady_Bianca> they are 15.00 with autograph

[01:07:26:18:28:54] <Lady_Bianca> too

[01:07:26:18:29:02] <popeye-x> and what's the title?

[01:07:26:18:29:11] <popeye-x> wonderful

[01:07:26:18:29:12] <Lady_Bianca> is he right on!! that is where I was born

[01:07:26:18:29:21] <^Chunga^> Pops...copy that for me..I'm eating ribs

[01:07:26:18:29:30] <Lady_Bianca> Rollin' it is on Rooster Blues records

[01:07:26:18:29:35] <popeye-x> I charge for that shit, Chunga

[01:07:26:18:29:47] <popeye-x> I want a rib

[01:07:26:18:29:48] <Lady_Bianca> you can see the album on

[01:07:26:18:29:53] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 7 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:29:57] <^Chunga^> can lick the sauce off my fingers

[01:07:26:18:30:00] <Lady_Bianca> ooh honey!! ahah a

[01:07:26:18:30:15] <Lady_Bianca> this is one of my favorite tunes

[01:07:26:18:30:19] <Furbelly> I have to say Lady, from your album covers, you're a gorgeous Lady!

[01:07:26:18:30:21] <Lady_Bianca> the sound of the music

[01:07:26:18:30:34] <Lady_Bianca> thank you...

[01:07:26:18:31:09] <Lady_Bianca> and you didnt try to call me

[01:07:26:18:31:09] <^Chunga^> watch out Fur...she'll slap you down like the guy in Boston

[01:07:26:18:31:21] <Furbelly> do you play the jazz festivals in California, Lady?

[01:07:26:18:31:25] <Lady_Bianca> no I wont aha hah ah

[01:07:26:18:31:27] <Furbelly> lol Chunga

[01:07:26:18:31:36] <^Chunga^> Your version of YDTTCM is the best

[01:07:26:18:31:44] <Lady_Bianca> I played the montery blues fest . russian river blues fest

[01:07:26:18:31:48] <popeye-x> oh no... you're good looking too?

[01:07:26:18:31:52] <Lady_Bianca> sonora blues fest etc

[01:07:26:18:32:03] <Shaarrk> chicago ??

[01:07:26:18:32:05] <Lady_Bianca> lve you back chunga

[01:07:26:18:32:21] <Lady_Bianca> nope havent done that one yet

[01:07:26:18:32:21] <Furbelly> look at her album covers, popeye... that's one classy Lady

[01:07:26:18:32:23] <Lady_Bianca> chicago

[01:07:26:18:32:45] <popeye-x>

[01:07:26:18:32:57] <Furbelly> is your hair that long Lady? hehe

[01:07:26:18:33:07] <popeye-x> man, she could look like a rhinocerous and I'd love her

[01:07:26:18:33:08] <Shaarrk> chicago blues fest..awesome time..i loved it..this year was the first i haven't gone to making the past three straight...very nice

[01:07:26:18:33:16] <Mud_Shark> Chunga: I agree, I listened to it a few times this week at work.

[01:07:26:18:33:26] <Lady_Bianca> yeah it is braided

[01:07:26:18:33:30] <Shaarrk> pops, i have to be a gentleman, so i can't say anything about that

[01:07:26:18:33:44] <popeye-x> that's right Mr. Shaarrk

[01:07:26:18:33:51] <Lady_Bianca> tee hee

[01:07:26:18:34:03] <Lady_Bianca> my hair was blond when I was with z

[01:07:26:18:34:04] <Shaarrk> ty Mr. Pink

[01:07:26:18:34:08] <popeye-x> hey, B, what's your favorite song on Rollin It?

[01:07:26:18:34:33] <Lady_Bianca> my producer and I wrote all the tunes so I dont have a favorite

[01:07:26:18:34:40] <popeye-x> k

[01:07:26:18:34:45] <Furbelly> don't worry about those skips Lady, that's the way it is on all the copies, hehe

[01:07:26:18:34:47] <Lady_Bianca> I love them all

[01:07:26:18:34:57] <popeye-x> cool

[01:07:26:18:35:02] <Lady_Bianca> cause some of them are from expierences..some are funny and some are friends expierences

[01:07:26:18:35:09] <Lady_Bianca> yeah huh I thought is was my CD

[01:07:26:18:35:13] <Lady_Bianca> thingy

[01:07:26:18:35:27] <Lady_Bianca> who is that tlking

[01:07:26:18:35:39] <Furbelly> some idiot in the crowd, lol

[01:07:26:18:35:42] <popeye-x> that's me standing on the side

[01:07:26:18:35:43] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:35:46] <Mud_Shark> hehe

[01:07:26:18:35:56] <Lady_Bianca> ah ah ah

[01:07:26:18:35:59] <popeye-x> I'm the one with the sh*t eating grin

[01:07:26:18:36:08] <Furbelly> shoulda told him to suck a rat's dick too, lol

[01:07:26:18:36:09] <Lady_Bianca> oh I see you know

[01:07:26:18:36:11] <Lady_Bianca> now

[01:07:26:18:36:13] <Lady_Bianca> i mean

[01:07:26:18:36:42] <Lady_Bianca> that is me moaning oh no!!!

[01:07:26:18:36:48] <popeye-x> coooool!

[01:07:26:18:36:51] <^Chunga^> ?!!

[01:07:26:18:36:51] <Shaarrk> y must winamp's dwl page always crash on me ??

[01:07:26:18:36:51] <Lady_Bianca> and ray is moaning too

[01:07:26:18:37:00] <Furbelly> oh wow, I thought it was tape!

[01:07:26:18:37:11] <popeye-x> wow, ray sounds like a vixen or something

[01:07:26:18:37:24] <Lady_Bianca> he sure does

[01:07:26:18:37:36] <Lady_Bianca> ah ah ahhhhaaaa

[01:07:26:18:37:53] <popeye-x> Lady Bianca and Ray white in one band is just too much weapon, like 2 Uzi's

[01:07:26:18:37:55] <Furbelly> I always thought FZ just had a tape of a woman moaning when they played this

[01:07:26:18:38:12] <Lady_Bianca> no we worked for our supper

[01:07:26:18:38:16] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:18:38:20] <Lady_Bianca> and think that is terry too

[01:07:26:18:38:26] <^Chunga^> had you ever played in front of audiences as large as this before working with Frank?

[01:07:26:18:38:29] <popeye-x> with those vocals tapes fall short

[01:07:26:18:38:45] <Lady_Bianca> yes I have

[01:07:26:18:38:53] <popeye-x> oh yeah, terry is a good wench

[01:07:26:18:38:57] <Lady_Bianca> but not as big as Frank would have ..that was just fantastic

[01:07:26:18:39:24] <popeye-x> Ain't Got No Heart is very close, I can taste it

[01:07:26:18:39:35] * popeye-x drools on his shoes

[01:07:26:18:39:42] <Lady_Bianca> I love to play the big audience and the none audience too

[01:07:26:18:39:46] <^Chunga^> but you always do that

[01:07:26:18:39:47] <Lady_Bianca> just love to play

[01:07:26:18:39:58] <Furbelly> pops, what the heck are you going on about? lol

[01:07:26:18:40:07] <Lady_Bianca> my face hurts frm all this laughing

[01:07:26:18:40:17] <popeye-x> anticipation of Ain't Got No Heart

[01:07:26:18:40:17] <Shaarrk> fur, no one knows...we're still debating if he

[01:07:26:18:40:41] <popeye-x> #zappafiles is a real face hurtin' kinda place

[01:07:26:18:40:46] -^Chunga^:@#zappafiles- cant we accidently kick Shaarrk

[01:07:26:18:40:59] -> Ops #zappafiles: my new job, the HEAVY

[01:07:26:18:41:03] <Furbelly> I don't recall that song on here pops

[01:07:26:18:41:23] <popeye-x> uh oh

[01:07:26:18:41:32] <popeye-x> one of us is wrong...

