The great Maximoto, intestine tag team wrestler, untied his rhinestone studded bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. In front of him, Mother Superior Guacamole of the Improbable Calculation Covenant diligently scrubbed the men's room floor, oblivious to the perverted gut grinder's intentions. In one stride, the oversized Asian sloth entrapped the horrified nun between his legs. His large, flat headed gila-dick stood rigid, pointing at the nun's face. She shook with fear as the bumpy, veined rod spit premature sprinklings on her breasts and thighs. Suddenly, she gasped aloud and tore open her habit, exposing her large bosoms, and yelled...

"Oh, now, fuck my tits, you barbaric knot-iron!"

Maximoto laughed aloud exclaiming, "What? I, fuck your holy tits? Never!"

"Oh, please, I want to suck you," begged the nun.

Maximoto replied, "No, Sister Shit, you will suck this!"

He reached down to his bulging layers of flab and lifted the fifth blob, exposing an eight-inch zipper on the side of his belly. He unzipped the zipper and gently lowered out 22 inches of the prettiest intestines you have ever seen. Mother Superior screamed aloud and proceeded to deep throat all of the exposed tubing. When she had swallowed it all, she let out a sensuous little fart, which caused the freshly swallowed wrestler's guts to pop out the end of her butt, a little bit.

sumo-head in fond memory of
Harry Eck
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