this is why you were born...

Razor Blade Doll Head photo by Steve Oleson

The whole purpose and meaning of life can be boiled down to one basic function, I daresay, that all existence can be summed into one main cause, one reason "why?"
 It is not a particularly pleasant thing to ponder, but the universe plays no favorites, and couldn't care less what anybody wants, or would like. It does what must be, strictly cut and dried physics is the rule. Exceptions are essentially non-existent.
Given the situation, the one big reason
we all came into this world is this:
To get as stoned as you possibly can, as often as is feasible (and maybe more often than that), and live as close to the brink of death as one can get, yet still remain alive just enough to continue the financement and consumption of toxins.
Try to avoid yourself as much as you can, and crush anyone who does anything that distracts you from this noble pursuit.
Anyone who doesn't want to be high at all times, day or night, is a waste of protoplasm, and should be shot full of dope, and then smoked.
This is why we exist. We owe it to the universe to obey these laws. Otherwise, we might COME DOWN from Inversely Proportional Karma before we get a chance to Really Cop A Buzz.

We shouldn't just GET high,
we should STAY high!

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paint by Joan Miró
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