this is not right. the one who should be dead now is cureton

at least hear me out before you decide i'm just being grumpy because i'm jealous of his fabulous talents as an engineer extraordinaire

starting up a website vendetta that was anti-steve cureton was originally the brainchild of chris holzhaus. i would say i couldn't agree more, but i did agree more, much more... much much more.

it went on for almost 4 years, non-stop. after it reached in excess of 400 html documents, i quit counting... but i did not stop making them. why? mainly, it was 2 reasons.

#1. many, not all, but dozens of them were nothing less than pure genius, in terms of web engineering, creative writing, journalistic snitching, and uproarious, diabolically funny ridicule and the relentless general consensus of a whole cult of diverse people who came out of the woodwork and spoke as one voice, proving beyond any doubt it wasn't just popeye-x starting up some unfair shit to hurt some innocent victim who's only crime was to try and make some people happy with his considerable talent and expertise in the music world.

#2. how many times have you seen 3 women who never met each other step forward and say "thank you, popeye-x for providing this public service to expose this violent, drunken, demonic, drug sddicted, woman beating chickenshit son-of-a-bitch to the world"?

some even said openly and brazenly they "couldn't wait" until the day came that this degenerated rambling slob with the potato that's been baking too long, mr. steven earl cureton, was DEAD and rotting in the ground. hey, i didn't say it, HIS EX-GIRLFRIENDS said it, but i whole heartedly agreed with them 100%, not because it makes this website even funnier, but because i really meant it!

well, i got news for you all. just in case you ever doubted it, the duke may be dead, but popeye-x is alive and kicking, and has no plans whatsoever of removing even one single word of the propaganda that has been generated about this worthless piece of shit. not one word!!!!!

the duke said "move on, kurt", ok, duke, you've moved on, i'm happy for you, i really am. because now i can say what i really think and that is:


holz, if you haven't got the stomach for it, you shouldn't have started this motherfucker in the first place! now everyone has agreed with the original premise unanimously and fervently, even after 7 years!

no, i'm sorry, but holzhaus being dead, and cureton still being alive is not only not right, it shows anyone who cares to wonder, there is no Jesus in Heaven looking down from the right hand of God, riding on a white horse and making all things right by casting the devil into the lake of fire forever...

i'll tell you what. i, popeye-x hereby swear on a stack of bibles, the day i hear that steven earl cureton is dead and burning in hell for eternity, will be the day i repent of all my sins, accept the calling of the Lord, and become a minister of the gospel just like claude butch morgan, another lying piece of chickenshit who tried to pass himself off as the spiritual leader of our dope smoking rock band... whether we liked it or not.
instead of passing a joint around before a gig like we used to do,
now we had to hold hands in a circle and have a prayer shoved down our throats,
since i don't like being forced to say amen, or hold hands with creepy musicians,
it was a quick ticket out of that band to start my own church, amen!

yes, on that golden morning, in the twinkling of an eye, rev. popeye-x will assume the rightful throne of melchizedek, high priest of the divine annointing and impregnate the faith of millions with holy unction and maybe even a little evangelistical cum blob to squirt upon the church ladies' necks, so they can rub it on their skin as a point of contact thru which the rev. dr. popeye-x can get a piece beyond all understanding, on a weekly basis, at the praise and worship camp meeting revival services featuring every band and/or musician in town, playing for free, praising God together, and celebrating popeye-x's birthday every year as an annual event.

you know.... a way to help all them crippled blind orphans out at Cracktown, the home for abandoned crackbabies run by popeye-x ministries. ain't he a nice guy? helping them to get off crack by charging really high prices, turning them from white trash church sluts into high dollar drug whores, to earn big money for the ministry and fuck popeye-x anytime he wants for free, since he owns the army tents and cots they sleep on, plus all the dirt underneath it, including the largest cache of semi-automatic assault weapons in the state, being sold out of a storm cellar semi-illegally over the internet, stashing away more ammunition than all the government's armed forces combined...

and its all nice and semi-legal, you wanna know how? because JESUS is the king of kings and lord of lords, and He's gonna come down from Heaven with a double edged sword and chop steven earl cureton's rotted torso into chunks of hot tamales cassarole, that will be served at the Gunter Hotel Banquet commemorating the plaque on which these words will be emblazoned...

"here lies what's left of a potato that was baked in cocaine, boiled in jaeggermeister, and burnt to a crisp until it curled up like jack in the box fries and turned to glowing cinders behind the hollow eyesockets of steve cureton's blackened skull... may his soul burn in hell and his name remain entombed on this website... forever. amen."

hey, steve... say hello to the duke when you get there... we sent him ahead to greet you at the door! he told you you'd be running into him unexpectedly someday, didn't he?



here's an actual photo emailed to me by holzhaus years ago
that's his handwriting, a perfect farewell message to stevie-boy, right?



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