[01:07:26:18:41:37] <popeye-x> who will it be?

[01:07:26:18:41:44] <Furbelly> pops, you check your message yet?

[01:07:26:18:41:50] <popeye-x> the thing is, I remember it clearly

[01:07:26:18:42:05] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 8 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:42:19] <popeye-x> what message?

[01:07:26:18:42:30] <Furbelly> ya know, messages

[01:07:26:18:42:36] <^Chunga^> Early show: 110 min, Aud, A-

[01:07:26:18:42:36] <^Chunga^> Intro, Stinkfoot, Dirty Love, Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, The Torture Never Stops, City Of Tiny Lights, You Didn't Try To Call Me, Manx Need Women, Titties 'n Beer, Black Napkins, Advance Romance, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Stranded In The Jungle, Dinah-Moe Humm

[01:07:26:18:42:38] <popeye-x> I either have a good memory... or I've finally lost it

[01:07:26:18:42:43] <Furbelly> you've lost it

[01:07:26:18:42:44] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:18:42:46] <popeye-x> ok, Call Me

[01:07:26:18:42:57] <Furbelly> yes, up next

[01:07:26:18:43:01] <popeye-x> at least I knew it was close

[01:07:26:18:43:02] <Lady_Bianca> ya tities and beer is that on here

[01:07:26:18:43:09] <^Chunga^> yes

[01:07:26:18:43:17] <Furbelly> I think Lady captures all our hearts on You Didn't Try To Call Me

[01:07:26:18:43:28] <popeye-x> LB, I really got off bigtime on your Advance Romance

[01:07:26:18:43:32] <Furbelly> Lady, as Jon said "that is the most soulful thing FZ ever did on stage"

[01:07:26:18:43:45] <Lady_Bianca> I was so hoarse on this one but the one in boston was better I think

[01:07:26:18:44:07] <Lady_Bianca> yah all of his band members throught the time were fantastic

[01:07:26:18:44:07] * popeye-x is now LB's groupie for life

[01:07:26:18:44:17] <popeye-x> ;)

[01:07:26:18:44:20] <Lady_Bianca> and gave a new twist to his music

[01:07:26:18:44:28] <^Chunga^> wierd skip there

[01:07:26:18:44:30] <Furbelly> again, there's a chunk missing in this song

[01:07:26:18:44:41] <Lady_Bianca> aw...:)

[01:07:26:18:44:46] <Furbelly> the rest of it's good!

[01:07:26:18:45:13] <Furbelly> did anyone suggest that you do Stranded In The Jungle or was that Frank's idea?

[01:07:26:18:45:40] <Lady_Bianca> every song I do was Franks idea

[01:07:26:18:45:51] <^Chunga^> ok..Shhhhh

[01:07:26:18:45:55] <Furbelly> mmmmmmmmm

[01:07:26:18:45:56] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 9 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:45:59] <^Chunga^> Iwanna hear this angel sing

[01:07:26:18:46:04] *** Rev_Splat ( has joined #zappafiles

[01:07:26:18:46:05] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Rev_Splat

[01:07:26:18:46:17] <arfbarker> rev!

[01:07:26:18:46:17] <^Chunga^> Splat..we have aguest

[01:07:26:18:46:26] <Furbelly> Splat, impromptu listening session

[01:07:26:18:46:26] <Furbelly> whip out 10/31/76 Early

[01:07:26:18:46:29] <Furbelly> the one I posted

[01:07:26:18:46:34] <Furbelly> track 9

[01:07:26:18:46:41] <Furbelly> disc 1

[01:07:26:18:46:42] <Mud_Shark> man, you say I to splat but ignore me when I got here. geez.

[01:07:26:18:46:49] <Rev_Splat> yo muthuhs what the fuck is up

[01:07:26:18:46:58] <^Chunga^> ummmm

[01:07:26:18:47:11] <arfbarker> hehe

[01:07:26:18:47:11] <^Chunga^> try reading

[01:07:26:18:47:11] <Furbelly> nice, Splat

[01:07:26:18:47:12] <Furbelly> now you wanna say hi to Lady Bianca?

[01:07:26:18:47:18] <Lady_Bianca> Hi Mud shark how are you

[01:07:26:18:47:18] <Lady_Bianca> now now

[01:07:26:18:47:22] -> Ops #zappafiles: [shhhhhh]

[01:07:26:18:48:09] <^Chunga^> anyhow...this is fantastic

[01:07:26:18:48:17] <Rev_Splat> Oh, I Lady B., remember me?

[01:07:26:18:48:17] <Rev_Splat> I mean Hi, lady B.

[01:07:26:18:48:23] <^Chunga^> I cant turn it loud enough

[01:07:26:18:48:25] * popeye-x is pinching himself

[01:07:26:18:48:28] <Mud_Shark> doing great! thanks, Lady B.

[01:07:26:18:48:41] <Furbelly> Lady, that part there, were you supposed to be playing off of Ray's backing vocals or were you supposed to be in sync with him?

[01:07:26:18:48:56] <Mud_Shark> I must say this show sure helped me get through Monday. :)

[01:07:26:18:49:07] <Lady_Bianca> he is supposed to be in sync with him

[01:07:26:18:49:18] <Lady_Bianca> me i mean

[01:07:26:18:49:18] <Rev_Splat> Bianca, I actually sent you a CD of this show about a year and a half ago. I just missed you in Portland. I've got a fan site about you.

[01:07:26:18:49:18] <^Chunga^> haha

[01:07:26:18:49:28] <Lady_Bianca> oh what up blood!!

[01:07:26:18:49:28] <Lady_Bianca> how are you

[01:07:26:18:49:40] <Lady_Bianca> I wasnt in Portland

[01:07:26:18:49:41] <^Chunga^> stop trying to steal our guest Splat

[01:07:26:18:49:47] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:18:49:54] <Rev_Splat> I guess I picked the right time to wander in.

[01:07:26:18:49:54] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:50:11] <^Chunga^> Man...this rocks

[01:07:26:18:50:11] * Furbelly wants whatever Splat's smoking

[01:07:26:18:50:34] <Lady_Bianca> were you refering the winthrop blues festival rev

[01:07:26:18:50:47] <Rev_Splat> That's funny, I've got a poster for you playing in Portland. Was it cancelled?

[01:07:26:18:51:05] <Lady_Bianca> when was it

[01:07:26:18:51:05] <Lady_Bianca> in 2000 or 99

[01:07:26:18:51:20] <zspazz> spaz hands Fur some of what the Rev is smoking in exchange for the time.....

[01:07:26:18:51:22] <Rev_Splat> I'll scan it, Fur, then you can smoke what you like.

[01:07:26:18:51:23] <Lady_Bianca> was it a club

[01:07:26:18:51:26] <Rev_Splat> I wish I had this show handy, it does in deed rock. Unfortunately I'm only here for a few minutes.

