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Who The Fuck Is Traci Kishbaugh? click here to find out....Traci Kishbaugh: Otto... 

Kurt Otto: Excuse me? Are you addressing me? Well, I will go ahead and answer you this time, but please be informed, from now on, you will address me as "Supreme Commander" or "Dictator For Life" of Monkee Lovers Unlimited-X fan club, and if you don't, well, I'll just have to exclude you from all further contact with club business. You're on probation now, so maybe you oughta watch your manners if you wanna keep getting the newsletter and the free publicity, etc.

TK: Let me be perfectly clear, seeing as you haven't gotten the picture yet. 

KO: Gotten the picture? Take a look at your screen, you'll see I AM the picture. I'm the story, too. Everything YOU wrote is ABOUT me. Your name isn't even associated with it, you just did the work, and were summarily weeded out, like something no longer necessary. I'm the website factor, too, because I'm the sociological connection between all the parts, AND, I did ALL the engineering, AND paid ALL the money. Its all one, big, multi-ME-dia ball of wax, and I'm the one who created it, and set it in motion. Its like an amplification of my own efforts and viewpoint, and I made the whole thing up out of my very own head. And you think I need YOU to tell ME what the picture is? Take a look at those tits of yours on my page. Do they look like I don't know what "The Picture" is?

TK: We will NEVER, EVER be friends. 

KO: Why the fuck not? Because I won't back down to, or tolerate, your viewpoint? So therefore I must be rejected? You're no better than me. I don't know where you got the idea that I'm so bad, and you're so good. I see you as several notches below me on the social scale anyway. Traci, has it ever occurred to you that I just might be 10 times as rich as your parents, or anyone else in your family? I OWN my own house, and I have several self-owned music biz industries that I have survived off of since YOU WERE A NEWBORN BABY, one is being a professional keyboard player, the other is my recording studio. I have created sound tracks for software that was distributed not only all over the US, but in JAPAN as well. My voice is the only English still on it! There was a full page ad for it in OMNI magazine! That's TOP OF THE LINE, its called Psychotron, by Merit Software, look it up! I have generated music I've produced music in my studio that has literally gone around the globe, East and West. You aren't BETTER than me socially or economically! Anything you got, I got the same thing, only better. That includes lifestyle, morals, material wealth, education, sense of humor, personality, talent, artistic integrity, personal honesty, love life, taste in music, engineering ability, experience in the entertainment biz, showmanship, basic psychology, sexual attraction, EVERYTHING! The list goes on and on, and if there's something on that endless list, you can bet your bottom dollar that what I got of it is BETTER than what you got. Pick any goddamn category you like, and why not just start with COMMON SENSE? What possible need could I have to want you for a friend, except out of the kindness of my heart? You have NOTHING in life I want, or need. I'm just being kind. And if that's not GOOD enough for you, do you really think I give a flying fuck? Its your loss, you fuckin' moron, you don't even know how to sweet talk a complete pushover like me into doing what you want. Fuck off!

TK: Not after what you have done to me and my friends. 

KO: Friends? You mean like George "I Suck Chuckie's Dick" Lowery, and his blow buddy, Chuck "I Suck George's Meatstick" Smith? With friends like that, who needs enemas? Or how about that Queen Sow Of The TV Guide Do-Gooder Society Of Molestation Agenda Couch Potatoes, Terrie Neilson? Boy, those 3 friends have really stood by you. I get more loyalty from total strangers than you get from the people you're supposedly defending from me! What a phony liar you are! You're fooling exactly nobody, especially with that psycho-dyke idea of Noone17, the offended married man. That's shit from the mental books for sure. Fuck your friends and fuck you. I advise all "punkydoodle pud pounders" to stay the fuck out of my way, I'm likely to sprinkle you on my Shredded Wheat if you're not careful.

TK: 1. You have publicly humiliated both me and Terrie when we were trying to keep our problems with you private.

KO: So fucking what?

TK: We would've NEVER taken it public if you hadn't not put EVERYTHING we sent up on your stupid, disgusting page, not to mention those disgusting pictures, which you have credited as being FROM us, even before you "changed the names".

