Doc, I was reading that most recent "PPX GOT ME FIRED FROM MY JOB!" iburn log, (what a lying sack of shit he is!), out loud over the phone to SLi, we were fucking screaming with migraine glee at all your "shorties", they did not pass unnoticed, two of your biggest fans were doing a point by point from the front row, SHIT, I could teach a college course on Doc-speak alone...

well, maybe not a whole course...
how about a seminar & a set of cassettes?

hmmm, maybe not a whole seminar...
how about a tutorial screensaver?

hmmm.... would you settle for a Churn post and a free trial link to the website?

OK, I see your point... who's gonna believe something tragic happened because PPX went "too far this time"?

(just to make sure everyone reading this understands...
PPX did NOTHING... except blow out HOT AIR... as usual)

I'll tell you what... I'm turning over a new leaf,
I've decided to dedicate my vast resources to:
Caring Digitally For A New & Hurting IRC Asshole
Sweet Talking Chat Chix & Horndogging *HUGS*

My first noble gesture will be to launch a million-dollar advertising campaign, so my fans won't have to waste their lives toiling in front of their computers, endlessly clicking thru GOOGLE! listings, and searching for the ultimate PPX banner ad. Now, thanks to my bad guy image, they can now go to their local theatre, and see my entire infomercial on the wide screen, in glorious 5-track digital surround sound. Since I'd like to "give a little something back to my fans", I've installed over 23,000 looping kiosks in local strip malls all across America. This will give the homeless and underprivileged, who, by law, are automatically denied Internet access, a chance to buy my T-shirt, my CD, and my nude poster.

As always, my organization will steadfastly maintain a website that is Currently Under Construction, so registered subscribers can download the latest PPX "spoken word" mp3's. These sound bites will soon comprise a verbal "the-making-of..." documentary, showing PPX in his studio, using new hot-keys, pirate IP's, dead seed scrolls, and chat-loggies fished out of DALnet bowls...

"Not bad for two years of clicking, huh? Am I good or what?"

Kurti Synthbaugh

Doc, did you see where your Answer Me!!! post at AntiPPX got a response from Tacki herself? She's been coming in and posting, but leaving the name box blank, and claiming to be a friend of Traci, who has known her a "long time". I call this incarnation of Fishkebob, "The Invisible Tacki". She also knows Tackimon, the male-hard throb torch singer who got fired from Menudo for making veiled threats at the Bee Gees Fan Club Mailing List, Cyber Strip Mall, and Online Sucker Bait Shop, to a freelance undercover snitch/sex partner who PPX keeps on staff. Invisible Tacki thought you were me, and I (you) was wrongly thinking Tacki was Turkie, and she let me have it right between the eyes. She clarified, in no uncertain terms, her father, the Chief Of Police, most certainly DID NOT rape her! OK, so I made a mistake, I guess I should have realized Tacki was of consenting adult age. I don't think its unreasonable for her to at least consider giving me a second chance to get it right, especially in the light of the fact YOU (Doc) were the one who posted it. She's a lot like iburn, she thinks PPX is behind anything that doesn't turn out according to the way the scam was originally blueprinted.

Also, of course, NEVER believe ANYTHING iburn says, no matter what it is, unless you have something besides HIS WORD to corroborate it with. Don't make the mistake of assuming he's not lying EVERY TIME words come out of his mouth. That fucker was one solid streak of lies...

(sung to the tune of the Marine's Hymn)

...From obnoxious chats with Luna,
to the SLi apologies,
we will log our channel's battles,
with the text from IRC,
first to Write cuz we Might need to Read 'Em,
and to keep our chan ops mean,
to the Rake_Fight Shitlist newbies,
getting kick-banned by Our Queen!

I'm starting to think iburn didn't start apologizing until some "force bigger than all of us" notified him his shit was already flushed. In a mad scramble of phony "I'm sorry, SLi" messages, it appears as if he was trying to grab his turds out of the swirling toilet, after the Big Flush was already underway. I guess when he stuck his hand in there, since the load was in excess of 500 lbs., it tore his arm off above the neck. That has gotta be the work of PPX, the cold blooded, home wrecking, chat megalo-monster, and his cheesy network of mouse-click mafioso rat-bastards.

One time, I heard Mugtoe sow a grim seed that reaps this harvest perfectly... Swing The Blade!