popeye-x reflects on
the mystery of certain notes

I knew it would come to this,
Even though I never really believed
it could really be possible,
I never doubted for one second
it was absolutely necessary.
I wanted to be part of it,
I couldn't let it slip thru my fingers.
sometimes I've wondered if I'd live thru it
I knew it wouldn't kill me,
but there are dark forces at play,
I wanted to own a big chunk of it
I stole low F# early on
best note on the piano
I own it now, I know it like I know
the back of my own face
even better, it knows me
its waiting for me anytime I want it
best of all, I get to keep it,
and this makes me feel greedy...
but I'm not giving it up, greedy or not
there was a time it was
the only reliable friend I had
it gave me a home to rest my left pinky on
you can build a whole world of noise
on top of that F#
its wide and strong, I even stack
C's and G's on top of it
E's, Eb's, and always a C# somewhere
preferably next to the G# or the B
they all fit on top of that F#, in any order,
tilted any direction
let them fall over in pieces
and scatter in a pile... the low F# is still there
and its got that fat C underneath,
just in case the floor needs to drop temporarily
but all the rooms and hallways
connect back to that F#
there's even a few trap doors but you'll have to find them yourself
if I pointed them all out to you,
it wouldn't be worth looking to see
if I'm lying or not
check out that low F#, two octaves down...
yeah, that low black key
the one on the left of three black keys
F# is to grand piano
what the 808 kik bass is to hip hop
the cornerstone of any decent stack of
notes and/or noises
with the F# underneath,
notes and noises are free to be themselves
you simply can't tip the F# over
its a no tilt, bottom line, slab of piano flesh

you can use that F# to get laid, just look your girlie in the eye, then drop a run of notes that cascades down, and land square on the F#, then look her in the eye again,

then look at the F#..

its a manly masculine note,  and she will understand that just by the sound of it, drop a handful of sounds and rhythms on top of it

Joe Zawinul knows EXACTLY what the fuck I'm talking about, so did Friedrich Chopin, I never understood why they made Middle C such a famous note, it sounds wimpy, like a sissy note, but drop the F# two octaves below it, now its SINISTER

F# is so bad ass it can make sissy notes
like Middle C and A-440 sound evil
look at a bass guitar,
? if there was ever any doubt,
here's the final proof
what is sitting exactly one whole step
UP from low open E string?
F muthafucking #, it sounds as good on bass as it does on the piano
in fact, play a bass F# at the same time
as a low piano F# 
there, you've got the basis of a whole band, with all the balls you'll ever need
can you say "Weather Report"?
sprinkle a little ring modulated Rhodes
across the top, that's all the hints
I'm giving out in one day

next month:
The Mahavishnu Orchestra,

the 1st LP, Side 1, Song #1... play it
the first note... check it out,
now tell me, what motherfucking
note is the whole concept resting on?
you wanna be a bad ass guitarist?
come to grips with that low F#,
like Jimi on Foxy Lady, "yeah... just axe the F#, he knows everything... let me prove it to you....


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