KO: They're your tits and everyone knows it. I can't change HISTORY! Public HUMILIATION is the name of the game, if you didn't want to play, you shouldn't have STARTED it.

TK: That was very clearly a big, fat lie!

KO: DUH!..... next question!

TK: Again, if you can't take criticism, it isn't my problem.

KO: I think I "take" it quite well. I took yours, didn't I? Its my usage of it that bugs you. "Take it" is exactly what I did do, and I'm "keeping it". I don't have any conflict with it, so there's it truly NO PROBLEM as far as I can see.

TK: YOU obviously have the problem.

KO: If its so obvious, why don't I SEE IT?

TK: 2.  You have turned everything into a sexual nature, even going so far as to sexually harass me online.

KO: I didn't turn Nature into a sexual thing, it already was, Traci! That's how we all got here! Sex and Nature are utterly inseparable, by any known concept, just because you deny your own part of what you know to be a scientific fact is OBVIOUSLY your problem. Its of a "sexual nature". Talk to a professional to get the rest of the story, I'm just pointing you in a direction. Sex is not ABNORMAL you seedless old dried up cunt-husk! I don't even talk to evaporated ovaries like you, much less "sexually harass" them online. What a crock of shit! Send it to the cops. Prosecute me. You've got plenty of "proof". Fake motherfucker!

TK: Let me make it perfectly clear right now that I do not, nor have I EVER wanted to have sex with you.

KO: Why would you even say that? You think my dick gives a shit about statements like "perfectly clear" and "do not want to have sex", etc. I just go, "yeah, yeah, yeah" and proceed with what's happening anyway. Its part of the game for you to tell me up front we WON'T be having sex. Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that line and gotten laid anyway? And not just begrudgingly. I'm talking about better than it "wasn't" going to be in the first place, in fact, it happen again recently, but I won't mention any names, OK? That you would even bring the subject up is a CLEAR indication to me that it couldn't be that far out of the question, or else we wouldn't be talking about it right now.

TK: You frighten the hell out of me.

KO: That certainly doesn't mean you wouldn't like being fucked by me. Fear is an essential component of the excitement involved, I get scared shitless when i get my way, but that's part of the fun of it.

TK: 3. You post things on your message board and on the ANTI-PPX list that have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

KO: How do you know what the fucking topic is? Who are you anyway? Just a bitch who can't shutup! The topic is ME, period. Get used to it.

TK: (There was NO excuse for posting that link to the one soap page and making fun of me since, if you bothered to READ it before shooting your mouth off, you would've seen the author of the page ASKED people to send their scenarios in, which I would've thought that you would understand since you call yourself a writer. And it was none of your business in the first place.)

KO: I had a great excuse... I felt like it. I made it my business, and you can't stop me.

TK: You even went so far as to search for info on us to use against us.

KO: And what were you and the Rosie gang at the Leader's list researching when you found out where I lived and said, "We know where you are!" You threaten me like that, and I can't even look to see what you're up to in other places? I'm watching you like a hawk. you brought it on yourselves. You thought i couldn't do anything back. You were so wrong. Now you're regretting it. Too bad. That's what happens when you threaten someone who's able to kick your ass for even trying it.

TK: And don't try to tell me you didn't, because there is no other way you could've found out about my fan club since I never told you.

KO: Fuck your fan club, and fuck you. My Anti-PPX fan club is so much more successful than your fucking limp wristed Monkee Lovers Unlimited fan club, its fuckin' PATHETIC! Get out of the entertainment biz, Traci, you have no flair for it whatsoever.

TK: 4. You have lied all along by saying our complaint against your page is that you say Michael is ugly.

KO: Quit putting words in my mouth. Here's my official line: FUCK YOU! that's all the reason I need.

TK: Try reading that first e-mail on your site again that I sent you.

KO: You're the one who should read it. Last time we checked, you claimed the tits all went up at once, but your own writing states CLEARLY that they did not.

TK: You will clearly see your views about his looks have NOTHING to do with why we hate your page.