[01:07:26:18:51:41] <Furbelly> spaz, 5:40

[01:07:26:18:51:43] <Furbelly> 5:45

[01:07:26:18:51:48] <Furbelly> 5:50

[01:07:26:18:51:52] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 10 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:51:58] * popeye-x whistles

[01:07:26:18:52:07] <Rev_Splat> Yeah, it was a club. Noone else on the bill.

[01:07:26:18:52:07] <Rev_Splat> 99, I think.

[01:07:26:18:52:40] <Lady_Bianca> Oh then please excuse my abrupt behavior.. I was there

[01:07:26:18:52:43] <Furbelly> haha

[01:07:26:18:52:53] <Lady_Bianca> sorry I missed you ..

[01:07:26:18:52:56] <Lady_Bianca> havent been back there since

[01:07:26:18:53:11] <Rev_Splat> poor turnout? Let me promote!

[01:07:26:18:53:21] <Lady_Bianca> I thought you meant the Winthrop blues fest..I was suppose to be there

[01:07:26:18:53:29] <Lady_Bianca> you betta know it...:)

[01:07:26:18:53:31] <Furbelly> I'll ask the Winnipeg Jazz Festival if they'll book you next June, Lady... they do lots of blues acts too

[01:07:26:18:53:36] <Lady_Bianca> no promotion

[01:07:26:18:53:47] <Lady_Bianca> I would love that

[01:07:26:18:53:48] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 11 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:18:53:48] <Furbelly> here's the Chrissy

[01:07:26:18:53:56] <Rev_Splat> If you play Eugene, let me put "suck a rat's dick" on the poster and they'll come out in droves! Just kidding..

[01:07:26:18:53:56] <Lady_Bianca> thank you so much

[01:07:26:18:53:56] <^Chunga^> she was just saying before you walked in how she'd never play there again cuz some guy was chasing her with cdr's

[01:07:26:18:54:01] <Lady_Bianca> hey hey hey!!

[01:07:26:18:54:03] <Furbelly> haha

[01:07:26:18:54:04] <Lady_Bianca> this is fonky

[01:07:26:18:54:31] <Lady_Bianca> what is cdr's

[01:07:26:18:54:41] <Rev_Splat> lol

[01:07:26:18:54:41] <^Chunga^> cd's

[01:07:26:18:54:41] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:18:54:44] <Furbelly> like what I sent you lady, cd's that you can copy on

[01:07:26:18:54:45] <Lady_Bianca> oh

[01:07:26:18:54:48] <^Chunga^> made on the we sent you

[01:07:26:18:54:59] <Lady_Bianca> oh ok

[01:07:26:18:54:59] <Lady_Bianca> gotcha

[01:07:26:18:54:59] <Furbelly> what's this "we" stuff, Chunga?

[01:07:26:18:55:03] <^Chunga^> LOL

[01:07:26:18:55:05] <Mud_Shark> haha

[01:07:26:18:55:06] <Lady_Bianca> ooh

[01:07:26:18:55:10] <popeye-x> the way your gospel tradition fuses with FZ's tradition is very fascinating to me from a musicological perspective, I'm in awe how it works

[01:07:26:18:55:14] <Furbelly> shit-o-ree, haha

[01:07:26:18:55:15] <^Chunga^> I'll talk to you l8r

[01:07:26:18:55:16] <Lady_Bianca> here i go laughing again

[01:07:26:18:55:26] <Rev_Splat> home made cd's

[01:07:26:18:55:54] <Rev_Splat> THis happens to be one of my favorite shows ever, Bianca. Have you got to "You didn't try to call me" yet? That is hands down the best-ever performance of that song.

[01:07:26:18:56:01] <Furbelly> already did that one Splat

[01:07:26:18:56:06] <popeye-x> just missed it

[01:07:26:18:56:08] <Furbelly> and we agreed on that

[01:07:26:18:56:20] <Lady_Bianca> he loved people like mavis staples and millie jackson big time

[01:07:26:18:56:38] <Rev_Splat> It makes me moist in the peepers.

[01:07:26:18:56:47] <Lady_Bianca> and he would say do some of that kinda stuff

[01:07:26:18:57:01] <Lady_Bianca> this is hecka fonky

[01:07:26:18:57:04] <Furbelly> Who were your big influences, Lady?

[01:07:26:18:57:21] <Rev_Splat> Oh yeah, STaples singers were the shit. I'm in a band that does a little of them.

[01:07:26:18:57:32] <Furbelly> I love Staples Singers too

[01:07:26:18:57:50] <Lady_Bianca> mavis staples, aretha, sly stone, ray charles

[01:07:26:18:57:50] <Lady_Bianca> and many others

[01:07:26:18:58:06] <Lady_Bianca> me too I loved pop staples

[01:07:26:18:58:11] <Lady_Bianca> guitar sounds

[01:07:26:18:58:12] <popeye-x> my favorite Sly cut is Que sera Sera

[01:07:26:18:58:21] <Lady_Bianca> yep''!!! me too

[01:07:26:18:58:26] * popeye-x ^5

[01:07:26:18:58:27] <Furbelly> I want "I'll Take You There" played at my funeral, lol

[01:07:26:18:58:31] <Lady_Bianca> hella fonky

[01:07:26:18:58:56] <Rev_Splat> haven't heard that one.. I like the funky live album from about 71, that sounds like it was recorded in the back of the hall. Low on fidelity but big on feeling.

[01:07:26:18:58:59] <popeye-x> that hihat on Que Sera is soooo pocket

[01:07:26:18:59:13] <popeye-x> then the vocals just slay me

[01:07:26:18:59:20] <Lady_Bianca> aint that the truth and the organ stuff

[01:07:26:18:59:24] <popeye-x> oh

[01:07:26:18:59:29] <Lady_Bianca> and thankful and thoughtful

[01:07:26:18:59:29] <Lady_Bianca> that is nice too

[01:07:26:18:59:31] <Rev_Splat> I can arrange that, Fur. Soon as you like.

[01:07:26:18:59:39] <popeye-x> when I first met Furbelly all I did was talk about that hihat

[01:07:26:18:59:47] <Lady_Bianca> bump bump bump

[01:07:26:18:59:50] <^Chunga^> LOL @Splat

[01:07:26:19:00:14] <Lady_Bianca> Lord...tee hee

[01:07:26:19:00:14] <^Chunga^> now all you do is talk.......

[01:07:26:19:00:14] <Furbelly> See what happens when you get married Splat? Now you want to kill someone.

[01:07:26:19:00:40] <Furbelly> Lady, did you record with Sly at all or were you just with him on live performances?

[01:07:26:19:01:08] <Lady_Bianca> yep did one album...heard ya missed well Im back

[01:07:26:19:01:08] <Lady_Bianca> is the title

[01:07:26:19:01:24] <Furbelly> Can you hang with us for the second disc?

[01:07:26:19:01:25] <Lady_Bianca> recorded with VAn Morrison too

[01:07:26:19:01:27] <Rev_Splat> Lady B, you must have some gospel influences. How about stuff like the Dixie Hummingbirds or Meditation Singers? Or are you strictly secular?

[01:07:26:19:01:40] <arfbarker> i gotta go eat & stuff bbl

[01:07:26:19:01:44] <Lady_Bianca> had a lot of gospel influence

[01:07:26:19:01:48] <Furbelly> ok arf

[01:07:26:19:02:03] <Lady_Bianca> my whole life with my parents

[01:07:26:19:02:07] <arfbarker> thanks for coming LB!

[01:07:26:19:02:12] <Lady_Bianca> yea i can hang for the second one too

[01:07:26:19:02:13] <popeye-x> YES!

