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Look Who's Got A Talk Show!!!
Oh, No..... It's

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It's An Hour Long, Kick In The Pants,
Stroll Thru Whitetrash Talk Heaven!

Appalling Appalachian X-Laws
Broiling In Their Own Hate,

and they mean it!

Self Defeating Negro Whitetrash,
fighting Racist FIRE with Racist FIRE,

Watch Them As They Get Madder,
Yell MORE, and Glare With Venom!

Revel In The Revival Of Ignorance,
Back From Extinction!

Watch As Brilliant Celebrities BUTT- IN
As Champions Of Rationality And Fairness...

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See The Desire For Sex
Overtake The
Results Of Sex!

Watch As They "CAN'T STOP"!!!!

Cringe With Utter Dread As
Good Lookin' Folks Bring Out
The Ugly Side!

Listen As Great Advice Bounces Off
The Thickest Skulls In Talk TV!

Guess who's backyard "shows" were
perfect training for prime time production?
Guess who used to beat up on little kids,
just so their moms would assault me
cuz it turned me on?
Guess who loves to rake people over
the coals of none of my business?

Get your cup of coffee,
and get ready to CHUG!!!

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Takin' Names And Makin' Calls!
Diggin' Up Dirt And Changing Lives!

Heart Wrenching Horrors
From The Hillbilly Homeland!

Make Ya Wish Ya Didn't Wanna Know!

Foul Talkin' Whitetrash,
Never Givin' In A Single Inch!

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