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go see scott and geoGeoScott has joined #zappafiles

<^Chunga^> 0_0

<^kingv^> -0-

<Furbelly> well hello!

<GeoScott> darren sent me

Furbelly gives channel operator status to GeoScott

<Furbelly> that's me

<^Chunga^> is that who I think it is?

<GeoScott> hello dere

<Furbelly> you seem to have died out on the ftp

Fr_Oblivious hands Chunga a fully loaded bowl

<GeoScott> dangaholic!

<Furbelly> can I introduce you?

<^bluntman^> ?

^Chunga^ has 1 in each hand then

<^bluntman^> !

<GeoScott> right you are

<Fr_Oblivious> goodie

<GeoScott> be my guest

<GeoScott> i mean, I'm your'n

<Furbelly> gentlemen, Mr. Scott Thunes

<^Chunga^>'re Fur's guest

Fr_Oblivious sets music

<Fr_Oblivious> Scotty Dog???

<GeoScott> yessir

<^Chunga^> thnx for stopping

<Fr_Oblivious> No Way

<GeoScott> sure thing

<^Chunga^> yes way

<GeoScott> wanted to see what was up if I couldn't make it tomorrow

<^bluntman^> howdy, mr. thunes

<Furbelly> how's your evening?

<^kingv^> it's great to meet you

<GeoScott> purty good

<GeoScott> why thank you

<GeoScott> and also with you

<Furbelly> haha

<Fr_Oblivious> Me, being the best bassist this side of the Miss, welcomes Scott

<^kingv^> thanks

<^Chunga^> Hah

bluntman^ is now known as arfbarker

<GeoScott> oh how you do go on

<GeoScott> but thanks

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<Fr_Oblivious> Welcome, Scot

<Fr_Oblivious> t

<GeoScott> thnks

<Furbelly> this show you were grabbing... FZ mentioned something about you staying behind in Europe?

<GeoScott> yup

<GeoScott> was thinking about that yesterday

<GeoScott> as an old friend stopped by

<GeoScott> and we had both 'knew' the girl I stayed there with

<GeoScott> flew her over. first time and all

<GeoScott> what a nightmare

<Furbelly> lol

<GeoScott> LooooooooNG story

<Fr_Oblivious> oh, do tell

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<GeoScott> the flight back was worth a chapter in my forthcoming autobiography

<GeoScott> Oh, no time, no time

<GeoScott> i mean, the flight from Rome to Germany

<Furbelly> excellent, you're writing a book then?

<GeoScott> stopped in Canne to have lunch with Bennet and the flight crew

<Fr_Oblivious> you playing now?

<GeoScott> well, thinking of writing it, at least

<GeoScott> no, no playing.

<Furbelly> does music still interest you?

<GeoScott> unless, of course, you have a million-selling rock band I could whore myself out for

<arfbarker> haha

<Fr_Oblivious> WAIT! I DO!

<GeoScott> i play the piano at home quite a log

<GeoScott> of course you do

<GeoScott> we all do.

<Furbelly> lol

<Fr_Oblivious> lol


<Fr_Oblivious> YES!

<^Chunga^> not that I'm dropping names ;) ...but I'm gonna see Ike in a few days...any messages for him? Do I say hello or just wave w/1 finger?

<GeoScott> you guys all seen the book, In Cold Sweat?


<^Chunga^> OK

<GeoScott> did you read the jambands interview?

<^Chunga^> hmm

<GeoScott> what a cock

<Furbelly> lol

<Fr_Oblivious> really?

<^Chunga^> LOL

<Fr_Oblivious> Seems all my homeys are cocks

<GeoScott> universally known as The Single Most Annoying Zappa Band Member Ever...

<Furbelly> lol

<GeoScott> if you don't count Eddie Jobson's bad breath

<Furbelly> hahahaha

<GeoScott> (that's straight from FZ, so don't blame me)

<Furbelly> dog breath indeed

* Fr_Oblivious is glad he's logging this

<^Chunga^> we point the finger at no1

<^Chunga^> we're only in it for the music

<GeoScott> you can publish for all I care

<Fr_Oblivious> yup

<GeoScott> sure/

<Fr_Oblivious> ebay

<GeoScott> I knew that

<^Chunga^> lol

<Furbelly> Scott, I must say I got a great charge out of you in the DHBIM video

<GeoScott> Thanks

<GeoScott> just made the wife watch it the other day

<Fr_Oblivious> me too

<Furbelly> when you cross your eyes during Be In My Video, I damn near wet myself

<GeoScott> of course, I don't remember doing any of that stuff

<GeoScott> I was thinking of ONE THING that whole two day period

<Fr_Oblivious> of course

<GeoScott> Can you guess what that was?

<Fr_Oblivious> home

<Fr_Oblivious> ?

