vomit is not a problem

from: Dad Glommit

Hey, there, you pencil-tallywhackered Gordita humping message board TICK! You ain't off the hook yet! If PPX likes fuckin' a terror stricken, vomit drenched, screamin' bloody murder tree-huggin', Bolton lovin' SPASTIC with Nazi Net tendencies, 'tain't none o' yer goddamn yankee ass concern! This part of the Internet is deep inside the sovereign soil of The Cyber Republic Of Texas, 2000-style! This ain't no yankee sellout, like Baywatch Hawaii, or Would You Like To Fuck A Millionaire, At Least On Paper, And At Most On National TV....? PPX hails from the tradition of...

If some fucked in the head, Soap Opera Fan Club Fag Hag Nazi has a deep irresistable urge to FUCK Dr. Popeye X, but she's so terrified she can't help but having a seizure, soiling her panties, and vomiting uncontrollably out her nose, all because PPX has relaxed his standards enough to slip a bit of the Ottolian Iron Sausage between the Vaginal Gates Of Internet Ladies From Hades... then so be it!

That's what a fuckin' garden hose is for...

...washing off ANY weird substances, be they liquid or solid, coming out from the human body to get smeared from head to toe, inside and out...

Walgreens (or any halfway decent, all night drug store), has enema bags, hydrocolonic hand pumps, jacuzzi-ized fishing boot butt-washers, Coleman camping bidets, gastrlogical squirtguns, vaginal squeegee nozzles, sigmoidal deburring snorkels, crotchless water wiggles, etc. There are plenty of tools out there....

USE ONE, you whiney scum-fuck! So what if you're covered from head to toe in shit, vomit, and blood? You got your tapi-okra cum nut mixed in with all the sloggy slop, didn't cha? Quit bitchin', and hose off, you light weight, non-hot sauce eating Taco Bell Pinche Pinata Puneta! Go to slaughterhouse, fuck a few cadavers, do your homework, and when the stench of rotted flesh only serves to give you a bigger hard-on, come on back to this message board, and skull fuck a few Net Groupies with the all time Rodeo Champion Of Cyber Slut Husbandry, El Honcho Grande, Scientifica Diabolico DJ de las Halmaranas Synthesisticos y E-ma-les Fe-ma-les, El Doc-yando Popeye X, Presidente Del Samplisticos y Tocadiscos del CD-ROM con los pornos-dot-comidas y todo! Pinche cabron! El Puto Mamadores yankistico Chango Del Mi Verga! Chinga tu abuela, pendejo! Vamanos, y don't come back until you can fuck thru a shitstorm of vomit and snot, without batting an eyelash, whining your head off, or even missing so much as a single stroke of your pinche puto chorizo. Andale, pollo!

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