downloadable cyanide & amphetamine recipes...

just ask popeye-x ::: he will unlock the secrets of forbidden knowledge for you, and hand the power to you on a silver platter... but you gotta promise not to tell his Mommy & Daddy, cuz then he will be in real trouble!!!!!

its a fucking joke you fools!!!!my screen name is
 can you tell me how to make  amphetamine, i was told to check your site, cool as the fuck but   i need this info, i don't no what i have that i can give you, if you help me but, 
ask and mabey i'll have it thanx 
J red

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amphetamines how to make(help PLZ)

PPX: Another misguided youth turns in desperation to popeye-x, the world renown enabler of morons, teaching illiterate paintball dorks the hidden mysteries of making your own cyanide and amphetamines, all too happy to feed the email umbilical to higher knowledge, and the s ANFO explosive into whatever Yellow Ryder Truck pulls up to his email inbox, looking for a handout and a sure fire drug recipe to completely bypass school, jobs, the cops, and overthrow parental authority once and for all! when you have enough amphetamines, you don't need a hot school lunch, a decent haircut, or any #2 pencils... fuck that shit, you can buy all the spray paint you'll ever need, graffiti tags will cover any documentation hassles.... just remember to spray my email address accurately, and make it readable so all those dead bodies lining the road will have some way to mail in their extra foodstamps when the time comes for popeye-x to take over this pitiful lost cause known as the United States Of Cornhuskers Lotion and don't forget a lil' sip of that Milk Of Amnesia they been dispensing at the popeye-x working undercover as a refrigeration repairman, just so he can huff that Freon when its fresh out the can, mmmmmm, fresh and cold as ice, makes Glade you guys been huffing seem like a vaporized urinal deodorant biscuits... 

here's a hot tip: when your speeding your brains out eating bag after bag of kiss those cheetos Cheetos, it can wear a hole in the roof of your mouth in no time, them corn puffs are like curly wood rasps inside a tender mouth, just dip yer Cheetos in Anbusol, with each Cheeto bite, soothing benzocaine will be automatically applied to all them raw spots that have been stingin' from the salt and that orange powder that gets on your fingers, and winds up on your dick, only Deep Woods Oral-Gel and some phlorescent duct tape can prevent those pesky cranker sores from igniting the burning ring of fire...

skull painting popeye-x, 1988

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