[01:07:26:19:02:17] <^Chunga^> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

[01:07:26:19:02:18] <Lady_Bianca> you are welcome

[01:07:26:19:02:20] <zspazz> yeah

[01:07:26:19:02:29] <Lady_Bianca> luv

[01:07:26:19:02:29] *** arfbarker is now known as arf-gone

[01:07:26:19:02:30] <Furbelly> ok, we'll start disc 2 in 2 minutes

[01:07:26:19:02:47] <popeye-x> LB is making my whole day, week, and month

[01:07:26:19:02:51] <Furbelly> 1:30

[01:07:26:19:02:57] <Lady_Bianca> back at cha

[01:07:26:19:03:06] <Furbelly> 1:15

[01:07:26:19:03:15] <zspazz> I'm so glad I checked back in!!!

[01:07:26:19:03:18] <popeye-x> of course, this is THE COOLEST chan in

[01:07:26:19:03:21] <Furbelly> 1 minute

[01:07:26:19:03:23] <popeye-x> IRC

[01:07:26:19:03:36] <Furbelly> 45 seconds

[01:07:26:19:03:46] -> Ops #zappafiles: let's keep it a secret

[01:07:26:19:03:51] <Furbelly> 30

[01:07:26:19:04:01] <Furbelly> 20

[01:07:26:19:04:06] <Furbelly> 15

[01:07:26:19:04:11] <Furbelly> 10

[01:07:26:19:04:12] <Rev_Splat> Is the new album out yet LB?

[01:07:26:19:04:16] <Furbelly> 5

[01:07:26:19:04:26] <Lady_Bianca> yes it is

[01:07:26:19:04:26] <Furbelly> begin

[01:07:26:19:04:26] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 1 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:19:04:36] <Lady_Bianca> called Rollin' on rooster blues records

[01:07:26:19:04:39] <Furbelly> happy Halloween

[01:07:26:19:04:51] <Furbelly> I love hearing you on this one Lady, your scatting is intense

[01:07:26:19:04:55] <popeye-x> I sent him the info

[01:07:26:19:04:56] <Rev_Splat> I'll havata pick it up. I hope you come up north to promote it.

[01:07:26:19:04:56] <Rev_Splat> I liked your last one lots.

[01:07:26:19:05:15] <Lady_Bianca> I hope to be up there soon

[01:07:26:19:05:29] <Lady_Bianca> and south too

[01:07:26:19:05:30] <Rev_Splat> I'll haveta update the webpage. I haven't been updating like I should.

[01:07:26:19:05:54] <Furbelly> sure, when nobody's around you're trying to get rid of it... when we have a guest you're promoting it, haha

[01:07:26:19:06:03] <Lady_Bianca> thank you...rev

[01:07:26:19:06:41] <Rev_Splat> Well, I'm at work right now, maybe I can get home in time to synch up with y'all.

[01:07:26:19:06:50] <Rev_Splat> I'll get out of here now, and if for some reason I'm not able to tune in later, it's been a real pleasure to cross paths with you again, Lady B.

[01:07:26:19:07:08] <Furbelly> I don't think you gave us your opinion on FZ's guitar playing yet Lady, I was curious as to what you thought of it

[01:07:26:19:07:11] <popeye-x> Lady, your scatting is intense <--- yeppers

[01:07:26:19:07:17] <Lady_Bianca> what they trying to tell you rev? :)

[01:07:26:19:07:18] <zspazz> LOL

[01:07:26:19:07:27] <Rev_Splat> Reverend Patrick Neve, signing off.

[01:07:26:19:07:27] *** Rev_Splat ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)

[01:07:26:19:07:36] <Lady_Bianca> and you too rev

[01:07:26:19:07:45] <Lady_Bianca> thank you for crossing my path in the first place

[01:07:26:19:07:54] <Furbelly> are you listening with us Lady?

[01:07:26:19:08:12] <zspazz> This is soooooooo sweeeeeeet!!

[01:07:26:19:08:19] <Furbelly> you're setting the place on fire :)

[01:07:26:19:08:39] <Lady_Bianca> I think that is Frank zappa playing guitar so that is his way and I cant judge him for his way

[01:07:26:19:08:39] <Lady_Bianca> so I will say it is just fine with me

[01:07:26:19:08:39] <Lady_Bianca> yes

[01:07:26:19:09:15] <Furbelly> mmmmmmm, this one is my favorite

[01:07:26:19:09:19] <popeye-x> I'm fascinated how your styles go together

[01:07:26:19:09:42] <Lady_Bianca> that is what i love to touch the people

[01:07:26:19:09:51] <zspazz> Lady B's bringing out Franks soft side

[01:07:26:19:09:54] <popeye-x> I guess I never thought of FZ as being so gospel related

[01:07:26:19:10:00] <Furbelly> now Eddie whips out the electric violin

[01:07:26:19:10:37] <Lady_Bianca> i was touching on esther phillips right there

[01:07:26:19:10:58] * popeye-x contemplates the gospel/blues link

[01:07:26:19:11:29] <Lady_Bianca> he did have a soft side

[01:07:26:19:11:38] <Lady_Bianca> he was locked into the RB and blues side

[01:07:26:19:11:59] <Lady_Bianca> I think he listend to a lot of the old school stuff

[01:07:26:19:12:02] <popeye-x> yes, I like the major/minor thing

[01:07:26:19:12:04] <Furbelly> sure, when Frank solos you can hear it in his playing too

[01:07:26:19:12:12] <zspazz> It's always there

[01:07:26:19:12:13] <Furbelly> those low bends

[01:07:26:19:12:19] <popeye-x> gospel major ::: blues minor

[01:07:26:19:12:26] <Furbelly> Howlin' Wolf stuff

[01:07:26:19:12:28] <Lady_Bianca> he was a master musician

[01:07:26:19:12:30] <Lady_Bianca> you must know all types of music

[01:07:26:19:12:51] <Lady_Bianca> early rapper too if you know what i am saying

[01:07:26:19:13:01] <Lady_Bianca> not before louis jordan thought

[01:07:26:19:13:03] <popeye-x> plus I've been listening to Castles Made Of Sand by Jimi so my mind is all boiled down

[01:07:26:19:13:19] <Lady_Bianca> definately

[01:07:26:19:13:20] <Lady_Bianca> his music was beautiful

[01:07:26:19:13:29] <Lady_Bianca> to me

[01:07:26:19:13:34] <popeye-x> he had that fusion of maajor and minor

[01:07:26:19:13:38] <Lady_Bianca> that is how I could relate

[01:07:26:19:13:39] *** Furbelly sets mode: +b *!*

[01:07:26:19:13:52] <zspazz> lol Fur

[01:07:26:19:13:57] <popeye-x> no scrubs! there's a Lady in the house

[01:07:26:19:14:15] <Lady_Bianca> eddie!!!

[01:07:26:19:14:25] <Lady_Bianca> hot!!