<GeoScott> ...i met...

<GeoScott> A GIRL

<Fr_Oblivious> ah

<Furbelly> your future wife?

<^Chunga^> oh..that too

<GeoScott> and I knew she was in the audience but hadn't seen her yet

<GeoScott> no, before my first wife, but I did end up with her for three and a half years

<Furbelly> ah

<GeoScott> well, Ike has some good points

<Fr_Oblivious> that's why your eyes looked crossed?

<GeoScott> he's fun to be on the road with..sort of

<GeoScott> but 88...well, that was one giant problem, and Ike was...if not instrumental

<GeoScott> in helping to add tension to the situation, was deeply insensitive to his own position as a loud mouth

<Fr_Oblivious> lol

<GeoScott> I'm not saying I'm perfect, Mind you...

^Chunga^> yer not?!

<Fr_Oblivious> I'll say it for you

<GeoScott> I pretty much was as much an asshole as they say I was, but I was MISINTERPRETED

<Furbelly> well, you're perfect on the show you're getting, hehe

<GeoScott> thanks

<GeoScott> I loved 82

<Fr_Oblivious> np

<GeoScott> great great great memories, and we were fucking tight, if anything

<Furbelly> I do have another one where you seemed to be a little... overzealous

<GeoScott> do tell

--> satai has joined #zappafiles

<Furbelly> you came in early on the Mammy Nun anthem, and FZ stopped the show

--- ^Chunga^ gives voice to satai

<GeoScott> i like me overzealous

<GeoScott> oh, that kind

<GeoScott> I don't remember stopping a show for a mistake. That's EXCELLENT!

<Furbelly> lol

<Fr_Oblivious> lol

<Furbelly> I thought he was a little harsh

<satai> hey hey

<GeoScott> Does anybody remember (have the tape of) my wrong note at the end of WDIHWIP?

<GeoScott> That would be priceless.

<Fr_Oblivious> that's a mess of letters

<^Chunga^> what show was that Fur?

<Furbelly> hm, do you know which tour it was Scott?

<GeoScott> don't 'member, that's my problem

<GeoScott> oh, 88

<^Chunga^> Jimbo prolly knows

<Furbelly> Jimbo knows all

<Furbelly> if you're gonna be wrong, be wrong with conviction

<GeoScott> Frank liked that too.

<Furbelly> hehe, probably... he's probably got a bootleg of her somewhere

<satai> When I play we call those "improv's." ;-)

<Fr_Oblivious> and enjoy it

<^Chunga^> no...Jimbo knows what show tha twas I bet

<GeoScott> you know the adage, once is a mistake, twice is choreography

<Furbelly> lol

<Fr_Oblivious> dance the blooz again

<Furbelly> that's why I always play a wrong note twice in succession

<^Chunga^> sometimes more

<Fr_Oblivious> I LEARN the wrong note

<GeoScott> i was sure frank said that, and then i saw a nigel tufnel interview where he said the same damn thing...

<Furbelly> haha

<Furbelly> well, if the Tap ever offers you a drumming gig, don't take it

<GeoScott> is everyfockingbody a bass player?

<Furbelly> not me

<GeoScott> whew

<satai> I play the tuba, actually, so not quite bass.

<^Chunga^> haha u do ?

<Furbelly> guitar, keyboards, trumpet and french horn here

<GeoScott> shit, you got an extra one? I would honestly love to own, learn how to play, a tuba

<satai> yup. not very good, but i can go really loud.

<GeoScott> I'll come over to your fucking house to pick it up

<Fr_Oblivious> so would I

<satai> GeoScott: man, if i did it'd be in the mail. :-)

<Furbelly> lol

<zspazz> heheh

<GeoScott> ahhh

<Fr_Oblivious> lol

<GeoScott> ain't no tubas round here...

<Fr_Oblivious> mama dont allow

<zspazz> lol

<^Chunga^> dont be suprised if Santa brings one w/a #zappafiles ta gon it

<Furbelly> lol

<satai> i always wanted to learn to play the tuba line from that old Peter&Gordon song "Lady Godiva," but i never got around to it. ;-)

<GeoScott> my mother used to complain about my friend joe and I learning string bass together

<^kingv^> haha

<GeoScott> thought it sounded like 'dying cows'

<GeoScott> thanks ma

<Furbelly> hey, I've had that comment before too!

<Fr_Oblivious> Shoulda got a washtub

<Furbelly> and that was with my guitar yet

<GeoScott> post lady godiva, and I'll learn it on my bugle, and put an octave divider on it

<^Chunga^> Hmmm...then he'd be Scott Thubanes

<Furbelly> So who did you get along with from the FZ days, Scott?

<GeoScott> well, MK, obviously

<Fr_Oblivious> Mark King?

