Mike Pogue and my Video GuitarMike Pogue, the artist,  was an early reader of the Toiletside Reader, he always seemed to have a better master copy of it than I did, probably because he lived with Connie Wright. His artwork appears all over the Internet version, in various forms, as listed below.

One time, Mike decided to be a rock star named, Mike The Lead Singer. He went to a music studio where I had programmed funky beats into the resident drumbox, and Pogue recorded a track STEALING one of my beats. Then, for lyrics, he quoted the text from the Toiletside Reader story, I GOT IT!, and he vocalized those over the beat, thereby STEALING my words. Then, he sent that mix to Kevin Kosub, who put it as I GOT IT! on his Texas compilation CD, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS.

But, Mike wasn't thru STEALING from me, not by a long shot. Being the brilliant artist that he was, he made a visual version of I GOT IT!, painting in tape reels, microphones, speakers, guitars, keyboard, etc.  This piece got a lot of attention in the local San Antonio media, it was even on the cover of the S. A. News Entertainment weekly, with a feature article about Mike and his new painting, I GOT IT!.

click to see larger versionThen, one day, just by chance, I dug an old issue of Modern Keyboard out from the stack next to my toilet. I was amazed when I found where Pogue had STOLEN the idea for the visual version of I GOT IT!. I showed it to him, and he claimed to have no recall of seeing that magazine. Mike Pogue had taken enough shits at my house to have access to that magazine, so I figured he was such a total ripoff idiot, he didn't even notice it anymore when he did it. Notice the eyebrows, the eyes, the forearms, the keyboard, the speakers, the microphones, etc. It blew my mind that he found that picture by the side of my toilet, because that meant it was still a "toiletside ripoff".

TOILETSIDE READER artwork by Mike Pogue

postscript: Mike The Dead Murderer

post-postscript: Who's GOT IT now, you fucking idiot? ~ popeye-x 10/09/00