There seems to be a constant demand for some kind of explanation, or even a short tutorial, oh, what the heck, make it a full blown screen saver, with a step-by-step walkthru of vital operations. That's the part that makes a looseknit pile of thin, Japanese synthesizer notes, SWELL, SMEAR, and SKY SMUDGE into a HUGE, DARK CLOUD of rancid chemical death.

Quintessential techniques.

That's how a couple of grand turned into a PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE. The revenge of the drumbox is that, it not only kicks butt, it actually wraps more "bun-meat" per square inch around the tip of yer cowboy boot, and, it brings the beat back home, in the pocket, where its gonna stay, and keep on staying. That's the beat they call, SOLID, that is to say, steady, true, like a beam of light in its precision and gleaming outlay.

Concentric rectangles, in a continuous line, zig zag to the horizon, arriving with EXACTLY the required amount of squares. Opposing polygons collide, then they're gone. Pieces fly thru temporary skyholes, only to be swallowed up by self-imploding shadow flashburns.

That's where I want the "FTW" to come in.

Spinning hard in a clockwise blur, the logo drifts across the screen until it happens to touch other objects, then it disintegrates in a spectacular shower of sawblade debris raining down.

(All of the above is an excerpt from the screenplay of a major feature film being hotly negotiated as we speak. Simultaneously, the FUN2WATCH tech teams are faithfully capturing the whole proceedure on film and video tape for an upcoming full length "the making of....." broadcast. This film will concentrate on telling the Story About The Story, from the viewpoint of the inner story, in the style of the bottom line story, for the sake of the maximum propaganda advantage story,......finally landing on the shores of the same ol' story. That's where it stops
...for now.)


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