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Praise be to Brother Bob Moog.. he always knew, and he still knows to this day,
Eric, the 23 year old guitar player around here is always talking about how much
he wants a
Moogerfooger, notice how the two words sort of blend into an unforgettable
"name for something to BUY someday", but it ain't tha name folks, its what
the product DELIVERS that no other can supply, and what might that be?
I understand the implications of a footcontrolled filter pedal with a real ring modulator
like from the old days of modular synthesis all too well, but the name is still a

In 1994, While I Was Thinking
I Finally Had A Real Job

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From: the bad effects of lamerz
is almost unmeasurable

05-01-30 ::: 05:34:59 :::

The year was 1994. Pantera released their 3rd "good" album in a row, entitled
FAR BEYOND DRIVEN. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard top 200 album charts.
This blew the music industry's mind. It STILL blows the music industry's mind.
This is unheard of, before or since. It just doesn't happen! How can
heavy metal rock music SELL MORE than any other record?

Starting at #1 is what's so shocking. Dave Mustaine has never quite gotten over it,
not to this day. Watching him on TV, putting himself in the same category as
Dimebag Darrell, saying Dime "got it" from him and Hetfield, is such sour grapes
delusional horseshit. I've never seen a rockstar throw such a hissy fucking fit
about MONEY in my life.It has nothing to do with guitar Dave, it has everythging
to do with POPULARITY. That comes from going to a gig and DELIVERING the goods.
When an albumcame out, it DIDN'T suck worse than the last. Pantera DELIVERED
the goods, musically speaking. Instead of hosting a show in rememberance
of Dimebag on MTV and talking about that thing only they both had, Mustaine
ought to be trying to find out that thing only Dimebag Darrell had,
because PEOPLE LOVED IT. Its that fucking simple.

The motherfucker changed the rules of the industry by playing a guitar...
a very spunky guitar, it was truly
FAR BEYOND DRIVEN. It wasn't fake,
their "act" was real, and they proved it by playing live and DELIVERING the goods,
with no apologies whatsoever. The motherfucker even played a
solid state amplifier! Totally unheard of..

Well, I don't guess its unheard of now, is it? Its not so much what you do,
but rather how much do you love it? And how much do you mean it?
Look at Eminem. People who sell records judge their success by
how much its like Eminem, I read where they Backstreet Boys were planning
on a real hot album they had coming out, it was supposedly going to ALMOST
be like Eminem. It has nothing to do with the music.
It has everything to do with what the audience NEEDS.

I remember, I told my supposedly brilliant boss at the time, you need
to create a program that will automatically cut loops on audio wav files,
and play them all in sync, like a rap group. Call it "Bitin' And Scratchin'".
It w
ould make a ,million dollars FOR SURE! I was treated not only with
total disregard, I was told I was "mentally off", like I don't know a thing
about where music is going and I especially don't know anything
about the then non-existent computer games market.

I said, Oh that's an easy one. I used to be a little boy, in fact I still am,
here's what you do: "Make a totally over the top blood for blood's sake
SHOOTING program, where you design your own weapon and blow the
fuck out of a whole bunch of victims. When the bodies pile too high,
just drop a huge explosive charge and blow them to bits, like when a SCUD missle
hit that Army barracks in Saudi Arabia.... just vapor. Call it
and spend most of the programming dollar on making an algorithm that
makes the splatter endlessly variating and funny as hell!"

Oh, I was told that's a horrible idea, the boss' wife wouldn't hear of it,
it was just against everything she stood for, I think I said,
"Yeah, and that's why it would sell, because it would be so much
fun to finally get that feeling that you're not taking any shit from anybody,
and you gotta custom weapon of your own design to back it up."
Oh, the protest was overwhelming, my idea was literally discarded
without a further thought, obviously I knew "nothing"
about the burgeoning multimedia industry.

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I don't know who bought DOOM from its creators,
but I do know Sonic Foundry was bought by
Sony, the largest corporation in the world.
Instead of "
BITIN' AND SCRATCHIN'", their product was
ACID. Not only was I right, but the concept of my band at the time,
, is exactly what Eminem is now, a white bad boy rapper
that tells the president to go suck a dick anytime he feels like it. And record
executives can hang it in their asses if they don't like it, because
Eminem SELLS. It doesn't matter what a bunch of straight,
rich assholes trying to be big shots think about this music or that
entertainment. ALL that matters is what does the AUDIENCE think?

Letting lamerz be in charge of things like new ideas is kind
of self-defeating, wouldn't you say? Look at Benevicious,
the guy who started Sonic Foundry. He can retire now,
as a multimillionaire, and he did it in the same time
period of 10 years that I am speaking of, doing EXACTLY what
I told my boss he should do back then. I knew I was right,
but I never dreamed HOW RIGHT I could be. I really didn't know.
You know why? I wasn't calculating it from the outside. I was
bringing up ideas from inside myself, as a direct result of forces
I felt stirring inside me at that time. I could identify with
the AUDIENCE. THAT'S marketing, right there.

Deliver what people want, fuck CONSERVATIVE thinkers,
that's not thinking, that's robotic gibberish. How do they know what will sell or
not sell until they've actually TRIED IT? Then there's the attitude of, fuckit,
we're doing this anyway, whether it sells or not, simply because we KNOW its right,
in our heasrts.THAT'S what Pantera was all about. To say it was because Dime
COPIED James and Dave is so disgusting, I just now deicided to
never listen to either of those bands again, unless I hear something
that draws me back in. FUCK THOSE has been pieces of shit.
Dimebag Darrell was offered the lead guitar spot in Megadeth
but turned it down when Vinne Paul couldn't come too.

Now of course, Mustaine would LOVE to hire Vinne Paul, they need
a shot in the arm POPULARITY-WISE, plus a lot of people would
love to see Vinnie Paul keep blowing and going to even higher
levels. What's this Lars Ulrich rehab movie bullcrap?

Play the motherfucking drums, like Vinnie Paul you fucking dickweed

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Les Paul's guitars and custom bedroom furniture, nice lamps, Mr. Paul



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