<GeoScott> but bobby and i never ever had one cross word betwixt us

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<GeoScott> ahh, the real MK stood up

<GeoScott> bummer

<GeoScott> ANYWAY

<Furbelly> Bobby was supposed to come by too

<GeoScott> Ray and I had great times

<GeoScott> reall?

<GeoScott> I haven't spoken to him in..oh..dear me. EVER,

<Furbelly> yeah... then he said he was upgrading his computer and refinancing his place and I haven't heard from him since

<Furbelly> but he was enthused about the idea

<GeoScott> what a pooper

<satai> must have upgraded to windows XP

<Furbelly> lol

<zspazz> hehehe

<Fr_Oblivious> ME anyway

<GeoScott> until we all tell him that we don't subscribe to Ayn Rands shit, then he'd put us all down and divorce us

<Furbelly> hahaha

<satai> A is A

<Fr_Oblivious> A A A\

<GeoScott> Sorry gents, I will be back in a moment

<Furbelly> ok

<GeoScott> have to brush Hazle's teef

<satai> anybody here collect phish? i'm thinking about picking up a couple of the live releases they're putting out.

<^Chunga^> nope

<^kingv^> no thanks

<arfbarker> none here

* satai shrugs.

<satai> ok

<GeoScott> funny

<GeoScott> you hit a cold spot there, mate

<Fr_Oblivious> I collect Phish, but I keep it

<satai> damn right. ;-)

<satai> everytime i bring up Napalm Death they give me the same looks. ;-)

<GeoScott> I'm thinking of Cannibal Corpse

<satai> "Sodomy with a Meat Hook"

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<Furbelly> back

<Fr_Oblivious> Carnal Bliss

<satai> Hey Scott, has the FAQ section on the web page sort of fallen off?

<Furbelly> I've got Phish doing Peaches En Regalia

<Fr_Oblivious> me too

<Fr_Oblivious> Saw them do it live... not bad

<GeoScott> what was that A is A stuff?

<Fr_Oblivious> Alphabet song

<satai> A is A is Ayn Randian philosophy

<satai> something about absolute truth or some other nonsense

<GeoScott> Well, no, It's just that there aren't any more FA'd Qs. Got any?

<GeoScott> ahh, thanks

<Furbelly> what did you enjoy playing on the most?

<Fr_Oblivious> bass?

<satai> GeoScott: course i do. they're just all stupid.

<GeoScott> I was going to say that!

<Furbelly> lol

<satai> Furbelly: MK said once he didn't think too much of the Peaches by Phish, cuz they did the intro wrong.

<GeoScott> There are no Stupid Questions, only Unfrequently Asked Ones!

<satai> hahaha

<zspazz> lol

<Furbelly> I meant... did you enjoy playing with FZ more, or the Vandals, or Z... or is it even comparable?

<GeoScott> Ahh. He is indeed a particularist

<Fr_Oblivious> UFAQ

<GeoScott> I'm pretty much of that philosophy, but if it's wrong, they might have...DONE IT ONPURPOSE!

<satai> Do you listen to any of his current stuff?

<GeoScott> right

<satai> hahahahaha

<Fr_Oblivious> neat word,,, particularist

<Furbelly> to me, the Phish one just sounds woefully underehearsed

<satai> i wake up to Live in Japan.

<GeoScott> nice

<GeoScott> that is a good idea

<GeoScott> very big

<GeoScott> You would think that Phish would do something 'amazing' to it, just to kick it

<Furbelly> I wake up to the phone ringing with the voice on the other end going "why the fuck aren't you at work yet?"

<GeoScott> instead of offense...pedestrian?

<satai> i'd have liked to hear them do something vocally, like the others.

<Furbelly> I thought the Dregs rendition of Peaches was pretty good

<satai> yeah, like a stoned jamband or something.

<satai> hm, searching for Scott Thunes on ebay turns up no results. unexpected.

<GeoScott> you have to use the 'search body of text' thingie

<GeoScott> and just use thunes

<GeoScott> that works for me

<GeoScott> but you

<GeoScott> would have all that stuff already

<GeoScott> its usually just the boots

-- fuckadoodledoo is now known as Furbelly

<GeoScott> ahh. i don't sell anything. I'm a fucking pacrat

<Furbelly> great, what a perfect time to get disconnected

<GeoScott> did I crash you?

<Furbelly> you played on the Western Vacation album Scott?

<^Chunga^> yeah...he just told a great story too ;P

<GeoScott> i thought that might have been what happened?

<Furbelly> nope... but it still looks like you're not getting anything from the ftp

<zspazz> so you did what to her with the tuning fork?

<GeoScott> sure. marty is one of my oldest and dearest friends

<^Chunga^> lol

<Furbelly> ah, there it is

<GeoScott> yeah

<GeoScott> came back1

<GeoScott> !

