slaughtering innocent kids is "child's play"
From: popeye-x, the big expert on everything, especially if its bad 20 Sep 2007

my friend Mugtoe has a tendency to be impressed by the melodramatic histrionics of satan worshipping metal heads who were raised in post-hitler europe, a place worse than hell only one half century ago. think about it. while the third reich was piling the dead bodies to the sky from within, the united states and its allies were raining death from the skies, every day and every night, making the 23,000 dead per diem quota of Aushwitz look like farm league chickenfeed.

during massive incendiary bomb air raids, it wasn't uncommon at all to kill 80,000 to 120,000 innocent civilians PER DAY in places like Dresden, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. they don't call it a holocaust because it was Standard Operating Proceedure. so, from a realistic statistical comparison between the killing machines of both sides, slaughter and carnage wasn't, and still isn't, all that "hardcore".

the thing about Xal that makes him such a naughty boy, sooo bad-ASS he is welcomed like a brother, with open arms into the family of true evilness, like The Mugtoe Connection, and Dr. Popeye-X's relentless Info-Hate Machine, the real reason he fits right in so transparently might be a little too crystal clear, so clear you can't even see it sticking out like the Invisible Man's Dick, one inch from your nose!

I'm afraid the natural innocence and 'from-the-heart bumpkin sweetness' of my huckleberry friend Mugtoe might inadvertently allow the hoopla of rampant bloodbath-ism to eclipse a more horrific symptom of the TRUE EVIL that Xal brings to the table...

Yes I'm talking about his instantaneous and no-turning-back LOVE for Reaktor, no matter who it hurts! buckets of blood and body parts are commonplace... look on the street corners in Bhagdad. Do you see Al Quieda obsessed on their laptops, grinding out mindsplitting noize and sonic distortion with Reaktor, getting their "spiritual rocks off" like a motherfucker? ahem..... no. HELL NO! they're pussies. they wanna DIE... fuck that. we wanna KILL, there's a big difference... know what I'm saying?

I'm talking about the BOREDOM of boring assholes all around, trying to DICK WITH OUR BUZZ! I ain't havin' it, neither is Xal, and Mugtoe DAMN SURE ain't gonna put up with even one extra nano-second of it, no matter how cute their little ass looks. Am I right? You're goddamn right, I'm right... and woe to ANY motherfucker who disagrees with this particular point. What point? I guess that would be the point of THIS GUN, fool! Which gun? THE ONE POINTED AT YOUR MIND'S EYE, YOU BLIND LAMEROID useless fucks!!! don't fuck with my shit, not even in a dream, and stay the fuck off my website's dick asking me for amphetamine recipes every goddamn day!

don't you get it??? the Mugtoe Connection couldn't even scrape together enough drugs to make the merest samplin'! either get me high with YOUR stash, or get the fuck out my website's face, BIYATCH!!!



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