[01:07:26:19:14:34] <Furbelly> he certainly allowed you a lot of freedom in the band, Lady

[01:07:26:19:14:51] <popeye-x> hey, she can't be stopped

[01:07:26:19:14:58] <popeye-x> :)

[01:07:26:19:15:04] <Furbelly> with later bands, a lot of the musicians didn't get much solo time and such

[01:07:26:19:15:22] <Lady_Bianca> in what way do you think

[01:07:26:19:15:37] <popeye-x> R&B = Ray and Binca

[01:07:26:19:15:40] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:19:15:42] <popeye-x> ooops

[01:07:26:19:15:44] <popeye-x> typo

[01:07:26:19:15:49] [Furbelly:#zappafiles PING]

[01:07:26:19:16:06] <Lady_Bianca> oh I see

[01:07:26:19:16:18] <Lady_Bianca> I just tried to do what he said

[01:07:26:19:16:37] <^Chunga^> Binca Roads

[01:07:26:19:16:43] <popeye-x> plus, I am blown away anytime anyone gets on stage with Ray W and goes toe to toe

[01:07:26:19:16:51] <Furbelly> "Binca" sounds like one of Santa's reindeer

[01:07:26:19:16:51] <Lady_Bianca> Think Zappa want more contration on him

[01:07:26:19:17:16] <Lady_Bianca> after I left

[01:07:26:19:17:36] <Furbelly> why did you decide to leave FZ, Lady?

[01:07:26:19:18:14] <Lady_Bianca> no it was a mutal agreement

[01:07:26:19:18:53] <Lady_Bianca> because he wanted to make me do more degrading things on stage then just display my talent

[01:07:26:19:19:02] <Lady_Bianca> I thought my musicianship should have been enough

[01:07:26:19:19:02] <^Chunga^> :/

[01:07:26:19:19:34] <Furbelly> I think we all agree with you

[01:07:26:19:19:53] <^Chunga^> yep...gotta do whats best for yourself

[01:07:26:19:20:02] <Lady_Bianca> and then again I dont know why i had to leave

[01:07:26:19:20:02] <Lady_Bianca> it just was something that did jive with him

[01:07:26:19:20:08] *** arf-gone is now known as arfbarker

[01:07:26:19:20:15] <arfbarker> back for a few

[01:07:26:19:20:18] <Furbelly> if you don't mind me asking, what else did he want you to do?

[01:07:26:19:20:23] <Lady_Bianca> I was a little to conservative at that time

[01:07:26:19:20:23] <popeye-x> in popeye-x's opinion, you are on the highest level like Ray, Bianca, and I know I heard you fly over him whenever you wanted to

[01:07:26:19:20:33] <Lady_Bianca> and still am a little

[01:07:26:19:21:03] <Lady_Bianca> well like put his guitar on my body.. things like that

[01:07:26:19:21:29] <^Chunga^> suggestive maneuvers

[01:07:26:19:21:33] <Furbelly> ah

[01:07:26:19:21:55] <Lady_Bianca> yeah ,,I thought I shoudnt have to if Ray and eddie and pat and terry didnt

[01:07:26:19:22:01] <^Chunga^> Amen

[01:07:26:19:22:04] <Lady_Bianca> we were a band all of us

[01:07:26:19:22:07] <popeye-x> I bet its fun to sing really great , eh? hehe

[01:07:26:19:22:09] <Lady_Bianca> together

[01:07:26:19:22:17] <Lady_Bianca> it was the best

[01:07:26:19:22:22] <Lady_Bianca> i will never forget it

[01:07:26:19:22:46] <Lady_Bianca> I worked hard to get his music right

[01:07:26:19:22:49] <Furbelly> it shows

[01:07:26:19:22:59] <^Chunga^> its not easy music to perform

[01:07:26:19:23:00] <Lady_Bianca> I miss Frank

[01:07:26:19:23:09] <popeye-x> I wanna come live with your parents, too so I can learn to sing [hahahaha]

[01:07:26:19:23:26] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 2 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:19:23:26] <Furbelly> ooooooh

[01:07:26:19:23:29] <Furbelly> Advance Romance

[01:07:26:19:23:30] <Lady_Bianca> no that is the truth is was very maticulous

[01:07:26:19:23:35] <popeye-x> this is the sh*t

[01:07:26:19:23:48] <^Chunga^> you go girl

[01:07:26:19:24:02] <popeye-x> God, I love this!!!

[01:07:26:19:24:13] <Furbelly> it's very interesting to hear your voice singing a lot of these songs

[01:07:26:19:24:15] * popeye-x double goosebumps again

[01:07:26:19:24:30] <Lady_Bianca> I cant believe it muh self

[01:07:26:19:24:41] <Lady_Bianca> this band was fantastic

[01:07:26:19:24:41] <Lady_Bianca> had thier shit together

[01:07:26:19:24:44] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:24:53] <Furbelly> did FZ crack the whip a lot for practicing?

[01:07:26:19:24:57] <popeye-x> terry is awesome

[01:07:26:19:25:02] *** Jose- ( has joined #zappafiles

[01:07:26:19:25:07] *** Furbelly sets mode: +v Jose-

[01:07:26:19:25:23] <Lady_Bianca> no..after the intial get it together

[01:07:26:19:25:41] <Jose-> wassup yall

[01:07:26:19:25:45] <popeye-x> oh yeah

[01:07:26:19:25:52] <Lady_Bianca> different every night which made it fun

[01:07:26:19:26:16] <popeye-x> that gospel shout is the best music in this Earth

[01:07:26:19:26:19] <Lady_Bianca> she might do you too!!

[01:07:26:19:26:19] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:19:26:31] <Furbelly> nice to hear Patrick stretch out

[01:07:26:19:26:42] <Furbelly> I've e-mailed him too, but he never got back to me

[01:07:26:19:26:55] <Lady_Bianca> pat is a bad boy

[01:07:26:19:26:59] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:27:03] <^Chunga^> Hah

[01:07:26:19:27:05] <Lady_Bianca> oh i would love to hear from him

[01:07:26:19:27:05] <Lady_Bianca> how is he these days

[01:07:26:19:27:29] <Furbelly> no idea, Lady, he hasn't e-mailed me back

[01:07:26:19:27:42] <popeye-x> he lives in North Carolina I think

[01:07:26:19:27:43] <Lady_Bianca> oh

[01:07:26:19:27:48] <Lady_Bianca> go patrick

[01:07:26:19:27:51] <Lady_Bianca> is that right!!

[01:07:26:19:28:05] <popeye-x> with his wife and kids

[01:07:26:19:28:05] <Lady_Bianca> he could play his red headed but off

[01:07:26:19:28:13] <Lady_Bianca> what kids oh my!!

[01:07:26:19:28:31] <popeye-x> knockout wife

[01:07:26:19:28:41] <popeye-x> deadly

[01:07:26:19:28:43] <Lady_Bianca> alrighty then!!

[01:07:26:19:28:43] <Furbelly> you could try e-mailing him at *** Lady

[01:07:26:19:28:52] <Lady_Bianca> ok I will do that

[01:07:26:19:29:04] <Furbelly> and if you don't mind, put in a good word for us too ;)

[01:07:26:19:29:08] <^Chunga^> LOL

[01:07:26:19:29:19] <Lady_Bianca> he makes that bass sound like a upright

[01:07:26:19:29:20] <Lady_Bianca> will do

[01:07:26:19:29:20] <popeye-x> please tell his wife I said hi!

[01:07:26:19:29:29] <popeye-x> just kidding......

[01:07:26:19:29:38] <popeye-x> my joke for the day

[01:07:26:19:29:47] <Lady_Bianca> oooh i dont know if i should go there...:)

[01:07:26:19:29:47] <Furbelly> that would be so cool to have the both of you here at the same time

[01:07:26:19:29:58] <Furbelly> but I'm happier than a pig in shit that you made it today, hehe

[01:07:26:19:29:59] <Lady_Bianca> uh huh!