<Fr_Oblivious> 1

<Furbelly> actually got word from Thana Harris about coming by... but she didn't really grasp the concept

<^Chunga^> Furs prolly squeezing the cord to get you to sta yhere if I know him

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<^kingv^> haha

<zspazz> hehe

<Furbelly> hey now, I ain't squeezin' nobody's cord

<^Chunga^> HAha

<satai> wish my CD player worked. Sleep Dirt is the only FZ CD within reach.

<GeoScott> when I became friends with marty, i was staying in bob and thanas room at stucco blue

<GeoScott> get up!

<Squirm> just found some zappa i didn't know i had...

<satai> heheheh

Chunga^ just got done listening to June 18 82 London

<satai> actually, i haven't listened to the Thing Fish demos since the listening session.

<satai> i'm going to put those on.

<Furbelly> I had e-mailed Thana that we were going to be listening to a Santa Monica show that Bob was part of. I had described the whole IRC thing, and how she could get files and such...

<GeoScott> what the hell is a thingfish demo?

<^kingv^> haha

<Furbelly> she replied that they weren't in the Santa Monica area, but thanks for asking

<GeoScott> hah

<GeoScott> 'you can still hear the show, thana, if you really try!...

<Furbelly> lol

<Squirm> what does WOIIFTM stand for?

<Furbelly> we're only in it for the money

<Furbelly> damn Scott, it's too bad popeye-x left just before you got here

<GeoScott> yeah, fug him

<satai> GeoScott: a couple demos from the Thing Fish sessions, or so i'm told.

<^Chunga^> "Thingfish" (Premix)

<^Chunga^> 90 min, A-

<^Chunga^> Many differences and additional tracks compared to the official release

<GeoScott> he's a very nice guy

<Furbelly> seemed like a nice enough guy

<Fr_Oblivious> Looked like a NYU student

<GeoScott> never had a harsh word.

<GeoScott> he looked like a Seal Beach resident.

<Fr_Oblivious> or Berkely

<GeoScott> of course, He WAS...

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<GeoScott> berkeley? or Berklee!=?

<Fr_Oblivious> music

<GeoScott> the latter

<GeoScott> definitely

<GeoScott> acted like one too

<Fr_Oblivious> lol

<GeoScott> far to enthusiastic

<satai> GeoScott: do you have a favorite recording of a classical piece? like Rite of Spring, or something?

<Furbelly> lol

<Furbelly> po-jama people

<satai> hahahaha

<GeoScott> yeah, but what are they liking instead?

<Fr_Oblivious> wrap em up

<satai> Shostakovich is the only one that's coming to mind right now.

<GeoScott> satai: You mean, a favorite classical piece? I thought you meant a specific performance.

<satai> Yeah, I meant specific performance.

<GeoScott> he's a heavy standard.

<satai> I think I just got muddled in the conversation.

<Fr_Oblivious> just you

<Furbelly> ok

<Furbelly> just checking

<GeoScott> My favorite thing was hanging out at UCLA music lab listening to Elliott Carter, and some idjit comes in and says, And I Quote:

<Fr_Oblivious> hehe

<GeoScott> 'There has been no music written since Mahler'

<GeoScott> so there you go

<Furbelly> that line that's finer than the hair I've got left

satai just remembered he has to review Things Falling Apart for tomorrow

<Fr_Oblivious> geez, fur, you're the kid here

<GeoScott> I saw the steam table, and the spatula, and just thought...

<GeoScott> Why Not?

<satai> heheh

<Furbelly> I'm sure there's more than just the released shows that FZ captured on video during your tenure, can you recall any other shows that were filmed?

<Furbelly> and not released

* Fr_Oblivious is listening to 84-3-11 late

<GeoScott> you mean besides barcelona?

* Furbelly has Barcelona on his hard drive

<Furbelly> hehe

<satai> I lost my copy of the Freddie Mercury Barcelona album.

<satai> sorry for the nearly-non-sequitor. ;-)

<Furbelly> when Lady Bianca was here, she mentioned that FZ filmed the band when she was in it too... that nugget of information was unknown until then

* Fr_Oblivious reaches for Furbelly's Harddrive

<^Chunga^> hehe

<^Chunga^> ok

<GeoScott> No, thank you!

<GeoScott> see yez

,Fr_Oblivious> Nice to meet you Scott!

<Furbelly> no no, thank you!

<GeoScott> likewise

<^kingv^> see ya man

<Furbelly> hit the ftp whenever you want

<GeoScott> dig it

<^Chunga^> Happy Holidays if we dont see you to u & yer family

<GeoScott> thansk!

<Furbelly> and if you can come by for the session tomorrow, that would be wonderful

<GeoScott> understood

<-- GeoScott has quit (Quit: )

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