K-Bone Talks About The Recording Of Pet Sounds

K-Bone: Pet Sounds is, in my opinion one of the greatest all time albums, and the very best mono mix (one track). It's mono because Brian Wilson is deaf in one ear. So's he gets about 20 or 30 of the best session players in cali and stick's all in the big room in the studio. Without musical charts, notes or written material of any kind, he goes to each musician in turn and tells him what part to play. Then he goes into the control room and works up a mix. (all 20-30 elements down to one track of a 4 track recorder) Then all 5 beach boys come in and sing the lead vocal and harmonies together in one room. This goes to the 2nd track of the four track tape. Then they do the exact vocal parts again which double's the voices on each part and this goes down on the 3rd track. That leaves one track left to mix all three recorded tracks down to. That 4th track is what you listen to over and over again and also inspired the Beatles to make Sgt. Peppers. . . Fleetwood Mack used 48 for whatever that forgettable followup to Rumours was. (Tusk)

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