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AKA Ms. Krys, 00/04/08-13:30

click here to see what Dreammm sent me at first.....

Dreammm: I'm asking you to stop posting about them and leave them be. Find someone else to badger... 

PPX: They started it.... and I'm not finished yet, do you mind? Asking me to stop posting about them, completely out of the blue, without any other reason involved, except you "want me to".... I don't even know you, and you don't know me... Don't you think you're asking a LOT for a newcomer, especially one who's not even interested in the issues involved?

Dreammm: hey, you can bash me.  whatchathink?

PPX: Now, why on Earth would I ever want to do something like that? Did somebody tell you I was a bad person? Tsk, tsk... you need to ask around, the people on this list will tell you, that's why they're here, they ALL agree with me. Ask them if you don't believe me. My naughty posts are posted specifically to make them laugh, and they DO. So do I. I ain't the only one posting "weird" stuff about the TT's here, as you will soon learn. Actually, Dreammm, if you wanna know the truth, PPX is the "nice guy" of the bunch....

(giving you my best innocent look...)

I'll tell you what I'll do, Ms. Krys... I will discuss any part of this issue with you, if you'll do the necessary homework, to "get up to speed", so to speak. It just so happens I have added linkable "bookmarks" to 12 Key Points, where the activities of PPX and the TT's can be systematically weighed and pondered... fairly... rationally... obviously...

1. Introduction to the TT's by PPX

2. Turkie's first salvo with replies

3. Turkie's second salvo with replies

4. Turkie tries to win AND steal the last word, so...

5. Turkie's fictional tits are posted by PPX

Suddenly, PPX is bombarded by mail from strangers using four letter words right and left...

6. Tacki's first salvo with replies

Now, PPX is on a major roll...

7. Tacki's fictional tits are posted by PPX

8. Turkie "goes public" at The Fray, a public bulletin board, blatantly LYING about PPX behind his back, she assumes she'll never get caught, but an innocent bystander senses the evil, and tips PPX off, who runs to his own defense, and wins over the ENTIRE bulletin board by unanimous consensus

9. Research shows that Turkie Nazi goes all over the Net, picking a fight with ANYONE who says ANYTHING about Bolton, good or bad, EVEN WITH HIS FANS, for you see, nothing is good enough for Turkie... which shows why she has a vendetta for PPX...

10. Tacki commits the ultimate sin by attempting to snitch off PPX to his local police department... the law is "not clear"... and somehow, this lame excuse fuels Tacki's demented dream of a day when she can censor PPX and deprive him of his "right to be offensive"...

11. A professional analysis is made by a psychology PhD who happened to witness the whole debacle at the Fray and the Mailing List. This man confirms every single "weird" theory PPX has been espousing from the beginning.

Keep in mind, the Globeclubs Anti Popeye X Mailing List is a response to all this previous stuff, and somehow, 2 dozen people generated in excess of 800 messages, hashing and rehashing all the issues to death until Tacki finally calls it quits... but then comes back disguised as a MAN! Nooone17... the infamous "Tacki Mon". Once again, the ire of many is aroused, and a hurricane of shit starts up again, to double and triple previous levels of participation. Finally, out of sheer force of numbers, Tacki Mon, the male Tacki, is beat down and worn out, and "he" disappears without a trace. But is it over....?

12. No, because then, Tacki, now as her original self, starts writing PPX private e-mails on the side, the result of which is brilliantly chronicled in FUCK OR FIGHT, The Collected Works Of Tacki Fishkebob.

 As you can see, Ms. Krys, there's quite a bit of water under the bridge... a lot of bitter feelings... and out of sheer desperation, since no one else will tolerate their asinine bullshit, the TT's have enlisted the aid of yet another kind soul, Dreammm, who is a caring person, and would go out of her way to help a fellow human being if she could...

Which is EXACTLY how I met Catwoman, the creator and previous owner of this Anti-PPX list....

I like you, Dreammm, your niceness and playful nature is definitely a breath of fresh air. I'm truly sorry, and I hope you understand, but I WILL NOT stop posting about the TT's, not yet, anyway.

However, I am definitely open to "informed" discussion, as long as it doesn't wander too far off the 12 Points I've outlined for you here.

If I am breaking any rules, please help me by directing my attention to it, and it will be corrected immediately. It is not my intention to do anything that isn't 100% legal, or according to whatever guideline everyone else is following. If, however, what I'm doing is NOT illegal, or in violation of a tangible defined rule, please respect the possibility that I might have perfectly "fair" reasons for doing everything I do.

You were saying... ?


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