Fritz Von Erich,
(Jack Atkison),  at our house, 3104 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, Texas, in 1959, I think. He's seen with his son and his mom. My dad was his drinkin' and huntin' pal, my dad used to hunt with Fritz' dad, Jack Atkison, Sr. They gave us our family dog, named Fritz after you know who.
Mainly, my dad used to hang out with "Jack", and they both got extremely plastered together, and I can attest they loved every loud, obnoxious minute of it.
However, it must be noted that my mother stressed Fritz was always the perfect gentleman.
 Fritz Von Erich even took my dad along with him on some wrestling "tours", kinda like his personal "road-dawg". Flying around in little private planes the pro wrestlers owned, my dad was scared shitless by several close calls they had. They were fucked up out of their minds the whole time, that was the only purpose for my dad to be on tour with them,

they didn't just get fucked up..
they stayed fucked up...

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