How A
Record Company
Covers Its Ass

experienced in the biz

I know from personal experience how record companies cover their asses in cases like
The Isley Brothers Vs. Michael Bolton.

The artist who "wrote the song" has to sign a piece of paper saying none of it was "stolen", and the record company is not responsible for any infringement hassles that pop-up down the road. The artist has to bear FULL responsibility for his own "ripoff". Notice, the court ordered Bolton to pay 900 G's, and it ordered Sony to fork over 4.2 mil? Well, Sony has to come up with the cash now, but they just tag it on Bolton's tab on the other end! They merely withhold what they owe him, until his debt is paid off. In the end, the 5.4 million dollars comes out of Bolton's pocket, and he gets NOTHING until that's square. The reason its HIS debt is because he's the FRAUD who perpetrated the CRIME in the first place. Now, the monumental sales of his smash hit are working AGAINST him, he has to pay back Sony with every copy Turkie and Tacki buy.
This is so GREAT!


I know what I'm talking about, I had to sign a similar loophole for Dragon Street Records in Dallas with the band, RAWHEAD, not for a release, but just for the record company to become involved in the first place. If you don't agree to take the blame, they don't even listen to you, much less release product. They were scared shitless I had used samples from all kinds of popular records, and they didn't want to be sued, in case somebody noticed it. Of course, I LIED and signed it anyway, JUST LIKE Bolty Boy. Fortunately I had my totally dishonest partner in RAWHEAD, Bevis Griffin, to sabotage the deal "in-house" by never delivering the finished master DAT's I gave him to Dragon Street Records, although he led me to believe he did! Lacking any alternative, he finally gave them the tapes... 18 months later! Still, the record company was MORE THAN EAGER to release them, just like Bevis had feared all along. But it was
much worse than that! THEY LOVED THE MUSIC!!

Bevis had never bothered
to listen to it... not even once.

He just intercepted it, and kept it hidden for a year and a half, and all the while, I was asking him to please give it back to me... over and over and over and over. 

Its called
black people
ripping off
white people 
just because they think
they can get away with it.

If a RAWHEAD CD had been released, and IF it had become a hit, we would have gotten sued by Def Jam Records FOR SURE, because I had sampled Slayer's Angel Of Death on our single, Thundadome. Any and all penalties would have come straight out of MY pocket, and MY pocket alone!

Bolton's dilemma is like the ULTRA NIGHTMARE version of the same tar pit. That's why Bolton didn't clarify what he meant when he said the "jury's decision would cost him millions of dollars." He's financially fucked now, plus he doesn't dare try to sell more, Sony will keep ALL the money. The only way out is to write another hit, but ORIGINAL, this time. If he was capable of doing that, he wouldn't be in this jam in the first place! My sampling of Slayer would have cost me the industry hip-hop standard flat fee of @$8,000, for an unknown piece of shit band like RAWHEAD. But a well-known superstar Grammy winner like Bolton gets FUCKED in the ass,
because HE'S RICH! Well, he's not rich anymore! And he won't be collecting royalties from Sony, at least not until he writes a NEW hit, with a NEW record company!


There's no such thing as a CHEAP imitation, Michael! You deserve this. That was the whole idea behind the 3-0 decision AGAINST you by the Federal Appeals court!

Bolton has finally been ELIMINATED!

By the way...
To Turkie and Tacki:
They don't put
in the Hall Of Fame,
they put them
in the Poor House,
or Federal Prison,
whichever comes first!
It turns out Popeye-X is not
the one who's a criminal....
according to the jury,
the crime was committed by

Its called
white people
ripping off
black people
just because they think
they can get away with it,
or at least they used-ta
before the Inevitable Dawning
Of Political Correctness.

Der MasterslaveThe mental image of Bolton "giving something back" to his white female fans, while fucking the black Isley's out of 5 million dollars for 9 years, is truly comical... especially considering the jury awarded them 66% of the song, and 28% of the whole album!