[01:07:26:19:30:16] <Lady_Bianca> tee hee

[01:07:26:19:30:16] <Lady_Bianca> I tickled pink muh self

[01:07:26:19:30:20] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:30:25] <popeye-x> I hear she lets him have digital synths all over the house... my kinda gorgeous blonde

[01:07:26:19:30:36] <Lady_Bianca> who is doing that solo ray right

[01:07:26:19:30:49] <Lady_Bianca> oh my!

[01:07:26:19:30:50] <Furbelly> hmmm

[01:07:26:19:30:55] <^Chunga^> now we'll all leave thinkin its Halloween 76

[01:07:26:19:31:02] <Lady_Bianca> has anybody heard from Ray

[01:07:26:19:31:02] <Lady_Bianca> and whar is he

[01:07:26:19:31:12] <Furbelly> I would have been 4 years old then Chunga

[01:07:26:19:31:12] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:31:24] <zspazz> baby Fur

[01:07:26:19:31:51] <Furbelly> no idea Lady... I've been trying to contact all the former bandmembers to drop by, haven't tried Ray yet

[01:07:26:19:32:04] <^Chunga^> Fur's afraid of ray

[01:07:26:19:32:08] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:19:32:09] <popeye-x> yeah!

[01:07:26:19:32:22] <^Chunga^> bawk bawk bawk

[01:07:26:19:32:22] <Lady_Bianca> oic

[01:07:26:19:32:26] <popeye-x> Potatohead Bobby was your friend?

[01:07:26:19:32:40] <Lady_Bianca> seem like huh

[01:07:26:19:32:40] <popeye-x> he must know everybody

[01:07:26:19:32:40] <Furbelly> he opened 5 of his eyes in the foodstamp line

[01:07:26:19:32:40] <Furbelly> ooooh, I love that growl

[01:07:26:19:32:40] <Lady_Bianca> he came up to say hi

[01:07:26:19:32:42] <Lady_Bianca> hi

[01:07:26:19:32:42] <^Chunga^> he might be Popeye-X

[01:07:26:19:32:44] <Lady_Bianca> hi

[01:07:26:19:32:44] <Lady_Bianca> hi

[01:07:26:19:32:46] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:33:03] <popeye-x> this song is about me

[01:07:26:19:33:16] <zspazz> heheh

[01:07:26:19:33:16] <Lady_Bianca> is that right hee hee hhe

[01:07:26:19:33:26] <Lady_Bianca> he so was fine.. you hear that blues riff

[01:07:26:19:33:30] <popeye-x> yeah, I stagger just like this beat

[01:07:26:19:33:46] <Furbelly> pops, that's not true, you haven't opened your eyes all night

[01:07:26:19:33:47] <zspazz> Damn! Lady B, you smoke on this!!

[01:07:26:19:33:57] <Lady_Bianca> this is a fonky song

[01:07:26:19:34:05] <popeye-x> they were open in 76

[01:07:26:19:34:14] <popeye-x> all 10 of 'em

[01:07:26:19:34:19] <zspazz> I got to see you 9 days before this show in Buffalo back then

[01:07:26:19:34:36] * popeye-x is jealous of zspazz

[01:07:26:19:34:39] <Lady_Bianca> you did

[01:07:26:19:34:39] <Furbelly> so you played the cowbell and tambourine as well, Lady?

[01:07:26:19:34:48] <zspazz> yeah

[01:07:26:19:34:59] <Lady_Bianca> so you heard the rat thingy huh

[01:07:26:19:34:59] <Lady_Bianca> tee hee

[01:07:26:19:35:00] <zspazz> I love this as a vamp!!!

[01:07:26:19:35:06] <^Chunga^> yep

[01:07:26:19:35:18] <Lady_Bianca> yep i did play them

[01:07:26:19:35:18] <Lady_Bianca> to keep myself looking busy

[01:07:26:19:35:27] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 3 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:19:35:27] <Furbelly> It seems like Frank really liked having you in the band a lot

[01:07:26:19:35:39] <Lady_Bianca> I didnt know that at the time

[01:07:26:19:35:39] <Lady_Bianca> I was too nervous to be aware

[01:07:26:19:35:52] <Lady_Bianca> I put a lot of pressure on myself

[01:07:26:19:35:59] <zspazz> He really works his style for your benefit

[01:07:26:19:36:02] <Furbelly> he was always making a great deal of you whenever he mentioned the band line-up

[01:07:26:19:36:34] <Lady_Bianca> it was a good match but didnt know it at the time

[01:07:26:19:36:36] <popeye-x> you did such a good job, not stroking you, its a fact

[01:07:26:19:36:46] <Lady_Bianca> it is magic that you dont realize that is happening

[01:07:26:19:37:01] <Lady_Bianca> thank you

[01:07:26:19:37:08] <Lady_Bianca> at least we have a tape to show how fantastic it was

[01:07:26:19:37:13] <popeye-x> I realized it the first second I heard you

[01:07:26:19:37:24] <Lady_Bianca> the whole thing was great

[01:07:26:19:37:25] <Furbelly> and there's lots more shows available with you too, Lady

[01:07:26:19:37:25] <^Chunga^> if we didnt like your voice,FUR(we) wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to find you

[01:07:26:19:37:30] <popeye-x> but then I realized it even more

[01:07:26:19:37:48] <Lady_Bianca> well thank you sweetie folks

[01:07:26:19:37:53] <Lady_Bianca> I like to hear the work too

[01:07:26:19:38:04] <Lady_Bianca> cause it confirms that i did work with zappa

[01:07:26:19:38:04] <Mud_Shark> you mean you guys don't have any more concerts with Lady B?

[01:07:26:19:38:05] <Furbelly> you're the sweetie to hang out with us like this, Lady B

[01:07:26:19:38:14] <popeye-x> yeah

[01:07:26:19:38:16] <Lady_Bianca> i am having a ball

[01:07:26:19:38:24] <^Chunga^> yes we do Mud

[01:07:26:19:39:15] <^Chunga^> any time you need your ego stroked,you drop on by Lady B

[01:07:26:19:39:19] <Furbelly> dirty from the alley...

[01:07:26:19:39:25] <Furbelly> 'till I don't know what to do

[01:07:26:19:39:25] *** Jose- (*** Quit (Ping timeout)

[01:07:26:19:39:30] <popeye-x> we'll confirm you played with Frank if you'll confirm we listened to it with you

[01:07:26:19:39:35] <Furbelly> haha

[01:07:26:19:39:46] <Mud_Shark> hehe

[01:07:26:19:39:46] <Lady_Bianca> and if you need some soothing and love drop where i am too

[01:07:26:19:39:49] * popeye-x scratches LB's back

[01:07:26:19:40:00] <Lady_Bianca> this is nice too

[01:07:26:19:40:01] <Lady_Bianca> dang

[01:07:26:19:40:04] <zspazz> lol

[01:07:26:19:40:21] <^Chunga^> yes..this is very nice

[01:07:26:19:40:36] <Lady_Bianca> oooh thanks i like the scracthin thing

[01:07:26:19:40:51] <popeye-x> but now our staus as an IRC channel it thru the roof... I need to go out and buy some fancy shoes or something

[01:07:26:19:41:12] <^Chunga^> LOL

[01:07:26:19:41:12] <Furbelly> or just a pair of shoes

[01:07:26:19:41:12] <Furbelly> maybe put on some pants, pops

[01:07:26:19:41:16] <popeye-x> I feel like kick/banning some channel scrubs

[01:07:26:19:41:23] <Lady_Bianca> you love shoes too

[01:07:26:19:41:23] <Lady_Bianca> me too

[01:07:26:19:41:23] <Lady_Bianca> luvvvv shoes

[01:07:26:19:41:31] <Lady_Bianca> dont need no pants just shoes

[01:07:26:19:41:31] <popeye-x> oh yeah

[01:07:26:19:41:49] <^Chunga^> LOL

[01:07:26:19:41:49] <popeye-x> whenever something cool happens I gotta buy some cool shoes to celebrate

[01:07:26:19:41:56] <Lady_Bianca> loo

[01:07:26:19:42:07] <^Chunga^> get some python boots

[01:07:26:19:42:07] <Furbelly> buy me a pair pops, size 11

[01:07:26:19:42:10] <zspazz> Popey-x Marcos

[01:07:26:19:42:12] <popeye-x> 11?

