...he just starts laughing...

...the ACID gets high...Buster Bob is an Acid King. When he drops Acid, the Acid gets high. Buster Bob turned LSD into just another rubbed raw mosquito bite. When you look at Buster Bob, you start having Normality Flash Backs, but they feel like Flash Forwards. Buster Bob is 1/2 Obie-Won-Kinobe, 1/2 Don Amiche, and 1/2 Pleased Ta-miche. Buster Bob is a living, walking cartoon, with psychedelic thought bubbles and hand printed speech. All of this takes place inside a large rectangle, which follows him around, framing him automatically wherever he goes. Buster Bob can drink tequila without any effect on the mind. Buster Bob can gobble LSD without any effect on the tequila. When Buster Bob looks you in the eye, there is a mental link, and you don't know what it means, but he acts like he does. Buster Bob will make you laugh in a dangerous way. You can stumble up to Buster Bob in a totally insane frame of mind, and he will instantly relate to where you're coming from, more than you will. Buster Bob always has his eyes and ears peeled. Buster Bob understands random patterns of gravel on the ground. Buster Bob has a twinkle in his eye, and you think he's thinking the same as you, but he's NOT. Buster Bob is far, far away, even when he's right next to you. Buster Bob took so much super strong Acid back in the 60's, nowadays, whenever he sees a clock, he just starts laughing.

paint by Barry Kent Littleton & Kurt Otto
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