Here comes another carload of yelling, screaming sport spectators, rocking back and forth with their index fingers pointing high in the air. Number one! Number One! They shout like its the best thing to ever happen, and for some reason, they think it happened to them. Just because they were ROOTING for the winner, they think that somehow the victory applies to them. They think they won. They go absolutely berserk with dangerous all out glee, shouting their lungs out about how glad they are, totally convinced that they have done something really, really good.

Look at the crowd as they jump up & down and bellow like stuck hogs. They all agree that they are the best team even though they don't actually do anything like move the ball or even touch the ball. No, they sit in rows of seats & eat hot dogs & popcorn & drink beers and make their awesome contribution by shouting out what they want to happen & cussing out any referee or player who spoils their delusions of conquest.

What do they actually win? Money, fame, jewels, gold, sex? NO. They win the victory itself. They prevail over the losers and they try to love every minute of it as much as they possibly can, and maybe even more. They drool like famished billy-goats, staring into trashcans and banging their heads together.

OK. So "your" team won. BIG DEAL!! What did you do besides sit on your ass & let off all kinds of steam? Yelling loud and pointing like crazy is not my idea of championship. Spectators are merely boneheads who buy the tickets to feed the teams to play the games to WIN THE VICTORY and take the spoils by going wild and rooting for their own side. Why bother to have a game? Why not just go wild for the hell of it? Why do you need an excuse? You have nothing to do with the game anyway, so what's the difference? Might as well just get drunk cuz you want to, and not hide behind the results of an otherwise pointless exercise.

paint by Robert Tatum

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