KO: I don't give a damn about what your views are, or aren't, and I never have, and I never will. I was never going to, so it doesn't come as any great revelation to know that I DON'T NOW GIVE A FUCK WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHERE, HOW, WHEN etc.!!! Its just FUCK YOU, and that's it!

TK: 5.  I would've never sent you ANYTHING if you hadn't cast the first stone and attacked Terrie after she sent you a complaint about your page.

KO: I don't care what you "would" do! If you hadn't sent it, I wouldn't know you. I'm famous. You aren't. That fact alone shows who "started" it. How else would I have ever known about you? YOU CONTACTED ME. Get that thru your fuckin' head.

TK: 6.  You can't even put up a warning for children, but yet you say you care.

KO: Warning? Fuck that, I'll put up an invitation. My shit would make kids smarter right off the bat, because they'd see instantly its just a farce and they'd laugh. Laughter is like Sex, Traci, its not UNNATURAL. Its not ABNORMAL. Its not MORALLY WRONG. Laughter and Sex are two of the healthiest things ever known known to mankind, they are absolutely essential to survival of ALL life on this planet, don't try to sell me on the idea that your warped repressive Nazi Sex Concept has anything to do with anything except S&M PC bullshit.

TK: Sorry. Not buying it.

KO: Good, because I'm not selling it. I'm giving it to you for free, take it or leave it.

TK: I went to Catwoman's site tonight just to check it out, and noticed that even SHE has a warning about your site saying it isn't for children.

KO: Since when do I give a rat's ass what she puts on her rinky dinky site? As long as she liked it enough to link it, she must have thought it was cool, and that's what really counts. There aren't any children branching out from her site into mine! Children don't read text, you dumb fuck. My site is mountains and mountains of HTML text, even adults can't get thru it. A kid wouldn't even be reading after 30 seconds. If you had ever read it, or if you knew ANYTHING about children, you wouldn't be harping that SAME OLD WACKI TACKI HORSESHIT like you are now! Drop it! We passed that mile marker MONTHS ago.

TK: So if SHE can do it, I think maybe you could to... unless you don't care as much as you say you do.

KO: Catwoman is NOT my standard of morality, Traci. She goes thru a moral crisis every five minutes, and usually ends up changing her mind repeatedly. My mind, on the other hand, is already made up, and it doesn't change like all you flip floppers who are still trying to figure life out. I've got it figured out, and my version of it works so well, I take that as ultimate confirmation that I have been right all along, which I ALWAYS AM, and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

TK: Put up or shut up.

KO:  I did. I PUT UP your tits. Now, you SHUT UP your mouth, and we're even, eh?

TK: 7.  You proved to me that even when someone IS nice to you, you can't respond in kind.

KO: You're a LIAR!!!.... next question?

TK: It doesn't matter if someone is rude or nice to you.

KO: Really? And you've 'proved' it by starting off rude and staying that way for 9 months? You are a total fraud. Besides, like I said... FUCK YOU! That's all the reason I've ever needed for any of this!

TK: Your reaction is always the same, so I am not buying your "If she had been nicer, I would've been nicer to her." act anymore.

KO: FUCK YOU, Traci! Take it anyway you want, but make sure you get the "FUCK" right, and the "YOU" right, OK?

TK: Considering all of this, you actually have the NERVE to ask me if I want to be friends?

KO: Yeah, I have the nerve, because I'm only doing it so everyone can see how socially warped you really are.

TK: You have some nerve!

KO: Yes, I do. I'm not a lily-livered piece of chickenshit like you and Terrie Neilson.

TK: Please do me two favors.

KO: OK... 1. FUCK.... 2. YOU!!!!

TK: NEVER contact me again.

KO: Will you do the same? Neither will I.

TK: And NEVER, EVER post ANYTHING about me ANYWHERE again because, to make it perfectly clear, you do NOT have my permission to do so.

KO: YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT THAT. I don't need your permission for anything, which takes us exactly back to square one where this thing started 9 months ago. I will continue to search, post, and create from scratch, an ENDLESS barrage of things about you, so get used to it. This is how your life is going to be until you finally SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU FUCKING BITCH!

TK: Traci Kishbaugh

KO: Just in case I forgot to mention.... 

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