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site where James Byrd's torso was found

"Experience the warmth and Southern hospitality of the Texas Piney Woods region."
Jasper, Tx.
James Byrd’s mangled torso was found the next day on a bumpy, winding country road about 10 miles from his home. The 49-year-old’s severed head, neck and right arm were about a mile away. Investigators found a trail of blood along a 2-mile stretch of road. An FBI task force is gathering evidence against the three men already charged with murder: Lawrence Russell Brewer, 31, of Sulphur Springs, and Shawn Allen Berry and John William King, both 23, of Jasper. The three, all with criminal records, are being held without bail. In court documents released Tuesday, Berry told authorities that Brewer spray-painted Byrd's face before the victim was killed. An 11-ounce can of spray paint was among items police found along the road where Byrd died."

Of course, this happened where?


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artwork by Barry Littleton and Kurt Otto

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Mark writes:
Subject: This Isn't Texas!
This is nothing but pure shock value from a very bored idiot with no friends and a bland if existing at all social life.

Dr. Popeye X inquires:
If it isn't Texas, what the fuck is it? Another thing, I didn't write any of the text on this page, its all from the news, except, "Of course, this happened where? Deep In The Heart Of Texas!", which is a true statement, regardless of anybody's bored idiocy or social life, including yours. Possibly you will find condolences in this:

Sandra says:
Subject - This Is Texas!
I hate this part of your website. Now this offends me...

Dr. Popeye X responds:
Good, it offends me, too. Now, what are we going to do about it? Pretend its not true, and get mad at Dr. Popeye X for reminding us about it? You say its not you or me? I say IT IS, and we need to realize it, and do everything we can to get rid of it, and quit patting ourselves on the back about how its all solved now. Its NOT SOLVED, and this incident just goes to show how fucked we still really are.

Sandra comes back with:
It doesn't matter, really, whether the newspaper article about East Texas was written by you or not--- the bottom line is, the inclusion of it in your website, I think, in my own opinion (and you seem to relish the free indulgence in expressing self-opinion-- at least for your own self) is of questionable taste. If The Toiletside Reader is basically done as a joke (Bob says its "satire")--- this part of it doesn't come off. Even George Carlin would have trouble using this East Texas incident as humor--- and having it come off well. You want the Toiletside Reader to be funny, a joke, and taken seriously... well? Your attempts at social commentary are certainly passionate, and should serve you well as you play the verbal ping-pong games with others out there. Maybe its a good way to get anger, frustration, etc. out of your system. But as a vehicle for social change--- its a Yugo with flat tires.

Dr. Popeye X replies:
The only flat tires are in your inability to recognize genius when its kicking you in the ass, why don't "Yugo" write the shit exactly the way you want it to be? Then, you won't be tempted to stick your nose in my business so much, after all, to be perfectly honest, I couldn't care less what you think about it, and why should I? I did all the work, and I paid all the money. All you've done is run your mouth, and I don't think that entitles you to any real say about what I do. (I notice, in spite of all your talk, you never address the issues raised by this information, and your type of attitude is exactly what sets the stage for this horror to happen in the first place! This page is doing you a valuable service, it being of questionable taste is what makes you have to think about it. You ought to be thanking me!) Maybe you should direct your critiques to a more accommodating destination, like say... how about your boyfriend's rectal cavity? That might give you more influence than you'll ever have over this boy....

Catwoman comments:
Questionable taste? What the hell does that mean? Everybody's taste is
QUESTIONABLE! That's why they are TASTES! Damn, if somebody can't even take a dark joke, then that person should just shut up. Or like you say so well fyiyctaj.... But even if it isn't a joke, the only way to stay sane in this dumb planet is to keep a sense of humor about everything, no matter how sad it is, no matter how dark the humor might be, even if it makes you squirm on the inside. What would the world be like without people like Dr.PPX to tell it like it is? Very very boring.

Dr. Popeye X:
That's my girl.

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