HELLA-FREAK the album by DJ PPX hella-freak.zip 84 MB zipped

track name - mix number

01_hella-freak_mix19 04:55
02_hella-freak_mix25 04:28
03_hella-freak_mix02 05:52
04_hella-freak_mix03 03:20
05_hella-freak_mix05 03:37
06_hella-freak_mix16 02:38
07_hella-freak_mix18 00:38
08_hella-freak_mix13 04:46
09_hella-freak_mix14 05:17
10_hella-freak_mix12 04:48
11_hella-freak_mix11 06:25
12_hella-freak_mix10 02:57
13_hella-freak_mix09 04:15
14_hella-freak_mix27 03:32
15_hella-freak_mix29 02:50

DJ PPX is an evil, mind destroying, industry devouring, copyright ignoring DJ From Hell, a true master of the modern music underground, a hard worker and an insane programmer, completely addicted to the whims of his own musical desires, and staunchly opposed to helping groups just because they're rich and famous,.. fuck 'em, ain't nothing but a buncha hoes!

They gotta DESERVE to be freaked like this, this machine is Top Secret! No love sick pop groups, with snitch-ass lawyers, will ever be allowed to know about this ass-kicking, mindfuck of an album, much less have it served to them on a silver platter by the genius who did all the work.

Any profits made from this recording should go to a fund for suicidal DJ's who will understandably want to KILL THEMSELVES when they realize what the fuck is going on here. In the first place, only the best and most experienced and creative DJ's will be able to comprehend the techniques of cutting loops on the 1, playing them live as an improvisation, processing them thru filters and echoes, and "freaking" the arrangements on the fly.

HELLA-FREAK, the album, was compiled from 15 of 31 live jams, carefully sequenced, and spliced back to back, all on beat...,even the fade outs keep time This was done so any "normal" DJ could play the original mix on one side, and these freak mixes on the other side, sculpting the arrangement to match the flow of what's happenin' on the dance floor. Get it?

How does this crazy shit work? One simple but essential answer: REAKTOR. Do you know what that name means? No? Then you better fucking find out, before those magazines you've been bullshitting yourself with make you miss the boat entirely.

At first I thought there must be some form of hocus pocus going on, maybe I was just too high? It sounded way too good to be true. Gradually, I realized this freak mixing thing works the same way Dixieland jazz works. You combine various pieces of blues music together, using rhythm and improvisation, if its real American blues music, it can't NOT work. Blues music was designed for polyphonic improvisation since day one.

The bass player of this band heard a couple of these freak-mixes and said, "that's awesome!" I guess that means all the other people who said I had finally lost my mind were full of shit, right? I swear to God, my sister heard some of this freak shit over the phone, and that stupid drunken bitch actually called the police!

Two cops appear at my front door, its wide open...
1st cop asks: "Are you alright?" I bust out laughing.
2nd cop asks:"Are you here by yourself?"
His eyes look towrads the open studio door... evil noise is spewing forth.
"Nobody here but me... and a fat kitty cat... she's around here somewhere."
2nd cop winced at the relentless, wall-pounding rhythm, roaring thru the whole house.
1st cop says: "Someone was worried about you" I started laughing my ass off!
The sound WAS insane, no argument there.
"Sorry guys, but somebody is yanking your chain. Thanks for showing up just in case, I really appreciate it,
but my drunken sister is wasting your time since I won't let her waste mine."
At that point, the mosquitos around my porch started dinging the fuck out of them,
especially on the 2nd cop's bald head. They left walking real fast. slapping their arms and faces.

scratching like DJ's, and itching like motherfuckers.

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