Conspiracy? Ha. That's putting it mildly. Take your pick: government, religion, big business, mass media, social security, the phone company, sports, education, drugs, sex, the Toiletside Reader, the Mongoloid Machine. . . what? The Mongoloid Machine? What's that? . . . creates mongoloids to create mongoloids to create lots of mongoloids to sell a bunch of over priced nothing to?. . .The Doctor has done his work very well indeed! In time, no one will even notice that the landscape is cluttered with HUGE ugly stupid-looking messages to nobody, or anybody, take your choice cuz they're all NOBODIES. And after a while, they don't even see the giant messages, covering up everything else.

After a while, only the weird people even notice. Only the out-of-the-ordinary folks would have time to consider, that what was once incomprehensibly beautiful, is now uselessly ugly, looking like big, stupid garbage. Oh well, can't fight city hall. All of this. . . signed, sealed, and delivered in the laboratory of Dr. Anonymous.

The Sons Of Anonymous are the invincible imbeciles, the expensive expendables, the family-pack bargain buttholes,crammed like french fries into even rows of garden homes, peas in a pod, vegetables on the hoof, all over the road! On roads designed and built by the Sons Of Anonymous. In cars designed and built by the Sons Of Anonymous.

Conspiracy? Bullshit. Only the occasional paranoid passerby, on his own for a minute, just long enough to accidentally stumble upon a question:

Why are there huge, 20ft. by 30ft. gawdily painted messages trying to sell me garbage I will never buy (never have) covering up the LAND?

How can the picture of a logo, or a car, or cigarette, or hamburger be the central "eyecatcher" of my POINT OF VIEW while I pass thru my environment? Is that stupid sign just a sign of the times? These sons of anonymous have no point of view.

Only parenthesis brackets
and parental brackets
and prenatal bracketeering
like mouseketeering
and boyscouteering
and musketeering
and wearing earrings
and glass and paint and Brylcream
and Aqua Velva and ammo belts
and bandoleros and mandolin oranges
and T.V. guitars gushing with fake blood
and poser nobodies wearing sunglasses
watching themselves in their
hip, all-expenses-paid, reflections.

Reality is a conspiracy of the insane."
Popeye- X, 1976

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