Pinche Fuckface

I'm A Malicious Poster Of  Meaningless
Bullshit Links

The reason I make scripts that seek out Front Page message boards and load them down with repetitious, pointless, destructive crap is I'm really dull witted, and I have rudimentary computer related technical skills, and I'm so stupid and BORING, (especially to the chicks at work), I actually think fucking up websites for no reason and no gain at all proves I'M SMARTER and STRONGER than other people, because it demonstrates how powerless they are to stop me. This gives me a big thrill to pretend I'm doing something intelligent and naughty, it kind of gives me an elevated status of, shall we say, MEANINGLESS SUPERIORITY?

Obviously, if what I accomplish is meaningless, except for a little mind game in my own head, then it is perfectly obvious to anyone else, even those who don't bother to figure out WHAT my rationale is, (shall we call them MINDLESS VICTIMS of my POINTLESS SUPERIORITY?) it should be completely understood by my innocent, oblivious INFERIORS that I am smarter and stronger than they are, right? Just knowing they haven't got a clue, or haven't got the time, or whatever it is, brains, money, dick size, what else is there? INTEGRITY? Yeah, that's it! They should have enough INTEGRITY to know I have more INTEGRITY than they do... but THEY DON'T! HAHAHAHA! See why I do it? (smiling from ear to ear, sparkling from nostril to nostril) Finally, I'm the one who is ON TOP OF IT ALL! And the beauty is... I'm the only person who would think I'm cool for doing this! Anyone else with the same technical talent would think I was a completely worthless dickweed dipshit, like the kind of guy who eats his own boogers in public, and assumes no one else even notices!

And now you see why the title of this post is so goddamn relevant to the goddamn irrelevancy! Its like a bull's eye on a target only a dickhead would aim at! I'm PINCHE FUCKFACE!

And I do most of the labor involved, I press one button to put it up, PPX presses one button to take it down! I like to keep it simple because you can take one look at my posts and see that I can't even do coherent html code. Of course, I don't notice only 8 links are made, because I never bother to see what I've done. Why should I? I ALREADY KNOW THOSE piche fuckface LINKS DON'T LINK TO ANYTHING! Not even the meaningless drivel they say they link to! Aren't I a genius? You just wait until I get a learner's permit to jack myself off, THEN YOU'RE REALLY GONNA SEE SOME BRAINS AND BALLS flexing this magic muscle online! Beware of PINCHE FUCKFACE! I'm too diabolically STUPID to stop posting DRIVEL on this BRILLIANT website about NOTHING!

Besides, as long as Steven Earl Cureton keeps laying out the lines of free cocaine, I'll keep sending out these pointless, chickenshit, dickweed links!



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