the king of t.v.

have you watched television recently? i haven't. i've had quite enough, thank you. besides, i'm too busy completely redesigning the entertainment business from the ground up. its so fucking boring, when you consider the billions being spent... to make what? these wack ass played out pieces of shit shows like: the view, oprah winfrey, american idol, and the worst pile of excrement ever dumped out of a screen...
dancing with the stars!

i got a great new show,
its called: "fuck the stars"

its based on the idea that famous celebrities are clueless morons who will do anything to try and keep their stardom rolling.  celebrities ain't nothing but a buncha hoes, there's no need to keep kissing their asses. i can understand having no talent, nobody is perfect, but being so utterly BORING is unforgivable.

the function of the show would be  the ridicule the stars so mercilessly and so ruthlessly, not only would a huge audience be laughing their asses off, but the stars would be so humiliated that they'd be more than happy to just go away, and never come back.

number one on that list has gotta be oprah winfrey, the most miserable woman on the planet. she bought us a president, yes he's black, so she's achieved all her goals, and more...

now, there's nothing left for her show to be about... its just some doctor showing us cancer riddled human organs, or else its some extravagantly overpriced makeovers for frumpy housewives whose sex lives have jumped up a few notches... thank you, oprah!

too bad you're so rich and busy and important being oprah winfrey, you never have a moment's peace, and you never will. all you do is work and be famous, and then make a show out of that. and the whole time this treadmill is destroying what's left of your life, your show is steadily going downhill because its so