ultrachug is a motherfucker

From: popeye-x's shitcanning email to demetria monde thramm
05-02-28 ::: 23:00:59 ::: infomania

(somewhere she said, "that's not very nice, sending me a link without warning me what I'd see", and I think a fuse blew in my head, no I think it must have been a row of fuses)

I'm sorry, I'll look thru my giant folder of slaughtered human beings and find something NICE that matches your infinitely PEACEFUL compassion, then you won't feel so COMPELLED to keep talking to me about something I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ANY MORE! STOP IT!

What is wrong with you? Are you one of those BITCHES who thinks she never has to SHUT THE FUCK UP?

"That wasn't very nice sending me that link without warning me what I'd be seeing..."

Ok, let's go this route...

FUCK YOU, Monde. Do you understand plain English? Please don't talk to me anymore, ok?

Your EGO is now "out of control". This is not a good time to KEEP TALKING ABOUT THE MOTHERFUCKING WAR TO ME. You know why? Every time you open your mouth, you demonstrate you not only don't know what you're talking about, you have no consideration for anyone else except YOURSELF and your ego trip. And this is in direct contradiction to how you describe yourself as a peace loving universally compassionate human being, which I have NEVER BELIEVED, not even for one second. I don't buy into the falsehood that you are "morally superior" to me in ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM

You are on a head on collision course with your own dishonesty. I know the only possible reason you could STILL be putting on this act of engaging me in a serious conversation is to gain a little more proximity, just enough to sucker me into the range of your "self destruct belt buckle", you know damn well already your creditability with me and ALL my friends at an all time low. Even if you now stop acting like a typical selfish American BITCH, the fact you would deliberately ignite a problem, and continue to fan the flames, when its not even necessary, nor wanted, is classic SELF-CENTERED BITCH behavior.

I'm a little different than the usual sub-humans you routinely toy with, like their lives and emotions are your "action figures" to destroy as you see fit. I already know you have nothing but contempt for Barbie's dickless "date" Ken, OF COURSE he's gay, you can tell by looking at his face. At least he's not a G.I.Joe. there is nothing you hate worse than G.I.Joe. You know why? G.I.Joe doesn't follow Barbie's orders like Ken does.

You actually think G.I.Joe is crude and simple minded. Easy pickings for someone like Barbie, who always gets her way, no matter what else happens, Barbie is the top selling toy in WORLD HISTORY.

I'm pulling your card, Monde. Nothing personal, its company policy. One of my big RULES is: If a "friend" of mine starts up some unecesary problem, and won't let it pass, but keeps the "beef" alive for some UNDECIPHERABLE REASON, then its already a done deal. At that point I run a little test I invented, just to double check one more time, before the final decision is made. It goes like this: "Is there genuine disrespect STILL present?" By that I mean behavior I will NOT TOLERATE, under any circumstances. The answer is YES. That's it, Monde.

I realize you won't believe me for at least 3 weeks. At that time, when it dawns on you I'm serious, and I'm sticking to my decision, you will examine my demands, and you will respond exactly like I have specified. You will even use my own words, to demonstrate I'm "getting my way".

But it won't work, because of several reasons. And I'm not even going to discuss those reasons with you, you've made your choice, I'm entitled to make mine. And you WILL respect it. I'm leaving you no choice. It works like this:

I've just done one of the sweetest things a friend could possibly do for you... I've given you a wonderful pathway to your self. The same thing I've given you for FREE, cost me well over $500, and over 2 years of hard work learning it, and creating raw material to sculpt with.

In this same time period, you have shown me nothing but continual, hammering DISRESPECT. I have told you at least 10 times I don't want to discuss "THE WAR" with you anymore. You have not SHUT YOUR MOUTH even once.

I look at what I have done for you and I like what I see a LOT. My genuine respect and love for you is so obvious, and there ain't a damn thing you can say to negate it

I look at what you have done for me... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You won't even allow me the basic human dignity of not having to deal with YOU BEING A PROBLEM on a daily basis.

I look great, and you look like SHIT. A perfect point in the history of our friendship to terminate it, don't you think? I don't think so... I KNOW SO.

Don't even bother trying to show me I'm "getting my way". You wanna know why? Its simply because I don't need you to "help" me understand I'm going to get my way in "the end", you're the one who doesn't understand, I ALWAYS GET MY WAY, as I have been all along, and always will. You don't need to "give" it to me, I've already taken it, and I'm keeping it, and you can't have ANY PART of it, no matter what you say or do.

Now, kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP and go away, and stay the hell out of my life. I have no place in it for Americans who are "too morally superior" to defend America. To this day, you have NEVER answered my direct specific question about what if Deek had been killed, along with over 3,000 Americans? You won't answer, in fact, you were totally RUDE instead. Wanna know why?

 Read my lips, ASSHOLE BITCH... YOU'RE WRONG, and I'M RIGHT. End of story. Stay the fuck out of my face. The issue is not negotiable. Your bigotry has revealed the "holier than thou" opinion you have of yourself, and the contempt you have for men in general. The way you talk about about your boyfriend as this totally secure specimen of manhood who loves you so much is such an obvious LOAD OF HORSESHIT. You aren't "happy" at all, nor are you "wise" with true love. You're just a typical American bitch who thinks she doesn't have to admit when she's TOTALLY WRONG. Barbie never has to SHUT THE FUCK UP, she's with Ken.

Hint: G.I.Joe can see right thru you, and he knows a sad sack of hippie shit when he sees one, WHINING like a silly ass, self appointed witch wih "magic powers". You don't know the FIRST THING ABOUT COMPASSION for your fellow human beings.

You're just anoher brainwashed Barbie bitch who thinks she wears glass slippers and rides around with a beautiful man in a pumpkin.

 btw, FUCK OFF, Monde.



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