[01:07:26:19:42:13] <Lady_Bianca> I just open a box just now from the catalogue i bought

[01:07:26:19:42:29] <popeye-x> I didn't realize you were related to Bigfoot

[01:07:26:19:42:33] <Furbelly> 11's will be loose, 10 1/2's are just a hair too tight

[01:07:26:19:42:40] <Lady_Bianca> its stinkfoot aint it

[01:07:26:19:42:43] <Furbelly> rofl

[01:07:26:19:42:44] <popeye-x> haha

[01:07:26:19:42:50] <zspazz> ya mean for the clown suit Fur?

[01:07:26:19:43:01] <Lady_Bianca> oh no!!! ahaaaaaa

[01:07:26:19:43:03] <zspazz> hehe, jk

[01:07:26:19:43:07] <Shaarrk> o.k..i'm b

[01:07:26:19:43:14] <popeye-x> a hair too tight? as in gorilla hair?

[01:07:26:19:43:20] <Furbelly> hey, you know what they say about guys with big feet

[01:07:26:19:43:26] <Furbelly> that's right, they need big shoes

[01:07:26:19:43:34] <popeye-x> they have to have a big mouth?

[01:07:26:19:43:35] <Lady_Bianca> ummmmm!! what do they say

[01:07:26:19:43:46] <popeye-x> to fit it in?

[01:07:26:19:43:50] <zspazz> That Fur's doin a sales job!

[01:07:26:19:44:03] <Shaarrk> ask the size 3 fur over

[01:07:26:19:44:03] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:19:44:14] <Furbelly> put your shoes away Shaarrk

[01:07:26:19:44:16] <^Chunga^> Oooooh

[01:07:26:19:44:16] <Lady_Bianca> ah ah ah ah tee hee ah aahhaaaa

[01:07:26:19:44:20] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 4 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:19:44:20] <popeye-x> snake oil for sale in IRC

[01:07:26:19:44:22] <Furbelly> I love this song

[01:07:26:19:44:24] <^Chunga^> In The Jungle

[01:07:26:19:44:29] <Lady_Bianca> touche'

[01:07:26:19:44:39] <Shaarrk> my shoes r sitting in the corner, smokin', size 10 1/2

[01:07:26:19:44:54] <Furbelly> shaarrk, you're confusing your shoe size with your IQ

[01:07:26:19:45:14] <^Chunga^> who did this song originally?

[01:07:26:19:45:22] <Furbelly> Jon told us on the weekend

[01:07:26:19:45:27] <Furbelly> The... somethings

[01:07:26:19:45:27] <Shaarrk> fur, like an iq test is a complete acurate test of intellect

[01:07:26:19:45:31] <^Chunga^> well...I'm asking you now

[01:07:26:19:45:41] <Furbelly> started with a C

[01:07:26:19:45:47] <popeye-x> the C somethings

[01:07:26:19:45:51] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:19:45:54] <Furbelly> yep

[01:07:26:19:46:04] <^Chunga^> no Spaz..not the c sections

[01:07:26:19:46:07] <Furbelly> lol

[01:07:26:19:46:10] <Lady_Bianca> the cadettes

[01:07:26:19:46:11] <zspazz> hehe

[01:07:26:19:46:16] <^Chunga^> ty Lady

[01:07:26:19:46:16] <Furbelly> there you go!

[01:07:26:19:46:17] <Lady_Bianca> and the jayhawks

[01:07:26:19:46:27] <Lady_Bianca> released in 1954

[01:07:26:19:46:36] * Furbelly dances in his chair

[01:07:26:19:46:37] <Shaarrk> sound like wussy street gangs

[01:07:26:19:46:46] <Lady_Bianca> c sections ah ahah

[01:07:26:19:47:01] <popeye-x> I was the only one alive then?

[01:07:26:19:47:03] <zspazz> that's a good band name

[01:07:26:19:47:14] <Lady_Bianca> my husband wuz

[01:07:26:19:47:30] <^Chunga^> not me

[01:07:26:19:47:30] <Shaarrk> i was in a former life

[01:07:26:19:47:41] <zspazz> I've always been around

[01:07:26:19:47:56] <popeye-x> In '54 I listened to a lot of nursery rhymes

[01:07:26:19:47:57] <^Chunga^> oh puh-lease

[01:07:26:19:47:57] <Shaarrk> we know spaz

[01:07:26:19:47:57] <Furbelly> Lady, mind if I ask how old you were when you were playing with Frank here?

[01:07:26:19:48:05] <zspazz> LOL, Chung

[01:07:26:19:48:20] <popeye-x> there goes Fur with the provacative questions

[01:07:26:19:48:24] <Lady_Bianca> now that question a lady never anwers

[01:07:26:19:48:31] <zspazz> Fur!!

[01:07:26:19:48:32] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:19:48:33] * ^Chunga^ slaps Furbelly around a bit with a Large Maroon Sofa

[01:07:26:19:48:35] <Furbelly> hehe, no problem Lady

[01:07:26:19:48:37] <popeye-x> he always does that... he's Canadian

[01:07:26:19:48:42] <^Chunga^> LOL

[01:07:26:19:48:42] <zspazz> hehe

[01:07:26:19:48:46] <Lady_Bianca> tee hee

[01:07:26:19:48:54] <zspazz> he has a mullet Lady B

[01:07:26:19:49:07] <Lady_Bianca> he is alright

[01:07:26:19:49:07] <Lady_Bianca> have to try

[01:07:26:19:49:07] <Shaarrk> that's a scary image spaz

[01:07:26:19:49:08] <Furbelly> haha, I wish I had that much hair on top of my head spaz

[01:07:26:19:49:09] <popeye-x> hockey & beer

[01:07:26:19:49:11] <^Chunga^> now you know wh yyer dollar is worth .40

[01:07:26:19:49:16] <zspazz> LOL

[01:07:26:19:49:22] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:19:49:44] * Furbelly is playing Frank Zappa - Track 5 *#zappafiles synchronization manager*

[01:07:26:19:49:45] <zspazz> were you guys kick dancing at the end here Lady B?

[01:07:26:19:49:52] <popeye-x> when you're only 30 years old its easy to ask people's age

[01:07:26:19:50:02] <Furbelly> hey, I ain't in my 30's yet

[01:07:26:19:50:06] <Lady_Bianca> dont remember that i alway stayed at the pie anna

[01:07:26:19:50:08] <popeye-x> precisely

[01:07:26:19:50:08] <^Chunga^> awww jeez

[01:07:26:19:50:12] <Lady_Bianca> see

[01:07:26:19:50:16] <Lady_Bianca> waht i am saying

[01:07:26:19:50:22] <^Chunga^> yup

[01:07:26:19:50:42] <zspazz> Doh!! My son bumped me to the end of the show!!!

