I'm sitting here, its 4:30 in the afternoon. Its the middle of a Texas summertime heatwave. I'm working on a headache, I've had it since I woke up. I'm getting more uncomfortable by the moment, and the goddamn TV has the Love Boat, the Jeffersons, M.A.S.H., and The Electric Company, and that's it!

My sweat, my head, my attitude, its all BAD! And getting lots worse. And I'm sick to fuckin' DEATH of the Love Boat, Jeffersons, M.A.S.H., and The Electric Company! Its a good thing I don't have cable, or else fuckin' MTV would be on the list. I don't think I could stomach Billy Idol right now, with his fuckin' raised fist. I'd like to plant my fist right on his fat lips!
Then, I'd use my large, flathead screwdriver, and stab out his eyes, and puncture his neck and ribs. Then I'd take a good size landscaping nail, and my 22oz. hammer, and PLANT that motherfucker right in his fuckin' forehead!

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