NITECLUBI spent my money at the niteclub. Bought some high priced watered down swill, and I swilled it right down. Talked to some "young" people. They ain't so young, but compared to me... They're dancing to their big beat, what country are they from? My home town, eh? Why are they so... uh,... stupid looking? Am I in the right place? Yeh, same giant ugly bouncer. Hope I don't have the pleasure of seeing him kick someone's skull wide open. Especially if its mine. Why do I go to these places? Do I really think I'll make some money? No. I only spend money.
What's the fucking use?

There's nobody here like me. They're all like them, none like me. I don't even begin to fit in. Let them fit to me, I'm too old to change. Fuck em'. Why am I here?

I can't believe it, there's no pussy whatsoever! I'm sorry that's beyond the call of boredom. Cruel and unusual punishment. Can't even talk to some stupid, brainless dingbat. Complete total drag. I'm in a room, dazzlingly finished and brimming over with plenty of nothing, blank empty space. Crowded vacuum. Lights, camera, action, nothingness. No result. Just leave, that's what signal my brain is sending, just fucking leave.

So, I wait around to see what might happen. Yep, you guessed it. Slowly, it got worse and worse and worse.... finally, I realized what I already knew, yes, I'm bored, yes, I'm going home alone, yes, I should have never come, and yes, why does it always happen this way?

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