[01:07:26:19:50:46] <popeye-x> 30 years ago I was sitting in this room, in this same chair

[01:07:26:19:50:48] <Lady_Bianca> my birthday is aug 8

[01:07:26:19:50:58] <^Chunga^> mines aug..ummmm too

[01:07:26:19:50:59] <Furbelly> oooooh coming up soon

[01:07:26:19:51:06] <Lady_Bianca> is that right

[01:07:26:19:51:06] <popeye-x> HB, LB

[01:07:26:19:51:14] <Lady_Bianca> tanks

[01:07:26:19:51:20] <popeye-x> YW

[01:07:26:19:51:23] <Furbelly> at least I know what kind of card I'll be sending you now, hehe

[01:07:26:19:51:34] <^Chunga^> I aint giving the date cuz they'll just ride me tha tday

[01:07:26:19:51:36] <Lady_Bianca> lol

[01:07:26:19:51:41] <popeye-x> meeting you here is my birthday present from June 12

[01:07:26:19:51:53] <Lady_Bianca> oh hb

[01:07:26:19:51:57] <Lady_Bianca> gem

[01:07:26:19:52:01] <Lady_Bianca> my son is a gem too

[01:07:26:19:52:09] <Furbelly> well Chunga, looks like we'll have to bug you every day in August instead then

[01:07:26:19:52:10] <^Chunga^> I ate dinner down here & havent moved since

[01:07:26:19:52:16] <Lady_Bianca> rappin frank

[01:07:26:19:52:17] <^Chunga^> Ugh!

[01:07:26:19:52:20] <Shaarrk> sounds like a plan fur

[01:07:26:19:52:28] <^Chunga^> stfushaarrk

[01:07:26:19:52:33] <Furbelly> and this is my birthday present from July 1st

[01:07:26:19:52:35] <popeye-x> yeah Run DMC was copyin' Frank

[01:07:26:19:52:48] <Mud_Shark> hehe

[01:07:26:19:52:51] <Lady_Bianca> ahahaha

[01:07:26:19:52:56] <popeye-x> I always knew that

[01:07:26:19:53:03] <Lady_Bianca> Frank is the oldest

[01:07:26:19:53:10] <popeye-x> tell Chuck D, too

[01:07:26:19:53:23] <^Chunga^> if you listen REAL careful,you can hear Lady b scratchin' the turntable j/k

[01:07:26:19:53:27] <Lady_Bianca> Frank got it from louis jordan and the like

[01:07:26:19:53:41] <Lady_Bianca> yup

[01:07:26:19:53:41] <Lady_Bianca> yu[

[01:07:26:19:53:47] <popeye-x> Tennesse Ernie Ford, right?

[01:07:26:19:53:49] <Lady_Bianca> yup

[01:07:26:19:54:00] <popeye-x> nice harmony

[01:07:26:19:54:04] <popeye-x> underneath

[01:07:26:19:54:06] <Furbelly> here's the yodeling

[01:07:26:19:54:14] <Furbelly> sounds like Ray to me

[01:07:26:19:54:25] <popeye-x> great, B!

[01:07:26:19:54:36] <popeye-x> that ain't no Eddie

[01:07:26:19:54:45] <Lady_Bianca> that is Ray

[01:07:26:19:54:47] <Furbelly> but Eddie was credited with yodeling on something else

[01:07:26:19:54:55] <^Chunga^> lies!

[01:07:26:19:55:04] <Lady_Bianca> the canyon

[01:07:26:19:55:07] <popeye-x> wait, I'm hearing C&W hick music like we have here in Texas

[01:07:26:19:55:08] <Lady_Bianca> ????

[01:07:26:19:55:34] <Lady_Bianca> I want to come down to texas real bad

[01:07:26:19:55:34] <Lady_Bianca> gonna get thar too

[01:07:26:19:55:37] <popeye-x> gospel + blues + C&W = FZ????

[01:07:26:19:55:37] <^Chunga^> the Eddie credit is prolly wrong

[01:07:26:19:55:45] <Lady_Bianca> i love country music too

[01:07:26:19:55:51] <Lady_Bianca> vince gill is my imaginary husband

[01:07:26:19:55:55] <Shaarrk> don't forget classical pops

[01:07:26:19:55:59] <Furbelly> could be Chunga, there were a lot of mistakes in FZ's credits

[01:07:26:19:56:02] <Lady_Bianca> oh yeah for sure

[01:07:26:19:56:05] <zspazz> this was where I thought it sounded like a kick line ending LB

[01:07:26:19:56:18] <popeye-x> if you come anywhere near here I'll come see you and show you the shoes I'm gonna buy

[01:07:26:19:56:39] <Lady_Bianca> lol you so crazy

[01:07:26:19:56:43] <Furbelly> hehe

[01:07:26:19:56:56] <Lady_Bianca> is they gonna be snakes

[01:07:26:19:57:02] <Lady_Bianca> taking a bow

[01:07:26:19:57:05] <popeye-x> I was thinking Edgar Varese, that's not really classical, its... mad scientist

[01:07:26:19:57:09] * Furbelly stands and applauds

[01:07:26:19:57:10] <^Chunga^> ok...stand up & take a bow Lady deserve it!

[01:07:26:19:57:18] <zspazz> Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

[01:07:26:19:57:31] * popeye-x claps, yells, whistles, and screams

[01:07:26:19:57:32] <Furbelly> excellent!

[01:07:26:19:57:33] <popeye-x> yay

[01:07:26:19:57:36] <Lady_Bianca> THANK YOU EVERY ONE

[01:07:26:19:57:37] <Lady_Bianca> blowing kisses too

[01:07:26:19:57:38] * Furbelly 's ears are ringing

[01:07:26:19:57:41] <popeye-x> THANK YOU

[01:07:26:19:57:45] <^Chunga^> TY LB

[01:07:26:19:57:46] <Furbelly> thank you Lady!

[01:07:26:19:57:49] <Mud_Shark> yes, Thank You!

[01:07:26:19:57:52] <Lady_Bianca> ah ahhaaayou are welcome

[01:07:26:19:57:56] <zspazz> Thanks Lady B, you made our week!!!

[01:07:26:19:57:56] <popeye-x> LB is the coolest

[01:07:26:19:57:59] <Lady_Bianca> see yall later

[01:07:26:19:58:03] <Shaarrk> tthanx for coming ladyb

[01:07:26:19:58:05] <Lady_Bianca> love you all back

[01:07:26:19:58:06] <popeye-x> bye

[01:07:26:19:58:06] <^Chunga^> g'night

[01:07:26:19:58:07] <Furbelly> thanks for coming by :)

[01:07:26:19:58:09] <Lady_Bianca> your welcome

[01:07:26:19:58:12] <popeye-x> we love you

[01:07:26:19:58:15] <Lady_Bianca> bye bye

[01:07:26:19:58:21] <zspazz> stop back any time

[01:07:26:19:58:28] <popeye-x> come live with us

[01:07:26:19:58:30] <Furbelly> haha

[01:07:26:19:58:31] <Lady_Bianca> lets do ita again some time ok tlk to me fur

[01:07:26:19:58:36] <Furbelly> will do Lady

[01:07:26:19:58:39] <zspazz> cool

[01:07:26:19:58:46] <Lady_Bianca> ok bye bless you guys you sweeties

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