Here's a neat little ESP number trick I learned recently. Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised! I, too, was skeptical at first, but, I prefer to let results speak for themselves. I don't know why it works, but you can rest assured, it does work.

OK. First, we must lay a little groundwork, so the ESP will get a chance to work. Without peeking at any numbers, take your driver's license, social security card, & any charge cards you may have, out of your wallet, and put them in a sealed envelope. Remember, don't look at any of the numbers on the cards, or else the ESP won't work. Set the envelope aside, for the moment.

OK. Step 1. Compare the numbers of the 1st four digits of your phone number, with the 1st four digits of your birthdate:

phone #- 555-1234

birthdate 12/25/61

If they're not the same, jot them down where you can get to them later. If the #'s are the same, I'm sorry to say that this neat little number paradox doesn't work, for reasons apparent later.

OK. Step 2. Assign consecutive numbers to consecutive letters of the alphabet:

1 2 3... etc... 24 25 26

A B C... etc... X Y Z

Using this code, convert your name, address, and form of employment, into numbers. Be careful, one small mistake will spoil the whole effect. Jot the numbers out on a long piece of masking tape, and stick it somewhere you can get to it later.

OK. Step 3. Pick a number from 1 to 10. OK. Pick another number from 1 to 20. Next, pick a number from 1 to 17. (exception- none of the #'s in Step 3 can be the same, or else the logarithm won't work, you'll see why later.) Jot your choices down where you can get to them easily.

So far, its all been pretty straightforward. In the next step, as you will soon see, reflects the personality traits of the person, and uses a creative element, or "x-factor", if you will.

OK. Step 4. Write the name of your favorite color down, and convert it to the # code (as in Step 2). Write down the name of your favorite hobby, and convert it to the # code, except this time, square every corresponding number:


36 81 361 64 81 196 49

Jot these codes down where you can get to them later on.

OK. Step 5. Stand on your bathroom scale, and have a friend write down your weight, but don't peek! Then, go into the hall, or out on the lawn, and have a friend write down your best 3 scores out of 10 running broad jumps, and have them average it out, and write the result on an index card & put it in a sealed envelope. Remember, don't peek! You'll spoil the ESP. We'll get back to this envelope shortly.

OK. Step 6. This part involves a bit of handwriting analysis. Get 10 index cards, and sign each one in your usual handwriting, with your usual signature. Try not to affect it in any way, just relax, and do it as you normally would.

OK. This is the last step. Take all the envelopes, index cards, charts, and pieces of tape, and put them in a larger envelope, and mail it IMMEDIATELY, (mustn't let the ESP "ferment",) to:

Dr. Popeye X:
ESP math expert
I will run your personal ESP numbers through my specially programmed computer, and send you a copy of the results within 90 days, or your money goes to a special fund for abandoned street psychics. Don't forget to enclose a cashier's check for the $200.00 collating fee. DON'T WAIT. TRY THIS OFFER, RIGHT NOW! For $200, how can you lose?
You will be astonished at the results! BETTER THAN ANY PSYCHIC NETWORK!
photo by Cathy Cunningham

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